Welcome to the Middle of NOWHERE!

Okay when I was transferred to Tigaon I thought it was the smallest tinest town. Well Tigaon had I think 5 decent sized grocery stores (probably about a tenth than a Walmart though haha). My new area, Pamplona, has ONE grocery store and no centro and yeah I’m pretty much just in the middle of nowhere. I remember before my mission looking at my mission on Google maps and all I could see was rice fields and I wondered if there were actually people there. Well there are lots of people… Just not cities or anything haha. Lots and lots of tindahans so I’ve already bought a good amount of food from the tindahans. They have a lot more than I realized. Sister Richmond taught me a lot about shopping so I’ve gotten better about finding stuff in unfamiliar places. I miss Target though ;).

Alright to back up though, my last night in Tigaon was good but of course sad. We did a family home evening and I said some last goodbyes. Then Tuesday we packed up and left for Naga! Oh funny though, on the bus there was this guy that had his ‘selfie’ camera on his phone and for like 5 minutes, he took pictures of me and Sister Richmond cuz we were sitting behind him. Haha he didn’t even turn around or do anything when we started waving back at him and taking pictures of him taking pictures of us. Funny. Anyways so we went to SM!!! Ate Pizza Hut, printed some pictures and bought a few things.

Then this transfer announcement was the biggest one yet! So many missionaries got transferred. So my new companion is Sister Ril! She’s from Manila, she’s 20 years old and she’s so fun! She has super really great Tagalog and so I’ve learned more Tagalog this week than probably the last two months haha. I miss Sister Richmond! But things are great with Sister Ril and I think we’ll have a great transfer together.

So my area is Pamplona B. The other two sisters that we live with and the Zone Leaders are in our branch. We just got a new branch president and he is AMAZING! He just moved here like a month ago and they immediately called him as the new president. Already the church attendance has improved and there are more people going to church here than in Tigaon 1st Ward! There seems to be a lot more solid members in this area and I’m really excited to get the work moving forward even more! There’s quite a few new recent converts in my area (all kids or teenagers) so this past week, we tried to focus on teaching their families and finding new investigators since we really don’t have any progressing. Lots to be done but Sister Ril and I teach well together and we’ve been trying to talk to everyone!

My district here is amazing! Wow there are some really hard working missionaries here which is exciting. I actually felt like I learned a lot during district meeting and everyone seems really supportive. And Elder Hodge is in my district! He was in my district in the MTC so that’s fun.

The new apartment… definitely different but I’m getting used to it. Kind of a bummer though cuz when the power goes out (pretty common everywhere here) the water goes too! So Thursday I think it was, we didn’t have power or water for pretty much the whole day. But I’ve been trying to look at the bright side and so a few great things about my new apartment; we have the best view! You can walk out on this roof area and enjoy the smoky fresh air haha. Also the water is way warmer here! My last apartment had FREEZING cold water so bucket showers were always fun. This one is actually more lukewarm. And the weather here seems almost a bit cooler cuz there’s always usually wind.

Valentine’s Day… Lots of people celebrate that here! People actually bought flowers and there were all kinds of parties and dances going on so fun!

So letters… If anyone has sent me a letter and I never replied or said anything about it, either I forgot and so sorry! Or it got lost… I know in the past I said something about sending me letters but now I’m afraid they’ll get lost! So just email!

Alright so it was a little longer week just cuz I had to adjust to so many new things but it was good! We’re working really hard and we’re really trying to focus on teaching families! This week my testimony of the Atonement was strengthened even more. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is for everyone and it is so powerful. I know that anything we face in life is possible to overcome if we rely on our Savior. And I know that even with all the hard things we face, we can still find so much peace and happiness through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Clariss and Tessa are two young single adult sisters in the branch and they’re preparing to serve missions. They are both converts but they have such strong testimonies. They have been through so much but they are probably some of the happiest people I know. We can be so happy if we sacrifice just a little to follow the commandments of God. It is worth it! Everyone be strong! Be active! Be happy! Be faithful! Be loving! Be Christlike! I love you and am thankful for all the prayers and support that goes my way and for all the people I teach. Continue to pray for them! Have a great week everyone!

Sister Taylor

P. S. Addition to my email… I’m the follow up trainer for Sister Ril! Ha I forgot to mention that. So she’s batchmates with Sister Richmond even though they went to different MTCs. They both got here the same time. 



Here is Sister Taylor and Sister Richmond…about to eat Balut! Jaycee has had it before but she and Sister Richmond promised they would have it together before they were transferred. Jaycee said it was even worse this time around. Balut=half developed duck embryo.


All packed up and ready to go!


One last goodbye, sniff, sniff. These two companions sure got along well, and I am sure they will be friends forever!


Here is the picture of the guy taking their picutre! So funny that he never turned around. 


Jaycee with her new companion Sister Ril who is from Maniila. 🙂



Sister Jaycee Taylor in Pamplona!


Pamplona District wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


These are the two sisters in her new branch that are preparing to serve missions.


The new apartment…study area/desks.



Jaycee is on the top bunk.


She said that these stairs are not the same height/size and that they are very steep.




Not so clean.



Hanging out on the roof. This is one of the other sister missionaries in her apartment. There are four of them living here.


A baptism of someone the sisters had been teaching.


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