My Sister is MARRIED!!!

So yes this isn’t related to the missionary work this week but everyone has to know that Sidney and Cody are now married! So happy for them!!!! CONGRATS! I just finished looking at the pictures and the wedding looked so fun, beautiful and everyone looked so happy! Despite the rain 😉 Sidney, you looked beautiful! I love you and I am so happy for you! And wow is my Mom great or what?! Great job. So elegant and pretty. Wish I could taste some of the food but I’m satisfied with my rice for now.

So here in beautiful Pamplona… Well I survived the week! No it was a great week and miracle: didn’t think too much about all the wedding stuff! But an even bigger miracle: I got letters from Sister Estes, Sister Lang, Sister Richmond (5 page letter… haha love her) and a letter from EVERYONE in the family! Including Sidney! The elders gave them to me on Sunday so while you were probably doing all the wedding stuff I was able to hear from all of you. Thanks for the letters!

This week we had exchanges again and I was with Sister Tumagoy. Learned lots and it was a really fun day. Wow she really knows how to ask for referrals. We got so many which I think will really help in our efforts to find those people that are prepared.

Sister Saua and I were trying to contact a referral this week and ran into this 20 year-old kid. He let us in and seemed to be kind of nice so we were going to try to schedule a return appointment when his mom was home. Well all of a sudden he starts babbling off all these facts about “Mormons.” We were wondering how he knew so much (like the number of verses in the Book of Mormon… does anyone even know that??) but then he started talking about how he knew it was all false. WHAT! ANTI! So we got out of there pretty fast cuz he wouldn’t have anything we were trying to tell him. He even had this book that was all about it and ughh not the best feeling. But I tried my best to leave him my testimony that I knew without a doubt that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he can know too if he has a true to desire, reads the Book of Mormon and prays.

Well then after that we went to the highway to get on a tricey or jeepney to get home for lunch and studies. There was a tricey driver that said he would take us so I got in the front and before Sister Saua could get in the back he started taking off!! I almost got kidnapped again! Haha no it wasn’t too bad so don’t worry I’m safe… but what is the deal with the tricey drivers driving off with just me in the tricey! So funny though cuz he didn’t go to far because there were vehicles in both lanes so when he stopped he said, “HAHAHAH JOKE LANG!” Haha Sister Saua and I laughed about that after we got home.

Sister Saua and I taught district meeting about “Using time wisely.” One of my favorites! Especially after being with Sister Richmond and learning how to be even more effective with time! It went really well and I think they learned a thing or two.

Sister Aglamma has been sick a bit so Friday night she texted us to pick up some medicine for her at a tindahan. Well we had planned to work till 8 that night (8 language study) but most tindahans are usually closed by then. So we tried to hurry and get out of our appointment and we were within walking distance from the tindahan but it was still pretty far away. So we RAN! Haha I’m sure others thought that was pretty weird to see two girls in skirts with big hiking bags running down the highway when it was pitch dark at night. Haha missions are the best.

Saturday was Sidney’s wedding day! I told Sister Saua we were gonna have to work extra hard so I wouldn’t think about it. Well we did it was a pretty good day of work. Oh! But in the morning, Sister Reeder texted me this SUPER nice thoughtful text. She said she wished she could take me to lunch or to the Manila Temple haha. She’s the best! Love her.

Sunday we only had Brother Ramon and Lance come to church. For some reason lots of our investigators this week have been facing lots of problems and haven’t really been progressing. So we’re gonna need to pray extra hard this week so we can get some progressing again towards baptism and find some new ones.

Well everyone, I have no doubt that I’m in the right place at the right time. So I’m still happy as can be and I’m just trying to do my best everyday to help others come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He loves us all and that through Him, we can not only become good people, we can become better people! Any weakness we have can be overcome through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So I’m not perfect now but I’m working towards that. Still got a long ways to go but good thing I’m only 21! Wow…. old. Ah ayos lang. Well everyone have an incredible week! Love you all!!! Everyone get excited for the next big event in the Taylor family… I’m coming home! Not trunky but I figure I’ve gotta get excited so I can enjoy seeing all of your beautiful faces to the fullest!

Sister Taylor


A new family we are teaching!


Sister Taylor gave this family her watch, and then bought one from them so they could remember each other.




A creature that entered the apartment during the night.


Happy birthday Clarise, 22!


Here is a picture of Sister Taylor that she is requesting gets photoshoped into a wedding picture, ha ha!



Mangos in the Summer!

So hot but so sweet here in the beautiful Philippines! It is Mango season so we have gotten mangos almost everyday! I eat an average of 2 a day. So good! Sweet or sour with salt I am enjoying the mangos!

Pretty great week! Worked pretty hard, learning lots and still seeing some great missionary miracles. We had zone training! Which was fun to see lots of other missionaries and I learned lots about finding. We need to find more! There are so many people here that have been prepared so we just have to worked harder to find them!

