Wow..Got Nothing Today. Just Read the Email!

Hello everyone! Don’t know why but I’m feeling extra cheerful today so hopefully you can feel the cheer! Be happy everyone! Today is such a beautiful day! You make sure to count those blessings today cuz there are lots! Not too much happened this week though so enjoy the unusually short email.

Tuesday I attended my fourth new missionary workshop down in Naga. Always fun! And we even were able to get 7 Eleven ice cream before our bus left for Pamplona. Then the rest of our week was just busy trying to stay on top of all of our investigators! I love feeling like we have too much to do because then I’m more effective and it means the work is moving forward! So all our investigators are doing pretty good.. We have 4 investigators at church yesterday but with all of us 6 missionaries I think there were 14 that attended our small branch. Our Gospel Principles class was filled! There’s some great missionaries in this area so it’s fun seeing some results of all our hard work.

The heat is back! Wow aren’t you all proud… I haven’t talked about the weather in forever! But I’ve gotta talk about it this week because our power went on the worst, hottest day this week. It went out on Friday which was weekly planning. Noooo! It always seems to go out on weekly planning days. Try studying and planning for 6 hours in Filipino heat with no fans! At least I’m handling it wayyyy better than last year. Good news is I really have adjusted to the weather here. Bad news: don’t know how I’ll handle winter in Colorado/Utah.

Random story: Sister Saua is so funny. We have lots of fun and laugh all the time together but this week was especially funny when we got home from working, Sister Saua sits down and pulls out a knife from her bag! What the heck! She ate a mango earlier in the day and after she used the knife, for some reason she decided to put it in her bag haha. I told her she was lucky she didn’t pull it out during a lesson or something or we would have for sure lost some of our investigators!

Did another csp this week. So many of those this transfer! Always fun but this week we helped a lady cut grass. No lawn mowers here so we cut grass with knifes haha. Crazy though! I really should have taken a picture but the water that this family uses is from a well right outside their house. I don’t know if you can even call it a well though because it is this forever, super super deep hole in the ground with water. Nothing around it to stop people from falling in! Hope all those little kids are careful around the hole to China… Well I guess it’d be to America since that’s across the world from here 😉

We had district activity this morning. Just went to the church and played volleyball and basketball. My basketball skills have NOT improved but I did win a round of ‘gotcha ya’… Whoowhoo. I made pancakes this morning and shared my peanut butter and special syrup from Naga. You can’t get syrup or pancakes anywhere here. All the American Elders loved it!

Guess what everyone… I’m done! Yeah! Not too long. Another amazing week and just one more week till the end of another transfer! This Church is true and Heavenly Father loves us. He really does love each and every one of us. So let’s go make Him proud and serve His children and keep His commandments! Love you all!! Missionary work is the BEST!

Sister Taylor


Muddy shoes! Oops!


Sure wish the missionaries could swim!


We’re allowed to get our ankels wet!


Another random creature in our apartment. I don’t think I will miss that!


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