Bye Bye Tigaon

I pretty much knew there was like 0 chance that I would stay with Sister Richmond or that I would stay in Tigaon… So I’m getting TRANSFERRED! (Sister Richmond and I have tried to feed ideas to President about us staying together haha but I guess he didn’t take it.) Only my second time being transferred so I’m kind of nervous just because I have NO idea what I’ll be doing or where (not training again.) Sister Prakash is getting transferred too and training again! She’s so great. I’ll have another apo then! (Grandchild).

So there isn’t too much to talk about this week. But I did have a great last week with Sister Richmond. We’ll miss each other lots! We worked super hard of course and we’re getting some more solid investigators.

Monday we had Family Home Evening with Jeanavie and her family. We tried to get her husband to participate but he only came for pictures and then left. We also have tried to teach him every single night this week but he seems to try to be gone when we come or likes excuses… Jeanavie wants him to be baptized so bad! We taught her a great lesson about temples and I gave her a picture of the Manila temple (thanks Mom!). She loved it and she just kept saying how she wants to go there. Jeanavie has so much faith and I really think she could get her family there! I am going to miss her sooooo much. She’s teared up almost every time I saw her this week and has just been saying how much she’s going to miss me. She’ll be okay! But we’ll forever try to keep in touch. Oh but anyways, for FHE we talked about letting your light shine and we gave all the kids glow sticks. They LOVED it. Mom you’re the best. After we left they were throwing them around running around the street.

Random gross story: We were teaching outside on this bench with a palm tree leaf roof type thing. Well we were right in the middle of teaching about the restoration and the Book of Mormon when I felt a drop on my hand. I looked up and didn’t see anything so I ignored it and kept teaching. Well then lots more drops came and Victoria started cracking up…. There are these little lizards that are everywhere here and it pooped on my hand and on the Book of Mormon I was holding! Ewww!

So my apartment here has had a pretty good amount of spiders. I know I’ve already taken pictures of them so you know how big they are and what they look like but Sister Richmond and I really got freaked out this week by one! So we woke up at 6 again to go running and I was in the bathroom when Sister Richmond started screaming! So I hurried and came out to find a spider on the ceiling crawling towards the bathroom door. Ahh! So I’ve gotten pretty good about just grabbing the spray and drowning them in it but since we have such high ceilings, we weren’t sure how to spray it. So we were trying to plan and strategize how we were going to kill it when it starting coming down from the ceiling! The other sisters were still asleep but we ran in our room (screaming of course), closed the door, and laid on the top bunk till the other sisters went out to make sure we were clear. We found it few hours later dead but it was so scary when it started doing its spider thing and came down!

When we were teaching Quintana this week, her grandma (she’s in her eighties which is really old for a Filipino) decided to come sit in. Well she is suuuuper Catholic but she wanted to listen which was fine. The only problem was she looooves to talk. She started talking so much. It was so funny though because she spoke in mixed Tagalog and English and every time she said “holy word” it sounded like “hollywood” haha. “Thank you for spreading the ‘hollywood.'” and “My daughter is also spreading the ‘hollywood.'” Haha.

So yesterday was my last Sunday in Tigaon. It was pretty good! I taught Relief Society again last minute but at least the President came so she conducted. Then me, Sister Prakash and Elder Lam Chaung are the ones being transferred so we all bore testimony one last time. I’ll miss Tigaon!

Alright! Lots of random stories this week. So tomorrow Sister Richmond and I head to Naga to get our new companions and then I’ll be going to my new area! No idea where! So exciting but also nervous! It’ll be fun though. Well I love you all! I love spreading the hollywood and I love being a missionary! Everybody! Work hard, play hard, pray hard! I know this Gospel is so true. 🙂

Sister Taylor

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! The day of love! So everyone be especially loving and caring! ❤



Sister Bolalin



I hear there is a “story behind this” but Jaycee didn’t say what. I am super curious as to what they were doing! Goofy girls!



Jeanavie and her husband. The two girls they are holding are their children. Pray that her husband will decide to join the church so they can go to the temple someday!


Rizza Torres Bongat & Baby Rio.


Love kids! (I think they love her too!!)


The Tigaon Missionaries…


A typical meal…and now Jaycee uses garlic salt to help season things.


One thought on “Bye Bye Tigaon

  1. Keep spreading the “Hollywood” (so funny), Jaycee. I look forward to meeting you some day as I am in your Dad’s stake; Mt. Sneffels ward. I am pretty new to learning about this faith although I was baptized years and years ago. I walked away then. Now I have renewed faith and so many questions. I hope you are transferred to a wonderful place and it will be made more glorious because of you and the word.

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