No Internet!

(Jaycee was having a lot of problems with the internet. She wasn’t able to reply to people. So if you got missed, she is sorry. In fact, to get this email to us, she used another missionary’s accout.)


Hello everyone! Weeks just fly by! Tuesday Sister Saua and Sister Aglamma were sick so Sister Viau and I went out to work. We taught 4 lessons in her area and 4 in our area so hard working day!


Wednesday was the mission tour! SO FUN! The Nielson’s were the guest speakers and I learned so much. He’s been in the area presidency or something like that here in the Philippines but they are about to go home this month. I wrote down some things that I really liked from what they taught us. Sister Nielson said that when we feel the Spirit it means that Heavenly Father is saying, “I love you,” and “great job.” Sometimes missionary work can be a bit tough so that was encouraging because even though I’m not perfect I can know that my Father in Heaven is proud and happy for my efforts. She also said that happiness is a CHOICE. I think I’ve heard that before but that is so true. So everyone that is feeling a little down or sad… Stop and choose to be happy right now! This life is so great even if things are always perfect because guess what hello, trials are part of life. We need them!


President Nielson had us read a talk by Elder Bednar before the mission tour and so most of what he talked about was based off of this talk. I forgot what it’s called but it was given at BYU and it is all about the enabling power of the Atonement. We not only need the redeeming power of the Atonement, but also the enabling power. We all need to be striving to not only “put off the natural man,” but we need to become saints (Mosiah 3:19). Through the Atonement we can literally be strengthened so that we cannot feel the burdens on our backs. One thing that President pointed out that is true for me, is the heat here in the Philippines! How many of you remember how much I talked about the heat when I first got here?! Well hello, it’s SO hot right now. I’m pretty sure it’s just the same as last summer but this summer even though I feel hot, it doesn’t really bother me. So he said most missionaries that are about to go home don’t notice the heat as much and it’s true for me! Thank goodness cuz last summer I thought the heat would kill me. Another thing President Nielson said is that if we don’t do the best one day, we just need to repent and do better the next day. He also said that the Lord really is hastening His work right now. So he asked us, “Are You?” I think all of us, even just as members need to ask ourselves that… So I’m challenging all of you to pray for a missionary opportunity. I think I’ve done this before but this time, you get till I get home so you all have 2 months! Everyone! Pray for who you think the Lord wants you to share the Gospel with and pray for what you need to say to that person… Kay go act! I can’t wait to hear all your stories when I get home. Remember that we all have free agency so don’t get discouraged if they don’t accept your invitation to go to church or listen to the missionaries, but I know you can do this!


Alright so other news… I think I’ve eaten almost everything and anything you can here in the Philippines except duck and goat which I ate this week. Don’t ask how it tasted cuz I just scarffed it down like I usually do with most food now haha but it wasn’t too bad.


I LOVED this scripture this week. Hebrews 12:1-2. We all need to patiently finish the race. And at the end of the finish line is Jesus Christ! He is the finisher of our faith. So everything that we do and believe in will all be finished or confirmed at the end. Everyone keep running  your race of life!


Alright well the work is good… Keep praying for me and all the people here. I love you all and I love this work!


Sister Taylor


(And because she had problems with the internet, she wasn’t ablie to upload any pictures for us this week, and she didn’t even get to see the ones that we put on OneDrive for her. So sad…)



One thought on “No Internet!

  1. Sister Jaycee, Being a fairly new (returned) Mormon, I have had struggles with some things. Your emails are so inspiring, gentle and love filled. After reading them I feel at peace and pray, thanking the Lord for people like you. Patricia Vitela

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