My Sister is MARRIED!!!

So yes this isn’t related to the missionary work this week but everyone has to know that Sidney and Cody are now married! So happy for them!!!! CONGRATS! I just finished looking at the pictures and the wedding looked so fun, beautiful and everyone looked so happy! Despite the rain 😉 Sidney, you looked beautiful! I love you and I am so happy for you! And wow is my Mom great or what?! Great job. So elegant and pretty. Wish I could taste some of the food but I’m satisfied with my rice for now.

So here in beautiful Pamplona… Well I survived the week! No it was a great week and miracle: didn’t think too much about all the wedding stuff! But an even bigger miracle: I got letters from Sister Estes, Sister Lang, Sister Richmond (5 page letter… haha love her) and a letter from EVERYONE in the family! Including Sidney! The elders gave them to me on Sunday so while you were probably doing all the wedding stuff I was able to hear from all of you. Thanks for the letters!

This week we had exchanges again and I was with Sister Tumagoy. Learned lots and it was a really fun day. Wow she really knows how to ask for referrals. We got so many which I think will really help in our efforts to find those people that are prepared.

Sister Saua and I were trying to contact a referral this week and ran into this 20 year-old kid. He let us in and seemed to be kind of nice so we were going to try to schedule a return appointment when his mom was home. Well all of a sudden he starts babbling off all these facts about “Mormons.” We were wondering how he knew so much (like the number of verses in the Book of Mormon… does anyone even know that??) but then he started talking about how he knew it was all false. WHAT! ANTI! So we got out of there pretty fast cuz he wouldn’t have anything we were trying to tell him. He even had this book that was all about it and ughh not the best feeling. But I tried my best to leave him my testimony that I knew without a doubt that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he can know too if he has a true to desire, reads the Book of Mormon and prays.

Well then after that we went to the highway to get on a tricey or jeepney to get home for lunch and studies. There was a tricey driver that said he would take us so I got in the front and before Sister Saua could get in the back he started taking off!! I almost got kidnapped again! Haha no it wasn’t too bad so don’t worry I’m safe… but what is the deal with the tricey drivers driving off with just me in the tricey! So funny though cuz he didn’t go to far because there were vehicles in both lanes so when he stopped he said, “HAHAHAH JOKE LANG!” Haha Sister Saua and I laughed about that after we got home.

Sister Saua and I taught district meeting about “Using time wisely.” One of my favorites! Especially after being with Sister Richmond and learning how to be even more effective with time! It went really well and I think they learned a thing or two.

Sister Aglamma has been sick a bit so Friday night she texted us to pick up some medicine for her at a tindahan. Well we had planned to work till 8 that night (8 language study) but most tindahans are usually closed by then. So we tried to hurry and get out of our appointment and we were within walking distance from the tindahan but it was still pretty far away. So we RAN! Haha I’m sure others thought that was pretty weird to see two girls in skirts with big hiking bags running down the highway when it was pitch dark at night. Haha missions are the best.

Saturday was Sidney’s wedding day! I told Sister Saua we were gonna have to work extra hard so I wouldn’t think about it. Well we did it was a pretty good day of work. Oh! But in the morning, Sister Reeder texted me this SUPER nice thoughtful text. She said she wished she could take me to lunch or to the Manila Temple haha. She’s the best! Love her.

Sunday we only had Brother Ramon and Lance come to church. For some reason lots of our investigators this week have been facing lots of problems and haven’t really been progressing. So we’re gonna need to pray extra hard this week so we can get some progressing again towards baptism and find some new ones.

Well everyone, I have no doubt that I’m in the right place at the right time. So I’m still happy as can be and I’m just trying to do my best everyday to help others come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He loves us all and that through Him, we can not only become good people, we can become better people! Any weakness we have can be overcome through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So I’m not perfect now but I’m working towards that. Still got a long ways to go but good thing I’m only 21! Wow…. old. Ah ayos lang. Well everyone have an incredible week! Love you all!!! Everyone get excited for the next big event in the Taylor family… I’m coming home! Not trunky but I figure I’ve gotta get excited so I can enjoy seeing all of your beautiful faces to the fullest!

Sister Taylor


A new family we are teaching!


Sister Taylor gave this family her watch, and then bought one from them so they could remember each other.




A creature that entered the apartment during the night.


Happy birthday Clarise, 22!


Here is a picture of Sister Taylor that she is requesting gets photoshoped into a wedding picture, ha ha!



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