At least there’s always Brother Allan!

So some weeks on missions are just not too eventful. This week was one of those. But it was still a good week because I’m a missionary so of course it was a good week! I’m serving the Lord and helping others come closer to Christ! There were a few little harder days this week cuz it hasn’t felt like our investigators are progressing too much but that’s fine cuz I just kept telling myself ‘at least there’s always Brother Allan!’

Sooooo…. he didn’t go to church :/ Bummer! But he told us last night that he wants to buy shoes and have the right clothes before he goes. We told him he didn’t need to but I guess it’s a good thing because it shows that he knows it’s an important thing and he wants to be dressed the right way. But yes the progress on him is just that he is so ready to learn and accept the gospel! He asked us this week how much time we have for him each lesson because he noticed we don’t spend too much time just talking and talking haha (good when people ask you why you walk so fast or something like that. I just always tell them it’s because our message is so important and there’s so many people that need to hear about it!) Well anyways, he’s reading the Book of Mormon like crazy.. He looks for his answers there and he applies the things he learns to his life! He told us that he’s been more humble and patient since we started teaching him. So he has a baptismal date for April 12! If he goes to church this next Sunday.. So hopefully hopefully he’ll go!! He kept saying last night that maybe he would learn lots and things if he went to church.. uh yes! So now I am really sure that he’ll go next Sunday haha.

So our lesson with brother Allan last night though was really funny because we had planned to teach him Word of Wisdom to start preparing him for baptism and so that he knows that his choice to stop drinking is the right thing… But he also had tons of questions about repentance and the Atonement. So lesson three is the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Atonement, faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost and enduring to the end). So while he was talking and asking questions at the beginning, Sister Ril and I were sign languaging the whole time what we were going to teaching.. L3… no wait… WOW… No L3… Okay yeah yeah Lesson three! It was a really great lesson though just because he has so much faith and real intent.

We cleaned the church on Saturday with the Branch (about 5 members showed up) haha. So that was something this week…. Oh yeah so there are so many more missionaries here from other religions than my past areas! I think I saw maybe one other missionary in Naga and that was it, but here we see Jehovah Witnesses all over the place! Weird cuz we’re in the middle of no where. Well anyways.. awkward when your teaching a lesson and some Jehovah Saski’s (witness in Tagalog) come to that house and are standing outside the door…. Haha. After they left though our investigator (Annalisa) told us that she usually hides from them. So that’s good she doesn’t hide from us! Hopefully her and her husband keep listening!

Well yep that’s it this week. Sister Ril and I have been learning so much from each other. My Tagalog is still improving TONS but I’ve also learned lots from her about teaching. I know this work is the best thing I could be doing right now and I’m so thankful Heavenly Father gave this opportunity to me to serve Him and to teach the Gospel. I love reading my scriptures everyone! Do that everyday because everyday, we are either progressing or digressing . We need our spiritual food EVERYDAY so that we are progressing and becoming just a little bit better every single day of our lives. Being perfect is still a long ways away for me but I know that little by little and through the Atonement, I can one day be perfect after this life! So that’s our goal! We’re becoming perfect! Love you all!

Sister Taylor


This is how a lot of the Fillipino’s cook. Be thankful for your ovens!


All four Sister Missionaries in Jaycee’s apartment wanted to wear white, so three of the white shirts in this picture are Jaycee’s.



One thought on “At least there’s always Brother Allan!

  1. Well, I think you are pretty darn close to perfect right now! But keep trying, we all need that good example. Hope you don’t mind, but I have been sharing some of your emails with some people in our ward, and two missionaries we know. The missionaries are the brother and sister of our daughter in-law Melinda; Bro.William Watts is in Australia and Sis. Elizabeth Watts is in Argentina. Keep up the “good” work. Bro Garren

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