Sprint to the Finish Line!

Sprint to the finish line! That’s my analogy for the rest of my mission. Soj ust like a long distance race, you start out and it’s usually kind of hard cuz you have to adjust and find your pace. Then you pace yourself, push through the middle and then as you get closer and closer to the end, you go faster and faster until you see the finish line and then you SPRINT! So I’m not quite yet at the finish line, but that is my moto so that my last few transfers and weeks will be my very hardest working weeks of my mission. Sprint!

So this week was good… super fast! We did a family home evening in the sister’s area and the elders went too. Then Tuesday we did a service project in their area which took a good amount of our time but that’s alright cuz we were able to help a less active out and it was super fun. Kind of hard to explain but here, people don’t have yards, they have areas of dirt with usually plants lining the outside. So the lady needed her ‘yard’ cleaned up so we swept the earth cuz it was covered in leaves and things and then we burned all of it. Love the different kinds of service projects here. Sweeping dirt and washing clothes by hand!

Alright so we didn’t do too much teaching this week but we did find some great potentials! We’re really focused on finding right now because a lot of our investigators are actually in other missionaries areas! The boundaries have never really been clear since I got here so finally I think we got the boundaries all figured out so hopefully we won’t go tracting in other areas anymore. I guess we were just trying to be charitable though and help the elders and sisters out ;). And for those of you who remember Jose and Josephine a couple weeks ago, they’re actually in the elders area so we won’t be teaching them anymore :/.

Brother Allan is still doing great (luckily he really lived in our area) and right on track to be baptized April 19! He said yesterday he feels lucky to have met us because his life it changed. He said that he really likes how it seems like we never forget God. Before he wouldn’t really think about God or religion but now, we teach him about 3 times a week, he goes to church, and he said that sometimes if he feels like he’s forgotten a bit about God then he’ll like see us walking by or riding on a jeepney or something haha. So he’s the best!

 Time is so important on a mission. This week there was one night where it was a questionable time where we could just go home or we could try to teach one more lesson close to our house since there probably weren’t that many more jeepneys that night. So of course we decided to go out and teach! It was our third visit to this family and our first visit, a family member, Gilbert was there who listened too. Well we haven’t been able to go to Gilbert’s house yet because we haven’t had a sister work with us in that area and his wife past away two years ago so there aren’t any other women except for his kids. Well this third visit, he was there again and he seemed more interested than the others. So of course we invited him to church and so on our way to church yesterday, he was on that jeepney with two of his kids, headed to church! So even though we’ve only taught him twice, he seems really golden. He knows a ton about the bible and religion so hopefully he’ll soon realize that this is the restored church.

More fiestas this week! So especially in this area, Catholic fiestas are the thing! Party party! Not the best though for missionary work. People are always busy and drunk. But we did get fed twice though on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday… that was supposed to be the General Women’s Broadcast. I was SOO excited for it all week. Well I guess you can never expect things to go smoothly here in the Philippines haha. So we got there and it looked like it was all set up. At 1 the sound started but there wasn’t any video! And even though it wasn’t live, it still was a live feed to the church satellite and so we couldn’t like pause it till we fixed the problem. Well I have more computer knowledge than probably most Filipinos so me, another American sister, a couple members and President Cedron tried to get the video to work for like 30 minutes. Still couldn’t get it to work so we just decided to listen and try to get as much out of it as we could. So the video that you talked about, Mom, we only listened to it! So if I get time today I’m gonna try to go and watch at least the video from the broadcast. I hoping and praying that we won’t have problems this weekend as we watch conference!

Okay… That’s about it this week! I know Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on the earth today and that he has been called of God. Hopefully all of you learned lots and enjoyed conference. Try to apply those things that you learned to your life! Love conference! So excited for this weekend! Love you all!

Sister Taylor


A dance put on by one of the branches in the district. 


Beautiful Philippines!


Service project!


Here is here motto for the rest of her mission…Sprint to the finish line!


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