Miracles up the Wall! And…Nothing like a Mission Vacation!

Kay so first of all, I’m in Naga again because later today I fly to MANILA!!! So I guess for my visa they need my fingerprints again so the mission is sending me and I’m pretty sure a lot of the missionaries I’m going home with, to Manila. I know we’ll stay in a hotel and I’m hoping we’ll be able to hit up the Mall of Asia! So just a little mission vacation before I come home haha.

But anyways about the work this week…. Pure miracles. Well not perfect cuz we still got some punts and things but WOW! When you really dedicate yourself to this work, the Lord will definitely do His part and bless you. This week Sister Andres and I were able to teach 32 lessons and we reached or over-passed almost every single one of our goals. Such a great feeling! So just two miracles.. Parma family. Remember them? Well they still don’t know if this is the true church but wow they want to know! Brother Arnold read in the Book of Mormon after our first visit and Sister Maritez said a great prayer our second visit. They have great questions and we just have so much hope for this family. They have one daughter, Samantha who is 7 years old. Kay one child.. not common here! We met a family yesterday with 17 kids. SEVENTEEN!!! What’s that one TV show on TLC? Actually I’m pretty sure almost all reality TV shows are beat here. The Philippines feels like a reality television show haha. Survivor is like my life!

Anyways miracle two: we taught a brother who has been taught a lot by elders in the past. We didn’t know! But he wants to be baptized! He asked us why he wasn’t a member already haha. He and his wife need to get married which he already knew, but he has that desire to be baptized! It’ll be a little tough cuz she’s away working in a different area right now but we’ll work on the Nieva family! It taught me a great lesson though that no effort is wasted! So some of the people that I’m teaching or taught that weren’t ready now, could be ready in the future with other missionaries!

Allan spoke in church and prayed twice yesterday in church! And shhh but next week he’s getting called as the new Young Men’s President! President Cedron wants him in the Branch Presidency but he doesn’t have Melchezidek Priesthood yet and won’t for a few more months. And Lance is getting baptized this Saturday! We’re working on the rest of his kids but Claire should follow in August.

President Cedron is so silly but is doing such a great job here! Yesterday for the 5th Sunday combined meeting, he recapped Elder Bednar’s talk last conference about carrying our burdens. He had visual aids and everything on a TV screen. What the technology! Not common to do something like that here. But I think it was great for the members to realize that we need burdens to help us grow, but that we need to examine our load and see what is helping us progress towards our Heavenly Father.

Oh another miracle this morning, we rode on an Airconn bus for only 20 pesos. My hair is still down and not looking too frizzy. Thanks airconn!

I think this past week was one of the best weeks of my mission. I have had such a great mission but lately it just has felt amazing as Sister Andres and I have been just a tool in the Lord’s work. Oh we had our first exchanges this week and I was with Sister Hoeft in our area which was fun. I made little handouts for the sisters! Haha Sister Andres is so funny cuz she’s not the handout girly type but she’s supporting me! And btw Sister Andres is from Manila, graduated from BYU Hawaii, knows American things cuz she lived in Hawaii (like pepper jack cheese!) and has traveled lots, she doesn’t like talking too much about her personal life so most things I find out about her are during teaching when she talks to investigators haha. But she is great! Just so happy! I hope you all are too! I love you all lots! Keep smiling and praying! Life is great.

Sister Taylor


(I still can’t get her pictures to upload…sorry folks.)



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