Happy Mother’s Day! SKYPE! And Baptism!

Alright so this is going to be record short because we’re trying to go out and finish all our P-day stuff. But! We had a baptism this week! Brother Allan finally got baptized. President and Sister Reeder surprised us and came which was fun to see them and to have them there. The spirit was so strong as Brother Allan bore his testimony of the happiness he’s found through the gospel. Those are always such rewarding times on a mission when you get to hear how you’ve helped someone else find the joy of the gospel.

We did another CSP.. almost a weekly thing in this area haha. Always fun. We cut grass again. Oh! And we got to ride this thing called, “skates” which is a little cart thing on railroad tracks. Sometimes it really feels like Lagoon or something here with all the different ways of transportation haha.

It rained SO hard one day this week. I felt like it was raining harder than when the typhoon hit here. It didn’t last too long but it was hardest when we happened to be walking through a rice field which turns all the skinny paths into muddy slides. It was super fun though because our investigators were shocked when we showed up and wanted to still teach them even though it was raining like crazy.

Ramon and Maricris! Haven’t been married to their spouses yet so we’ve got to work on that… But Ramon especially wants to be baptized so hopefully we’ll get that all figured out.

Sister Richmond and Sister Ril are companions! And Sister Remolano (the sister that just left our apartment) and Sister Prakash are companions now so that’s crazy. They’re all in Naga! Know Sister Richmond must be happy :). Hopefully I’ll be able to see them all before July!

SKYPE!!! Yeah I got to Skype my family again and tell my wonderful Mother Happy Mother’s Day! So great to see and talk to you guys! Mikelle graduates next week and the week after that, Sidney gets married! So crazy. So excited for all of you. Next time I’ll see and talk to you, it was be in real life at the airport! But before then, I’ll keep working hard and enjoying this great work. I LOVE my family. I love this work and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Sister Taylor


(Sorry no new pictures this week…Sister Taylor couldn’t get her SD card to work.)


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