I loved the Hymn 266, “The Time is Far Spent” this week…. Read the lyrics. I think my favorite part is, “The angels are waiting to crown you with blessings! Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.” Wow how great is that! Such great blessings await us so keep being righteous everyone!

So we’ve been teaching Vanessa for a while now (I posted a picture of her a while ago with her cute daughter right before Sister Ril left). She wants to be saved, she wants to do what is right but she has so much pressure from all these different religions so it’s been hard for her. Well Saturday Sister Lioc came with us to teach her and offered to take her to church on their tricey… So the Lioc family picked her up and she came to church yesterday and loved it! Wow first time I’ve ever had an investigator be picked up for church. Members help the work so much!

Random story: So yes I’m in the Philippines so we have bug experiences all the time but last night was funny because Sister Saua and I started praying to start our daily planning and a HUGE gross I still have no idea what is was bug flew in and landed on Sister Saua. Of course she screamed, stopped praying, looked around and couldn’t find it so she started praying again. Well then like 10 seconds later it flew and landed right by ME on my desk! So I screamed and jumped away, couldn’t find it, so we started praying for the third time! Haha. Oh the bugs. I’m pretty brave now but… confession I still scream 😉

Well that’s about it! WAIT!!! EVERYONE!!!!!!! Mikelle just graduated! What what! 2014 grads! And who knows what is this Saturday, May 24?!? Sidney and Cody are getting hitched!!!! Everyone tell them congrats too and those who are going, enjoy my mom’s delicious catered food, try the cake because I already know it’s going to be good and take pictures and send them to me!!! Wow so fun! Love you family!

Sister Taylor

P.S. The Church is true, the Book is blue!


This is the “skates” so fun! (Not quite sure what that means, haha)


Allan got baptized! Yay!!!!


Water buffalo! They use these big guys for the rice fields.


We got all these in one day! Lots of mangos and pili nuts!


Ballester family! They feed us every time we go and always give us rides home on their tricey. Love this family! Sister Vivian bought me that skirt!


Happy Mother’s Day! SKYPE! And Baptism!

Alright so this is going to be record short because we’re trying to go out and finish all our P-day stuff. But! We had a baptism this week! Brother Allan finally got baptized. President and Sister Reeder surprised us and came which was fun to see them and to have them there. The spirit was so strong as Brother Allan bore his testimony of the happiness he’s found through the gospel. Those are always such rewarding times on a mission when you get to hear how you’ve helped someone else find the joy of the gospel.

We did another CSP.. almost a weekly thing in this area haha. Always fun. We cut grass again. Oh! And we got to ride this thing called, “skates” which is a little cart thing on railroad tracks. Sometimes it really feels like Lagoon or something here with all the different ways of transportation haha.

It rained SO hard one day this week. I felt like it was raining harder than when the typhoon hit here. It didn’t last too long but it was hardest when we happened to be walking through a rice field which turns all the skinny paths into muddy slides. It was super fun though because our investigators were shocked when we showed up and wanted to still teach them even though it was raining like crazy.

Ramon and Maricris! Haven’t been married to their spouses yet so we’ve got to work on that… But Ramon especially wants to be baptized so hopefully we’ll get that all figured out.

Sister Richmond and Sister Ril are companions! And Sister Remolano (the sister that just left our apartment) and Sister Prakash are companions now so that’s crazy. They’re all in Naga! Know Sister Richmond must be happy :). Hopefully I’ll be able to see them all before July!

SKYPE!!! Yeah I got to Skype my family again and tell my wonderful Mother Happy Mother’s Day! So great to see and talk to you guys! Mikelle graduates next week and the week after that, Sidney gets married! So crazy. So excited for all of you. Next time I’ll see and talk to you, it was be in real life at the airport! But before then, I’ll keep working hard and enjoying this great work. I LOVE my family. I love this work and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Sister Taylor


(Sorry no new pictures this week…Sister Taylor couldn’t get her SD card to work.)

Glad the Internet is Working!

You probably get sick of hearing this but the internet isn’t working again. SO! That means lots of time to write my letter in a word document and no internet time actually emailing you all back so sorry in advance if I don’t email back to those who emailed:). Besides the weekly internet problems, things are going great! We had transfer announcements and…. No transfer! Which I really hope means this is my last area. I don’t think I’d like getting transferred my very last transfer in the mission but we’ll see.


Sister Saua and I worked really hard and we’ve seen lots of little miracles in the work! Our investigators have their struggles but all in all, the work is moving forward! Maricris (neighbor of Brother Ramon) has been listening to us just as long as Ramon but hasn’t been ready to commit to baptism until this week! She knows she needs to be baptized she just has to resolve a few things but please pray that she’ll go to church next week! She wants to go but she is really nervous to bring her son who is always nonstop.


Brother Allan is finally getting baptized! This Saturday, May 10. We really shouldn’t have any problems because he is more than ready but pray for him too that things will go smoothly. Although there are others getting baptized in the morning from Pasacao Branch, we decided to schedule his baptism in the afternoon so we can just focus on him. He’s taken everything we’ve taught him so seriously and he really understands the importance of the gospel.


