Life in the Philippines!

Just kind of random stories this week. First of all, right after email last pday, we went to a ‘grocery’ store and they had a talk show or something playing in the background. I could tell they were talking about religion but I wasn’t listening too closely until I heard “Mormons” and “Joseph Smith.” Well some LDS guy talked about how we believe in a living prophet and how the church has been restored and things. He talked for probably about 3 minutes and then for like the next 15 minutes, there was another guy who was totally against the church just talking about how it was all wrong. He had scriptures from D&C and all sorts of stuff. It was kind of awkward cuz lots of workers were just standing around listening, looking at us and then realizing that we were Mormon missionaries haha. I took it as an opportunity though to invite them to listen to missionaries and invited some of them to church. Anyways later that day during my personal study I read in 2 Nephi 28:4-5 and Mormon 9:7-8. It talks about how they will teach with learning and deny the Holy Ghost. It was so obvious hearing that guy speak about how he thought that Mormons were wrong, that Satan is working so hard to stop the work from moving forward. It was also so obvious that the prophesies in the Book of Mormon are happening right now. It was a good testimony builder for me though because I have felt the power of the Holy Ghost testify to me that this church is the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ. I cannot deny the power of the Holy Ghost and I know that through that power, anyone can know and feel that this is all true. I know it is!

Prom was this week! Well at least at some schools. I never saw any girls in dresses but I saw some buklas (gay guys that dress up like girls. There are SO many here haha) doing makeup and then we could hear the music from the school close to our house. Didn’t know they had prom here!

Sister Ril and I taught district meeting and primary this week. We found out the night before about district meeting but we still were able to make handouts for all the missionaries ;). First district meeting I’ve been to with handouts haha.

Saturday night we had our branch missionary coordination meeting. President Cedron is seriously so involved in the work! Ahh so excited to have such a strong leader. Anyways after the meeting we were waiting for a jeepney for a while until one finally came but it was SO full. So only in this area have I seen jeepneys with stools so that people can have a place to sit in the middle/aisle so you can cram in more people. Well there was really no room but we needed to get home so Sister Ril and I shared a stool and Sister Viau (pronounced like meow but with a V… Sister Meow is her nickname) sat on my lap! Hard to explain over email and to people that haven’t been in a jeepney before but it was funny.

Investigators! So we thought we found our family this week! They live seriously in the forest. You have to hike about 20 minutes to their house in the forest and mountains but we’ll sacrifice anything to teach! So Sister Maritez was a referral and so Clarise went with us to show us where their house was. So her husband, Jose is actually a member! He’s been inactive for a long time now but he said he wants to try and come back to church! So we were really excited after our first lesson but then Saturday, we were on our way to his house for our second appointment and we saw him drinking with some friends. He canceled and said they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to come to church. So not sure what’s going to happen with them but we’ll keep working on them. They kept talking about the mountains though and how probably it’s so different for me climbing through mountains. Yes the mountains are different but hey I’m from Colorado! I know mountains.

Allen is a new investigator though who seems really interested to find out for himself. So we’re excited for him! Sad though cuz 4 years ago his wife left to go work abroad and then stopped communicating with him and their child and Allen doesn’t know if she’ll come back :/. Well he’s really liked what he’s heard so far about the church so hopefully he’ll find happiness through the gospel:)

Yep. That’s about it for this week. Missionary work is HARD! But it is so rewarding and I know that I’m making a difference. I know this gospel can bless lives! I hope more people will realize that as we talk to them this week. Hope everyone has a good week! Love you all!

Sister Taylor



Here is a picture of some of the missionaries that helped do a service project this week. But she forgot to mention that in her email.


Sister & President Cedron! Jaycee says that he is an amazing branch president and she is super excited to have someone so excited about missionary work like she is.


This is the front of her house. A family lives downstairs and she and three other sisters live upstairs.


Fresh coconut milk! (Better with sugar and ice!)



These are definitely not like Colorado mountains! But still a hike!


District handouts! “How long is your line in the water?” Read at the end of chapter 8 in Preach my Gospe to understand.


Just on our way to email on pday! Definitely needed to email home this week. Sure helps to have my family support me.


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