Manila Trip-Good Food-MLC-Humility Check-Baptism!

YES! I went to Manila. No…. we weren’t able to go to the Mall of Asia but it was still a blast! Such a culture shock… I’ve been in Pamplona wayyy too long. Everything seemed so nice! So we flew there, were driven straight to the hotel and then actually told that we couldn’t leave haha so us sisters just sat in our carpeted, airconned hotel room and talked! It was me, Sister Horst, Sister Barlow and Sister Webster. It was SO neat to just sit around and share mission stories and see how much we’ve all learned and grown! But really our hotel room… Okay well first of all we ran into an American at the hotel (actually a less active returned missionary…. so sad!) but it was so funny cuz he said that the hotel was kind of sketchy cuz he saw a cockroach. I felt like I was seriously in a 5 star hotel. I took a heated shower!!! I haven’t had one since April 24, 2013 when I got to the Philippines haha. So anyways even though we weren’t able to go places, it still kind of felt like a mission vacation. But it was good to feel inspired by the other sisters to do even better and push it to the end!

I had my first and last MLC meeting! (Missionary Leadership Council) Such a blast and I learned lots! Love being around President and Sister Reeder. It was neat to get a better feel of how the work is going in the whole Naga mission. Pamplona Zone is always the highest baptizing zone in the mission and has been for a while… it is constantly growing! The goal is for Pamplona District to become a Stake October 2015. Next year! Pamplona Branch just really needs priesthood holders before it can become a ward but that’s what we’ve all been focusing on! Did you see our picture last week of the Gospel Principles class? All men!

Good food: the food this week has been out the park!!! AHHH yummy food. Kay don’t laugh though if this just seems normal to all you Americans. Remember I’ve been in Pamplona for the past 5 months. So Monday Sister Andres and I bought a salad and pizza! SALAD with honey mustard dressing. We also shared a waffle with nutella, peanut butter and bananas.. Heaven! At the hotel Sister Webster and I bought these drinks that were SO good. Even good in America and I think my favorite. Mine was cookies and cream and caramel and it had these little jelly ball things. KFC Alfredo for dinner… Okay but still pretty good! French toast for free in the morning at the hotel. WENDY’S for lunch at the airport! Wow I’ve never seen so many American’s so happy just for a Wendy’s but wow it was a miracle. I got a chicken sandwich which had real provolone cheese! And fries, fry sauce, orange soda and a Kit Kat frosty. Took a picture for proof! Best meal in so long haha. Then the elders bought Krispy Kream but the sisters didn’t really want to buy so I was just looking at the doughnuts and decided not to get any. Well as we walked away, a worker came and gave me 6 glazed doughnuts for free!!! Hhaha got made fun of after that but don’t worry, I shared and heck I got free doughnuts!! Then at MLC we got chips and salsa and cheese dip! Also ice cream and brownies… AND Sister Andres got packages this week and her mom sent her brownies and Krispy Kream! Haha so I’ve had two more Krispy Kream doughnuts….. Yes I just wrote the longest paragraph all about food. Sorry but I’m my mom’s daughter 😉 LOVE food. I still work out though so don’t worry.

Humility check. I am NOT perfect. I just really realized this week that no matter what, I always need God’s help because without Him I am weak. I have learned and grown so much on my mission. Hard to explain everything because there is just too much! But I realized that even though I’ve grown lots, I still have so much growing to do. Good thing I have the rest of my life! But I will always love Ether’s words in Ether 12:27 because that is good news for those who have weaknesses… hmmm all of us haha. If we humble ourselves, rely on the Lord and exercise faith, He will make us strong. So I’ve been working to definitely be more humble and rely on Him always.

Baptism! Lance was baptized! What a miracle. So we got there an hour before it started and there was still NO water! I guess something was broken or something so the water coming in was painfully slow or nothing. Igib na lang! So all the people there pitched in and carried buckets or I guess church trash cans full of water into the church to fill the font haha. Crazy! We only got it about 6 inches full but it was an hour and a half later that the start so we decided to go for it since Lance is 8 years old and pretty little.

Another Miracle: The Ballester family came to the baptism. WHAT!! Total surprise. Vivian, Eric and all their 4 kids that are still at home came. They came like 2 hours early too! Haha so they ended up being at the church for 5 hours!!! But they got to know the members, they couldn’t believe how pretty the church building was and I know they were able to feel the spirit. They even pitched in with filling the font! It was such a great time. They didn’t come to church this week because Sister Vivian said she needed to tell her Sunday customers that she isn’t going to sell on Sunday anymore but I think they’re planning on coming to church this next Sunday! It’s amazing because we’ve been so close to dropping them before because there progression has been slow but they have been progressing lately! I LOVE the Ballester family. Some of the nicest people I know.

Back to the baptism. It was great once it finally started! Allan spoke on faith and repentance, I spoke on baptism and the Holy Ghost (requested speakers of Lance haha). The youth sang, “When I am baptized” and then Allan baptized his youngest child, Lance:) Lance literally had to lay all the way down because the water was so low but we was immersed in the water! Allan also bore his testimony for Lance since Lance is so shy and then yesterday Allan bore his testimony again! So yeah Allan is just rocking it lately. Love the Agomaa family!

Teaching: not too much! We were gone so much this week we weren’t able to teach too much but! Sister Vanessa still came to church and May, Ramon and Claire came!

Wow so sorry everyone this is so long! But you don’t have too many more emails to read from me so just endure and read about my exciting week! So happy of course and loving missionary life. We have a hard working week to look forward too! I love this Gospel and will live it for the rest of my life!

Sister Taylor


See all of the men in Gospel Principles class!


Best drink ever! Gotta love a week of yummy food!


Very shallow water in the baptismal font!

First try :)

This is from a while ago, but here is the family picture from the Colorado reception that Mikelle photoshopped Sister Taylor into. 🙂


Lance is in the blue. (Sister Taylor was having a hard time uploading pictures so we haven’t gotten any from the baptism yet.


Just having some coconut!


Just some more homemade teaching tools.


Picture with Sister Nielson!


Before the Mission Tour.


2 thoughts on “Manila Trip-Good Food-MLC-Humility Check-Baptism!

  1. I’ll miss your emails from your mission. But it’ll be so good to have you home! You are doing, and have done, marvelous things. 

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  2. I laughed out loud at your joy over food we take for granted and the comforts of a hotel. Yes, we are a spoiled nation, for sure. I so admire your spirit and enthusiasm for what you are doing. You are a very special girl.

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