Another Week!

Sorry for the terribly boring title and yes this week actually wasn’t too exciting so get ready for a short one!


We had two exchanges this week… The exchanges have changed though so that the sisters now come to our area and work so we have 2 companionships working in our area for exchanges now. Fun and sweet! Super good news for our area cuz I’m sure it’ll really start progressing and we’ll be able to find even more people to teach. I worked with Sister Rosenburg which was a blast! Love her. Sorry forgot to take a picture.


Saturday Pasacao had their open house! Their new church opened so we came with lots of members and enjoyed being there. Sister Aiza (a new investigator) came and also Brother Ramon and Brother Allan. President and Sister Reeder also came so I loved seeing them!


I played ping pong! I haven’t played since before my mission! Kay I’m not that great but it was super fun cuz I played President Cedron and we were pretty evenly matched. Too bad we can’t keep score! But it totally reminded me of competing against you Dad! I’ve definitely learned to be more humble on my mission but I still have my competitive streak haha. Bring it Dad!


Miracle investigators! Sarah Jane we taught for the second time this week and she accepted a baptismal date and she seems pretty solid! Then Sister Andres and Sister Campbell taught Sister Frecie this week for the second time and she came to church!!! Like so cute. She had this cute pink dress and cute pump shoes and she came with her baby and everything! Mariel Ballester also came! So her Mom was out of town but the whole family is planning on coming next Sunday… Ahh that would be a miracle!!! Mariel seemed to like it though. Brother Ramon and Sister Vanessa are still going to church and progressing, just waiting for the day they’ll be able to be married to be able to be baptized!


That’s it! I love you everyone! Sorry for the some what boring week. I am STILL learning and growing in so many ways. I don’t want to come home! Well I do because I have the best family and the best Mama’s cooking to come home to but ahhh!!!! I’m gonna miss it so much here. Especially the people. Looking forward for the day I’ll be able to come back. Have a great week!


Sister Taylor


P.S. There’s a typhoon coming here tomorrow! So we’re taking cover.. signal 1 only but please pray for our safety! We’re preparing today.


(These pictures are ones from last week that she got upload this week. No new pictures from this week’s adventures…sorry. ~Jaycee’s mom)



Recognize this airport from last year? Wow so hard to believe.


Everyone working wanted to poss for the picture. The manager even hopped in.


Wow such amazing food from Wendy’s! 


Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts. it is amazing what you can get with a smile!


Filling whatever we could find with water to fill the font for Lance’s baptism.


Lance at his baptism! Yay!!!



One thought on “Another Week!

  1. Counting the days Sis.Taylor! Stay safe and out of harms way. You will be protected, I know it. We still remember you working at Denny’s! We’ll buy breakfast or lunch when you egt back!!

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