I’m Alive! Survived the Typhoon!

(Sorry that I am late posting this. I was out of town when she was finally able to email on Wednesday, our Tuesday night, because of the typhoon. We were very grateful to hear from her since she didn’t get to email on her regular p-day.)


So not sure what kind of stuff was on the news there but we got hit by Bagyo Glenda! Definitely not even anything compared to Yolanda but it was a little freaky. So last Monday right before email, we got a text saying there was a typhoon and that we wouldn’t be able to work Tuesday. So Tuesday it was rainy and windy but it wasn’t too bad. Oh but they turned off the power like they always do when there’s a storm. Well about 6 pm it started getting more windy and it was dark by then so we closed all the windows and doors and just watched church videos. Around 10 pm it started getting CRAZY and water started coming in through the windows.. then through the door.. then it started raining in our house! The other sisters room started flooding more than our room so they moved into our room and we tried to pack things up so they wouldn’t get wet… Of course lots of prayers were said and I think that’s why I didn’t really feel scared. I was like totally calm the whole time and we were laughing half the time with all the craziness happening. It was kind of a long night as I tried to sleep on plastic chairs and then moved to the bottom bunk with Sister Viau and Sister Aglamma but we survived and actually had a better night than most.


Wednesday morning… disaster! And Pamplona actually wasn’t hit the worst. So Wednesday we went to the church and cleaned a bit, then the rest of the day we just walked around to all of the members and investigators in our area. We were definitely all protected! Clarise lost her house :/ and a few others that we know but that was the worst. Other missionaries said that almost all the houses were damaged or gone. There were just so many trees and power lines that have fallen! Amazing though how positive everyone is! Everyone just says, “ayos lang!” Which is just like we’re great!


So yes we still don’t have power and there won’t be power for at least a couple months. We have to get water from the water pump and we have to now buy filtered water to drink. We have a curfew at 5:30 since there isn’t power so our work has definitely been affected. But yeah that’s been my life for the past week and a few days! Guess I had to just get a little more adventure in before I head home!


So we still have been trying to have a some what normal missionary life.. We’ve had two exchanges, we had interviews with President last Thursday, and we just have most studies at night by candle light. Things are still great though and it’ll be fun to tell you stories in just a few days!


Spiritual note: I finished The Book of Mormon again! I planned to finish right at the end. So great. I love The Book of Mormon so much and I love reading it everyday!


Alright, gotta go but I’ll email one last time on Monday! Love you all!


Sister Taylor




It’s raining inside of our apartment! Thanks to the typhoon!


Water on the floor of our apartment. And we are on the second floor too!


Just a little visual of some of the destruction.




(Jaycee wasn’t able to do captions because there were other missionaries waiting to email home after the typhoon, but this looks like the ceiling in the hallway at church.)


Lots of bottled water!



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