5 Star Hotel!

Ahh email isn’t working too well and I have so much to email so hopefully  I’ll have time to get this all in. Alright so yes this week was amazing! Of course going to Naga is always a highlight but it was just a good week. So Tuesday morning Sister Ril and I left on a bus for Naga (stood the whole time cuz there weren’t seats haha). We went to SM! I ate McDonald’s and Sister Ril got rice somewhere (can’t live without the rice). Then we went to the church for transfer announcements! I think it was the biggest transfer so far because over half of the mission was there so that was fun to see a lot of other missionaries. Sister Ril got transferred to Naga! I’m sure she’s been enjoying the city life since she came from the middle of absolutely no where (yep that’s my area! Haha love it though).

Some exciting things at transfers… I saw Francis! Ahhh! I haven’t seen him since I left Naga in August and he is just doing amazing. Wow so solid. That’s always rewarding. And then Tigaon was made into its own zone! Tigaon Zone! I think there’s even more missionaries there now and yep the work is just moving forward!

So then I was put with two other sisters were are also training and we worked together the rest of Tuesday and then went to the mission home together on Wednesday. We stayed the night in the Naga sister’s apartment (a new apartment) and it was SO nice! I felt like I was staying in a 5 star hotel! Haha. Anyways so Sister Rosenburg was one of the sisters in our temporary companionship and it was SOOO fun to get to know her. Partly because she reminded me a ton of Haley! She’s from Australia though so she was like an Australian version of Haley.

Anyways, she has been through so many incredible difficult things. I won’t go into too many details, but her dad got cancer when she was 11, her parents got divorced pretty soon after that, her mom left her and her siblings (she’s the youngest) when she was 14 and she’s been supporting herself (as in paying for everything!) since she was 11 years old. Life is hard here but Australia is pretty similar to America and idk it just sounds like she has been through SO much. So she met the missionaries I think when she was around 16 and she didn’t really like what they had to share haha. One of the first sisters that taught her, was about to drop her as an investigator but then she finished her mission and new sisters started teaching her. Well anyways, some amazing things happened where she gave everything a chance. She decided to find out for herself and see if God really did love her even though she had been given such a hard life. Well she felt His love, felt the power of the Atonement and joined the church. Incredible. Well even more incredible is after she decided to serve a mission, one time going to the Provo Temple while training at the MTC, and she saw that sister that almost dropped her and left before she saw her start progressing! The sister missionary started to just cry when she saw her. Can you imagine seeing an investigator that you taught, almost dropped, didn’t hear anything after that and then saw them in the temple! And they were from a different country! I told Sister Rosenburg she needs an ‘I’m a Mormon’ video made about her. So anyways, I’ve learned so much from my mission but sometimes it’s even been from other missionaries and their examples.

So even though it was my third time doing the trainers training, I still learned things! It was the third time I’ve watched one of the talks that Elder Holland gave to missionaries at the MTC in 2011 but I still felt inspired to do an even better job. One thing that stood out to me was the question that Christ asked Peter after Christ’s death and resurrection. He asked him, “Do you love me?” I think we all need to ask ourselves that. Do we love Christ? Do we love Him enough to give anything for Him? Do we serve Him? Do we try to be like Him? If we do, then we need to act. We need to follow Him forever. In Christ’s Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we do not just follow Him by being baptized and then we are done. We promise to follow Him forever. So I know that even after my mission, I will still stand as a witness of Jesus Christ, I will serve Him and I will follow him forever, to the end. This Gospel is true and it is the only way to true happiness, peace and joy in our lives. I also loved what President Reeder said to all of us trainers and trainees. He said that there are 3 things that make a good missionary, a great missionary. First, we need to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Kind of what I liked from Elder Holland’s talk. Then we need to be exactly obedient. He said that sometimes missionaries think that we cannot be exactly obedient. He said to get that out of our minds and just do it. And the third thing was we need to work hard and be diligent. So I have really tried my whole mission to be obedient and hard working but it was good to be motivated to do an even better job. I’m still trying to become that great missionary!

So my new companion! Sister Saua! She’s from Samoa… sweet! So I’m training foreigner number three haha. I forgot how much work training is in the beginning! But it’s been good. She has a great attitude and she’s always happy. And she hasn’t had any problem adjusting at all… Haha guess it’s just us Americans. She’s even taught me a little bit of Samoan and Tongan. Haha SO funny. I’m afraid to say please and thank you in Tongan… Look it up for those of you who have Google access and you’ll see what I mean.

So… Hopefully I’m doing an even better job training this time but one thing I haven’t been good at so far is feeding my aki! So we didn’t go buy food when she got here because, well, there just isn’t any place to! Plus we didn’t have too much money haha. But luckily we actually got fed a few times! Saturday we got little muffin things in the morning, got fed lunch and then got fed a snack of this sweet sticky rice stuff (my favorite called sinoman in Bicol) and juice. But on Sunday we really didn’t have food so we had to break out the 72-hour kit haha. Lots of canned tuna and canned corn beef in this area though. Haha doesn’t that sound good mom! Filipinos just don’t understand what food is like in America. Had another Filipino say to me this week that Americans just eat bread. Not true! Oh well. I’m just really looking forward to food in a few months.

I almost got kidnapped this week! Haha well not reeeeally… I’m safe and fine but it was just kind of weird. So all four of us sisters were waiting for either a jeepney or tricey and after a while a tricey finally came. So the guy pulled over, I was the first to get in and usually the drivers wait for everyone to get in. Well after I got in, he just took off! Haha so I started telling him that all of us were riding so he slowed down a bit, but then started again! I was really thinking about just jumping out because I wasn’t going without my companion but then I guess all the screaming sisters behind us and the guys watching from across the street made him finally stop. He said sorry and said he was just confused but… I’m not sure exactly what he was thinking haha. I’m safe though and fine so don’t worry!

I got two cards from my wonderful Mother this week! And a package from Grandma Jefferies! Thank you so much! Sorry I’m not very good about the shout outs in the emails but maybe you’ll feel extra special this week cuz I actually put that in this week. Such a long email! So if you’ve made it this far, then you are my true friend! Haha love you all. Hope you have another wonderful week and make sure to count your blessings, say your prayers, read your scriptures and go to church!

Sister Taylor


The “5 star hotel” AKA the nicest apartment she has gotten to sleep in, sadly for just a short time.


They even had a washing machine that they are trying out to see if they should get these for the sisters or not. But if they do, by then Jaycee will probably already be home. She spends a lot of time each week washing all of her clothes by hand.


Sister Taylor’s new companion, Sister Saua from Samoa. Training once again!


Sister Saua loving being able to teach in the Philippines!


Package from Grandma Jefferies! Yahoo, Cadbury eggs are the best! Thanks Grandma!


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