Glad the Internet is Working!

You probably get sick of hearing this but the internet isn’t working again. SO! That means lots of time to write my letter in a word document and no internet time actually emailing you all back so sorry in advance if I don’t email back to those who emailed:). Besides the weekly internet problems, things are going great! We had transfer announcements and…. No transfer! Which I really hope means this is my last area. I don’t think I’d like getting transferred my very last transfer in the mission but we’ll see.


Sister Saua and I worked really hard and we’ve seen lots of little miracles in the work! Our investigators have their struggles but all in all, the work is moving forward! Maricris (neighbor of Brother Ramon) has been listening to us just as long as Ramon but hasn’t been ready to commit to baptism until this week! She knows she needs to be baptized she just has to resolve a few things but please pray that she’ll go to church next week! She wants to go but she is really nervous to bring her son who is always nonstop.


Brother Allan is finally getting baptized! This Saturday, May 10. We really shouldn’t have any problems because he is more than ready but pray for him too that things will go smoothly. Although there are others getting baptized in the morning from Pasacao Branch, we decided to schedule his baptism in the afternoon so we can just focus on him. He’s taken everything we’ve taught him so seriously and he really understands the importance of the gospel.


Ramon is doing great! He’s so funny… He has a case for his Book of Mormon and he was at church 20 minutes early yesterday! (Being early is a big deal here cuz Filipino time is usually about 1 hour behind.) He said he wanted to bear his testimony but there was no time. So we taught him word of wisdom this week and he has absolutely no problem! And after teaching him word of wisdom we all ate watermelon… Perfect!


Maricon prayed! I think I’ve mentioned this before but missionaries have been teaching her for quite a while. She always refuses to pray after lessons. That’s pretty much been her agreement is if she’s going to listen to us, she won’t pray out loud. So we finally got her to pray and it was actually really long and sincere. Little by little we’re making progress with her.


Saturday we had National Day of Service (should have been in April but we were late.) We all went to the chapel that is being built in Pasacao. It’s pretty close to being done though and we didn’t really know how to do the construction stuff but it was still fun. I helped sand and paint. It should be finished this month!


The branch here is still so great. Yesterday at the branch council meeting, President Cedron told all the leaders that he wants them to focus on, “each one catch one.” So they’re all going to pick one name every month to focus on reactivating. There really aren’t that many less actives here but it’s still good to focus on those who have gone less active.


Alright so the internet was SO slow where we were so I never even got into my email. We’re at a new one now so hopefully I’ll have time to reply to emails but anyways that’s all for this week! I’ve been learning so much about the Plan of Salvation lately as I’ve been studying it for some of our investigators. Wow, our Heavenly Father loves us so much. His plan is so great and simple because all we have to do is live His Gospel which makes us more happy and then on top of that we get blessings after this life! So if you want to be happy, just follow the commandments, pray to our Heavenly Father who wants to hear from us and help others find that happiness too. Love you all and hope everyone has a great week. Happy Mother’s Day next Sunday!!! SKYPE!


Sister Taylor





Helping out at the new church. I’m pretty much a pro…not! 


Hike on P-Day with some investigators. 🙂



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