Aki Number Three!

Saturday night we heard about transfers…. Sister Ril is getting transferred and I’m training AGAIN haha. This will be my third aki (child) in the mission! I still feel nervous even though I’m a lot more experienced and I’m not opening an area this time… but it should be good. I’m pretty excited though because I really do love training. But I figured that out of all of my 11 transfers in the field, 8 of them will be in training (2 for my own training and 6 for my children). And since the other 2 transfers have technically been in follow up training, so far I have never really experienced just being in a totally normal companionship (although this transfer was pretty much normal because Sister Ril is was great and I didn’t really feel like her follow up trainer). So I’ll most likely be here in Pamplona for the next 2 transfers and then my last transfer… Don’t know if I’ll stay or go to a new area so this could be my last area of my mission! (Total of 3 areas for my whole mission if that’s true haha).


So this week was GREAT!!! We had to drop some of our investigators which was kind of a bummer but we have some new great potentials that I’m excited to continue teaching. Allan finally went to church! He actually knew a lot of people and he kept telling us how happy he was. He answered in Sunday School Class that we need to repent and endure to the end haha. Then a few hours after church we visited him and he was so happy about church and he just went on and on about how much he liked it and how he’s going to go every week from now on. He is really preparing now for his baptism on April 19. So excited!


Yesterday though hearing Allan talk about how much he enjoyed church and things just made me realize how important church really is. My whole life I have gone pretty much every single Sunday except for being sick and one time at college when I slept in (Ryan probably remembers that haha). But I think a lot of times I haven’t realized how important it really is. Church every single Sunday, all three hours, is so key to enduring to the end. We need to renew our covenants every week with our Heavenly Father through partaking of the sacrament. Church also strengthens our faith as we hear other members testimonies and as we teach our selves. Relationships with other members are strengthened and hopefully our relationship with God is strengthened every week. I love going to church!


So other things this week… There are so many missionaries in this area! One time this week when we were riding a bus, there was a sister missionary from a different religion preaching on the bus! She had a speaker thing and everything! Weird to hear a different missionary teach. So much religious contention here and so lots of new people we’ve taught have talked about how what we’re sharing is good but that it’s just the same as everyone else. Well sadly, they are wrong! The message of the restored gospel is either true or not and anyone can know it’s true through reading the Book of Mormon. (Haha this whole email is sounding really Preach my Gospelish… but it’s true!) That is the most effective way to know if this really is the true Church of Jesus Christ. As we read the Book of Mormon with a true desire, the Holy Ghost will testify to us that it is the word of God. The Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets who received direct revelation from our Heavenly Father. No other church has that proof. I have seen the power of the Book of Mormon on my mission as investigators have read to really find out for themselves. It is so true everyone!


So related to that, this week when we got to Nanay Erlinda’s she was reading her Book of Mormon! She just got new reading glasses so she was so excited to be able to read for herself instead of us reading for her. And after teaching a new investigator, Brother Ramon, he started reading right after we left! We teach him and Sister Maricris outside under this little hut thing so we saw him a few minutes later still reading as we walked by. Best thing when investigators read!


And another story about the Book of Mormon… So there are lots of fiestas here in the Philippines. They are always some sort of Catholic thing and there is always lots and lots of alcohol. Well Brother Allan told us this week that he just wants to avoid the fiesta altogether because even at his house he knows his friends will try to get him to drink. So he told us he just wants to take some food, bring his Book of Mormon and just read in the middle of a rice field until the fiesta is done haha. Not sure what he’ll actually do but we so proud of him for wanted to be obedient!


So Sunday morning we woke up to no power… which here means no water haha. Luckily they have a water pump outside the house so I really felt like a Filipino pumping my own water for my bucket shower haha for church.


Alright lots of random things as always. Sister Ril and I had a really good transfer and I’m excited to see who my new aki is! The other two sisters are staying together so only Sister Ril is leaving. Excited for SM this week!!! Hopefully I’ll have time to buy some Pizza Hut or something. I really eat rice for almost every meal here (although I usually have my own breakfast of bananas and peanut butter or something in the morning). Okay well everyone have a super great week! Love you!


Sister Taylor



Crossing a bridge.



Monday night laundry…always a party!


Dinner under the stars…gotta love it when the power goes out.


Okay…is this the strangest looking cat or what?!


The beautiful church, only 4-5 years old.


Alan went to church!!! New shirt & shoes! So happy he came!




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