LAST TRANSFER! And Happy Father’s Day!!!

The internet has been SO fast! But my computer has crashed twice already haha… Can’t expect a perfect internet situation. But even though the internet isn’t always great, missionary work is! I’m on my LAST TRASNFER! Can’t believe. So weird. Missionaries have already started to tell me goodbye haha. Hey! I’m not gone yet! But I am SO excited for my last transfer. I can feel it. Best transfer ever. Especially because I’m NOT getting transferred! YES!! Sister Saua is!


So this week was great. I think it was Wednesday where every single teaching appointment seemed like a small miracle. That night, I really just felt like a lot of those miracles happened because of so many prayers coming from all of you! Keep praying for the people here! Last week we were thinking that we maybe needed to drop some of our investigators that have just been slowly slowly progressing. Well this week pretty much all of them showed some sort of interest still and we decided even if they aren’t baptized right away and even if it takes a while, it is so worth it because I love all of them and we’re teaching two families that will hopefully eventually enter into the waters of baptism! But here’s some quick updates of a couple of them.


Ramon LOVES the church! His faith and testimony have just grown so much. He attended Sister Lyn’s baptism on Saturday (the sister’s investigator) and afterwards he talked to his members about his situation (his wife doesn’t want to get married so he’s waiting on her to get baptized.) OH! But this week after we fasted last Sunday, we found out that his wife is a MEMBER! Miracle! Because she already understands the importance of the commandments even if she isn’t living them right now. And I really think that eventually they could make their way to the real goal of the temple. There is hope! It’s kind of difficult because his wife only comes home twice a month for just like one night and then heads back up to work where it sounds like she can’t really be visited by missionaries there (but we’re still gonna try and send them her way where she works). Saturday Ramon talked to her again and she said that she still wanted to think about it. That’s a start!


Vanessa! Love her. Came to church again. She stopped her coffee addiction before we even committed her to live it! We were teaching her something else a couple weeks ago and somehow the Word of Wisdom came up. So we didn’t really teach it but we told her what it was. She was shocked that coffee was bawal (forbidden) but she just stopped by herself. Then this week we planned to actually teach Word of Wisdom but she understood it so well cuz she already started living it so we ended up teaching fasting to her too which she is committed to try this next Fast Sunday! The only real big problem is her non-married husband who hates all other religions :/. Maybe we’ll fast with her too for a miracle.


Ballester family is the one that feeds us every time we visit and always drives us home and gives us stuff haha. They’re so nice! But they’ve been really slow in progressing in the gospel. Well this week we taught a great lesson and Brother Eric was actually trying to listen (usually he just hides behind the fan haha) and Sister Vivian told us eventually they’ll be baptized but they just have a long ways to go. Okay with me! I’ll just try my best to help they start changing their lives and preparing for that. We also taught her about baptisms for the dead because apparently her Dad believes in the church but was never baptized before he passed away! So we were told her he can still be baptized, the Spirit was so strong and I think it really helped her see the importance of the gospel and of families.


We did a CSP this week in our area! There’s pictures…. We thought we actually might be doing something different than just cutting grass and weeds but… that’s what we did haha. We haven’t been able to teach Francis and Angel since but hopefully they’ll be not as shy and more ready to accept the gospel.


Okay running outta time! Gotta go. But love you all! This Gospel is so true! Be strong everyone. Even during those down times just think about all the great things in your life. First of all, you are a child of God! Sorry, getting a little cliché, but it’s true so be happy, love life and love God. I LOVE the Filipino people. Not sure if made that clear before in previous emails but wow I have just grown to love these people so much. When I come home, I’m going to leave part of my heart here in the Philippines. I’m already making plans to come back! (Hopefully with Sister Richmond!) Already have a great week!


Sister Taylor

(Sorry about not having pictures. I (Jaycee’s mom) can’t get them to load for some reason.)




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