Happy Easter!

Had such a great week! Kay email time goes so fast but so much happened! But sorry in advance if the length of this email gets… well lengthy haha.

We had exchanges again this week. So fun! I was with Sister Barlow again. Since Sister Saua is so new here and so new in the mission, we had her go visit all of our investigators in one day and so Sister Barlow and I pretty much had a full day of tracting. Well we were able to contact a lot of our OYM (open your mouth) and then it was just lots of talking to new people and tracting. It was pretty good and we ended up getting in 5 lessons so hopefully when we go back we’ll have some new investigators. So funny though! We were riding the jeepney at this one spot in the highway where they’ve been doing construction on a bridge ever since I got here (Filipino construction is so funny… lots of guys in shorts and flip flops digging around with some shovels.) Anyways the traffic was SUPER backed up. Such a long line of cars both ways waiting to cross the temporary, one lane bridge. Well our jeepney driver wasn’t gonna have any of that so he just starts driving off the side of the road on the left side, sees that there isn’t room on that side so he crosses traffic and starts driving off the road on the right side. So he just passed the whole line of cars and cut in line at the front haha. Everyone loves cutting in line here. Anyways, so I got to go off roading in a jeepney! And just a repeat of last exchanges, the power was out again! Luckily it wasn’t hot this time though cuz we had no power the whole night, which means no electric fan the whole night…

So it is totally normal here to leave your front door wide open. Easy to tell if people are home or not just because their door is open. Just in this apartment we too usually open our door cuz it’s really hot inside so especially at night we have it open until we go to sleep. Always fun to see what new bugs will enter while we’re planning or studying. Anyways we have this cat that always tries to get inside our apartment. So the other night I was changing in our room and I hear this meow, turn around and the cat was just chillin inside our room! And then he wouldn’t get out! We’re exactly obedient but sometimes the no pets rule gets broken here in the Philippines.

Branch swimming activity! Us missionaries didn’t swim of course but it was super fun to just relax, talk to the members and eat lots of food! (Except I tried to not eat too much cuz I’m still doing some sort of diet thing.) Well I think at the activity there were 6 or 7 investigators that went between all of us missionaries. Allan went and said that he had a great time so it’s good that he’s making more friends and getting closer to the members.

The Assistants texted me randomly the other night and asked if I could design some sort of card for them that would be officially signed by the president with their picture and a scripture or something. Not really sure what it’s for but being able to design something… uh yes!!! So we’re still trying to figure out how I’m gonna be able to use a computer that has photoshop or some sort of design program but hopefully I’ll be able to help them out and design it for them. Miss my adobe programs!

Easter Sunday was so great! I got to wear my new Easter dress! And of course it was a really great day to remember my Savior and His sacrifice for me. I had a really great personal study as I read about Christ’s suffering, crucifixion and death and then His glorious resurrection. Then during sacrament meeting I was reminded of one of my favorite scriptures about the Atonement in D&C 19:15-18. His suffering was so much greater than any of us can even imagine. And all we have to do is follow Him and repent. The gospel is so simple! It just takes effort, faith and diligence and we can all become like the Savior and receive mercy so that we can return back to our Father in Heaven. Alright so I don’t have too much time for the good ol missionary talk but just know that I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and I am so deeply grateful for His sacrifice for me and for all of us.

Sister Saua and I worked so hard! 30 lessons even though we had a whole day spent at the branch swimming activity. Our goal: work even harder next week! But of course it’s not all about numbers so here’s some updates on investigators:

Allan: I know you probably get tired of hearing updates on him every week but I just am amazed every week at his pure desire to do better and to be better. His prayers are just so sincere and he wants to be completely ready for his baptism. Right now it’s set for May 3 so we’re really trying to work towards that. And we finally we able to teach his 2 youngest kids, Lance and Claire. (Yes Claire! I’m teaching a girl named Claire!) Oh but yesterday Allan asked for scriptures about baptism that would help him prepare and know what to do. Golden! So I gave him a pretty good list, including my favorite chapter about preparing for baptism, Mosiah 5.

Ramon: Committed to a baptismal date finally! I wasn’t there cuz it was during exchanges but he’s doing great. He didn’t go to church yesterday though so we’ve gotta work on getting him to go every week.

Gilbert: We only taught once! But even though we only taught once he still came to church, all alone even. Of course hopefully May will go again next week but he’s doing great and he said that he’s been reading in the Book of Mormon.

Ernesto and Virgie: New family! And they actually seem really interested. They have the two cutest little kids, Eric and Erika and they’re SOOO sweet. Yesterday was our second visit with both of them there and they read the Book of Mormon together as a couple! Then read even farther than we asked them to. Haha so funny cuz they asked me right when we got there if I was related to John Taylor, the third President of the church. “Uhh…. I wish but how do you know who John Taylor is?” Hah I guess they looked up ‘Taylor’ in the index of the Book of Mormon and his name is there.  Oh and Ernesto was wearing a BYU shirt! We took pictures at the end so you could see this cute family and see his shirt.

Maricon: Clarise’s Mom (she’s one of the two sisters in the branch preparing to serve a mission.) We’ve been teaching her just every once in a while since I first got here. Well these past few weeks we’ve really tried to focus on her and she’s slowly progressing! According to her teaching record, the first time the missionaries tried to teach her, well they didn’t teach because she didn’t want to listen. Well just this past week she now told us that she believes that the Book of Mormon is true, that the church is true and she pretty much said that she wants to be baptized. The problem is her husband works in Saudi and doesn’t get home till October 2015. She said that she doesn’t want to do it without him because she wants it to be her whole family. So we’ve trying to figure out how to solve that but she’s made lots of progress from where she started being so against the church.

Alright so I think I got everything in. I’ve actually had more typing time than I planned because I can’t get any of my email or onedrive stuff to work so sorry if I don’t respond to personal emails this week! I think we might have to search out a new computer shop next week. Well I love everyone! I love missionary so much, it really is just pure joy when you are able to help others come closer to Christ and gain stronger testimonies of Him. Have a great week everyone! Sorry I’ve been so terrible at shout outs in my emails for like my whole mission but shout out to Sidney! She just turned 19 this week!

Love ya!

Sister Taylor

(And sorry there aren’t any pictures to post since she was having such difficulty with her computer. 😦 )


One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. Dear Sister Jaycee,
    I so enjoy your emails and marvel at how beautiful and upbeat you are. Today I spoke with your father and joked with him about your use of the word “cuz”. He is a delightful man. Although he is so proud of you I know he misses you deep in his big heart and will be happy to see you home. Stay well. Everyone is so proud of you.

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