Ramon is doing great! He’s so funny… He has a case for his Book of Mormon and he was at church 20 minutes early yesterday! (Being early is a big deal here cuz Filipino time is usually about 1 hour behind.) He said he wanted to bear his testimony but there was no time. So we taught him word of wisdom this week and he has absolutely no problem! And after teaching him word of wisdom we all ate watermelon… Perfect!


Maricon prayed! I think I’ve mentioned this before but missionaries have been teaching her for quite a while. She always refuses to pray after lessons. That’s pretty much been her agreement is if she’s going to listen to us, she won’t pray out loud. So we finally got her to pray and it was actually really long and sincere. Little by little we’re making progress with her.


Saturday we had National Day of Service (should have been in April but we were late.) We all went to the chapel that is being built in Pasacao. It’s pretty close to being done though and we didn’t really know how to do the construction stuff but it was still fun. I helped sand and paint. It should be finished this month!


The branch here is still so great. Yesterday at the branch council meeting, President Cedron told all the leaders that he wants them to focus on, “each one catch one.” So they’re all going to pick one name every month to focus on reactivating. There really aren’t that many less actives here but it’s still good to focus on those who have gone less active.


Alright so the internet was SO slow where we were so I never even got into my email. We’re at a new one now so hopefully I’ll have time to reply to emails but anyways that’s all for this week! I’ve been learning so much about the Plan of Salvation lately as I’ve been studying it for some of our investigators. Wow, our Heavenly Father loves us so much. His plan is so great and simple because all we have to do is live His Gospel which makes us more happy and then on top of that we get blessings after this life! So if you want to be happy, just follow the commandments, pray to our Heavenly Father who wants to hear from us and help others find that happiness too. Love you all and hope everyone has a great week. Happy Mother’s Day next Sunday!!! SKYPE!


Sister Taylor





Helping out at the new church. I’m pretty much a pro…not! 


Hike on P-Day with some investigators. 🙂


Wow..Got Nothing Today. Just Read the Email!

Hello everyone! Don’t know why but I’m feeling extra cheerful today so hopefully you can feel the cheer! Be happy everyone! Today is such a beautiful day! You make sure to count those blessings today cuz there are lots! Not too much happened this week though so enjoy the unusually short email.

Tuesday I attended my fourth new missionary workshop down in Naga. Always fun! And we even were able to get 7 Eleven ice cream before our bus left for Pamplona. Then the rest of our week was just busy trying to stay on top of all of our investigators! I love feeling like we have too much to do because then I’m more effective and it means the work is moving forward! So all our investigators are doing pretty good.. We have 4 investigators at church yesterday but with all of us 6 missionaries I think there were 14 that attended our small branch. Our Gospel Principles class was filled! There’s some great missionaries in this area so it’s fun seeing some results of all our hard work.

The heat is back! Wow aren’t you all proud… I haven’t talked about the weather in forever! But I’ve gotta talk about it this week because our power went on the worst, hottest day this week. It went out on Friday which was weekly planning. Noooo! It always seems to go out on weekly planning days. Try studying and planning for 6 hours in Filipino heat with no fans! At least I’m handling it wayyyy better than last year. Good news is I really have adjusted to the weather here. Bad news: don’t know how I’ll handle winter in Colorado/Utah.

Random story: Sister Saua is so funny. We have lots of fun and laugh all the time together but this week was especially funny when we got home from working, Sister Saua sits down and pulls out a knife from her bag! What the heck! She ate a mango earlier in the day and after she used the knife, for some reason she decided to put it in her bag haha. I told her she was lucky she didn’t pull it out during a lesson or something or we would have for sure lost some of our investigators!

Did another csp this week. So many of those this transfer! Always fun but this week we helped a lady cut grass. No lawn mowers here so we cut grass with knifes haha. Crazy though! I really should have taken a picture but the water that this family uses is from a well right outside their house. I don’t know if you can even call it a well though because it is this forever, super super deep hole in the ground with water. Nothing around it to stop people from falling in! Hope all those little kids are careful around the hole to China… Well I guess it’d be to America since that’s across the world from here 😉

We had district activity this morning. Just went to the church and played volleyball and basketball. My basketball skills have NOT improved but I did win a round of ‘gotcha ya’… Whoowhoo. I made pancakes this morning and shared my peanut butter and special syrup from Naga. You can’t get syrup or pancakes anywhere here. All the American Elders loved it!

Guess what everyone… I’m done! Yeah! Not too long. Another amazing week and just one more week till the end of another transfer! This Church is true and Heavenly Father loves us. He really does love each and every one of us. So let’s go make Him proud and serve His children and keep His commandments! Love you all!! Missionary work is the BEST!

Sister Taylor


Muddy shoes! Oops!


Sure wish the missionaries could swim!


We’re allowed to get our ankels wet!


Another random creature in our apartment. I don’t think I will miss that!