Mangos in the Summer!

So hot but so sweet here in the beautiful Philippines! It is Mango season so we have gotten mangos almost everyday! I eat an average of 2 a day. So good! Sweet or sour with salt I am enjoying the mangos!

Pretty great week! Worked pretty hard, learning lots and still seeing some great missionary miracles. We had zone training! Which was fun to see lots of other missionaries and I learned lots about finding. We need to find more! There are so many people here that have been prepared so we just have to worked harder to find them!

I loved the Hymn 266, “The Time is Far Spent” this week…. Read the lyrics. I think my favorite part is, “The angels are waiting to crown you with blessings! Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.” Wow how great is that! Such great blessings await us so keep being righteous everyone!

So we’ve been teaching Vanessa for a while now (I posted a picture of her a while ago with her cute daughter right before Sister Ril left). She wants to be saved, she wants to do what is right but she has so much pressure from all these different religions so it’s been hard for her. Well Saturday Sister Lioc came with us to teach her and offered to take her to church on their tricey… So the Lioc family picked her up and she came to church yesterday and loved it! Wow first time I’ve ever had an investigator be picked up for church. Members help the work so much!

Random story: So yes I’m in the Philippines so we have bug experiences all the time but last night was funny because Sister Saua and I started praying to start our daily planning and a HUGE gross I still have no idea what is was bug flew in and landed on Sister Saua. Of course she screamed, stopped praying, looked around and couldn’t find it so she started praying again. Well then like 10 seconds later it flew and landed right by ME on my desk! So I screamed and jumped away, couldn’t find it, so we started praying for the third time! Haha. Oh the bugs. I’m pretty brave now but… confession I still scream 😉

Well that’s about it! WAIT!!! EVERYONE!!!!!!! Mikelle just graduated! What what! 2014 grads! And who knows what is this Saturday, May 24?!? Sidney and Cody are getting hitched!!!! Everyone tell them congrats too and those who are going, enjoy my mom’s delicious catered food, try the cake because I already know it’s going to be good and take pictures and send them to me!!! Wow so fun! Love you family!

Sister Taylor

P.S. The Church is true, the Book is blue!


This is the “skates” so fun! (Not quite sure what that means, haha)


Allan got baptized! Yay!!!!


Water buffalo! They use these big guys for the rice fields.


We got all these in one day! Lots of mangos and pili nuts!


Ballester family! They feed us every time we go and always give us rides home on their tricey. Love this family! Sister Vivian bought me that skirt!



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  1. Maybe the thought you were praying for it, and was only responding? 

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