2 Hours! And Share the Love <3!

Alright so the big news this week besides all the great things I learned at General Conference and Zone Conference is… My email time has been cut permanently. Yeahhh I know that probably most missionaries only get one hour for email but I just think that I’ve been blessed to have 3 hours for most of my mission to keep my fan base happy back at home… Whoowhoo! Haha but President decided to cut out time down to 2 hours. Still more probably than most missionaries but still… One hour gone! That’s alright though cuz I’ve figured out some tricks to try to make my email time for efficient. Don’t except the best emails everyone though cuz I’m on a race for time now!

Okay so in order to make this faster, I’m gonna do my email a bit differently by just getting to the point so sorry if it seems spazy!

Investigators: Allen is still doing sooo great but… he decided on Saturday when he was interviewed that he needs more time to prepare. It was pretty much his choice but he told us last night that he just really wants to make sure he’s completely repented of past things so that he can feel totally ready for his baptism. So kind of a bummer he won’t be getting baptized on April 19 but! I would so much rather have him be ready than not. Baptism is a sacred ordinance and I’m so happy that he’s realized how important this is. We taught a really great lesson last night to him though as we tried to help him know how to repent and prepare. We read from one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon in Alma 36 and he just really seemed to understand what repentance is, how to do it and why it is important. I’ve learned a lot from teaching him. So even though he tells us how grateful he is all the time, I really am the one that is grateful for him! Such a golden investigator.

Ramon! Don’t know if I’ve told you about him but we’ve been teaching him and his neighbor, Maricris. Ramon is in his 50s, has one child that works away from home and his wife also works in a different town (but she came home for a month so we were able to teach her too last night! She’s pretty against it so far but people can change so let’s hope we can make a difference before she goes back to work!) So Ramon is pretty religious, likes to comment about how no one in this world seems to know God and he’s been slowing changing as we’ve taught him. Maricris too but she has trouble with her 1 year old son so she doesn’t want to go to church with him. Well Ramon promised he would go to church this week (as many of our investigators do) and he actually went! So perfect because what was this week at church?? Well it was a week delayed than all of you but we had General Conference this week! So Ramon and Allan both said that they really liked all the messages they heard. Perfect for them to actually hear from the living prophet that we testify of all the time.

Gilbert… haven’t been able to teach this week. But we have taught his daughter May who went to church with him last week and she’s great. For only being 15 she is pretty mature and she really wants to find out for herself if everything is true. She was telling me though what happened to her mother who passed away 2 years ago and I guess she had cancer. Her mother was sick almost ever since May can remember but her mom continued to work and even have kids! So when she passed away, she left Gilbert with 7 kids and the youngest being only a few months old… So sad, such a hard life. The oldest, just left to go find a job in Manila and then hopefully start providing more for them. He’s 17 years old. Anyways, I was so touched by her story I am determined to help them feel the power of the Atonement and see how the Gospel can bless their lives. Hopefully really hopefully we’ll be able to teach Gilbert this week. Still haven’t even taught him the Restoration.

Zone Conference. Amazing! Wow learned so much. It was all about receiving revelation and I know that the things I learned will help me throughout my whole life. President Reeder is an amazing teacher. We watched such a neat Mormon Message! With technology here a little behind the times, I hardly ever get to watch the new Mormon Messages. So we watched the one about Joseph Smith… Well it wasn’t about him but it was a girl who wanted to find out the truth and they used Joseph Smith’s words for it. Find it and watch it if you can! I was called to bear my testimony… did it in English so President and Sister Reeder could understand. Wow, love bearing my testimony! Then we also watched a CES Fireside by Tad R. Callister about the blueprint of Christ’s Church back when he was on the earth, is exactly the blueprint of His Church today, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not sure when he spoke but that was really great too. I know that this really is Christ’s restored Church on the earth today! Oh and during the conference, President Reeder told us that every single mission in the Philippines is going up in baptisms. Of course they all should be because every mission has had an increase of missionaries! But he said they figured if there were more baptisms per companionship and only 4 missions have gone up in efficiency. Philippines Naga Mission is one of those missions! So not being prideful, humbly stating here that Philippines Naga Mission is the best in all the land! (Sounds really cheesy but that’s our mission saying haha.)

Sharing the love! So General Conference was AMAZING!!! Who’s with me?! Yay! So great. I know that the prophet’s can’t really be your favorite because he’s the prophet but President Monson’s talk was really one of my favorites. This isn’t quote for quote but he said how every day we are given opportunities to show love and to serve others. Every day! Do we look for those opportunities every day? We should! And then he said that blame opens wounds and forgiveness heals. And that every morning we should determine to respond in love. So simple but I feel like I can do better at sharing the love and forgiving others. So to everyone… If I’ve ever done anything or said anything to you that wasn’t Christlike, I’m sorry! And I’ll try to be better.

Okay and as far as the other talks go… I wrote down just a few highlights of what I liked… It ended up being a lot but I learned so much! Jeffrey R. Holland said, “Christlike love is the greatest need for this planet.” Neil L. Anderson talked about fighting Satan’s whirlwinds which actually makes us stronger. Henry B. Eyring said that when he accept calls to serve, it shows our faith… I accepted this call which was out of faith because I had no idea what I was getting myself into haha. He also said to let Christ be the leader of your family and all things will work out. (These are quotes or even all the main themes of their talk, just things I liked and wrote down.) Russell M. Nelson talked about religion being our tie to God. So we need to ask ourselves, who are we tied to? And we need to let our faith show. Claudio D. Zivic talked about piano! So I liked the comparison of how there comes a point in piano lessons, where you actually learn to love it and no one has to force you (Mom, I did end up getting to that point haha.) He said we need to get to that point in our conversion. Dieter F. Uchtdorf told us to be thankful IN our circumstances. No matter what we’re going through, we need to be thankful! M. Russell Ballard followed up on his commitment to all of us to invite someone to learn about the gospel before last Christmas… Always a great teacher when you follow up. And of course loved his talk cuz it was about missionary work! So I would love to start hearing about all the things you’ve learning in Preach My Gospel… Love that book! Gary E. Stephenson talked about how life is our 4 minute race. I also thought that worked well for my mission right now because it is such a short time, but I’ll the rest of my life to think about it, and well even the rest of eternity. My 4 minute race is now! David A. Bednar did a great job talking about how the Atonement is for everything and how Christ will make our burdens light. So even for those righteous followers of Christ, we can and need to use the power of the Atonement in our lives. L. Tom Perry taught about the Holy Ghost leading and guiding our lives. Lorence E. Corbridge pretty much lesson 1… The first lesson we teach as missionaries haha so that was neat to listen to. Michael John U. Teh talked about the Philippines! So of course I loved that… But it is so important that we lay our treasures in heaven, not here on earth because we won’t have our earthly possessions forever! And good story about the 70 year-old lady washing clothes… Sadly but that’s the life of many hear. It is so neat though that she found the gospel and even in her circumstances, she was still grateful for the many blessings of the temple and the gospel in her life.

Alright! So idk how I’ve typed so much… You probably now think I’m lying about my time cut short haha. So I really have to go look at pictures from my amazing fam and put my pictures up and respond to other emails and write President Reeder but there ya go for this week! Love the mission and love the gospel!

Sister Taylor

P.S. I got mail! A card from Grandma Sanford, another cute pouch from Sister Richmond haha, and a dress from Grandma Jefferies! SO cute. Thanks Grandma and Mom… great taste. Love you all!


Here is the dress from Granda Jefferies! She is saving it to wear on Easter Sunday. 🙂


Sister Rhea


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