Jeanavie Got Baptized!

Thank you for all your prayers but yes Jeanavie got baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday during sacrament meeting. Soooooo Happy!!! Kind of funny how things worked out because we had hardly anyone there from the ward and Sister Richmond and I ended up giving the two talks last minute on the spot… But! It still seemed to go okay. The few members that did show up signed our journal we got for her with all our testimonies and some pictures. Us 6 Tigaon missionaries sang for the musical number and Elder VJ (I can’t say or spell his name) baptized her. She was kind of sad that none of her friends or family ended up coming but hopefully we can get her more comfortable with the members of the ward and still try to teach others that live with her.

Besides that… we had a hard working week again even with being really busy with the baptism. We love working so hard! Sister Richmond and I have just been praying that President we see how hard working we can be and decide to keep us together for just another transfer! Ha almost impossible that that will happen but we can pray for it! 😉 No I’m excited for what ever is next but I sure will miss Sister Richmond. April 2015!

Umm… we got a new Relief Society president! She’s struggled a little bit with inactivity too but she seemed very excited yesterday and we’re hoping that will really help strengthen the sisters here. The past couple months, us sister missionaries have been the teachers for Relief Society haha.

This morning we had district activity and we went to the beach again! Whoo whoo! So fun. It was super hot and the water would have been so nice to swim in… but of course we didn’t. Coming back to the Philippines to visit some day!

So we still get yelled at and hollered at wherever we go but the other night we had seriously like 20 teenage boys cheering as we walked by! Yay missionary work! Don’t think they were necessarily cheering for what we are actually doing as missionaries, probably just because we’re two Amerikanas walking around the streets, but our message is important and I think everyone should cheer!

Alright well that’s about it… Thanks everyone for so much love and support! Hope you’re all remembering to count your blessings, say your prayers and read your scriptures. I love this Gospel so much! I love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I love being able to represent Him every day. I get to wear a missionary tag with His name every day and I think about Him and His sacrifice every day. Everyone BE HAPPY! Love you!

Sister Taylor



Jeanavie at her baptism! We love her so much!



Sisters in the gospel that love each other!



The sisters in the Tigaon ward all have these fanny packs. I thought this picture was so funny. Jaycee wouldn’t ever been caught wearing this if she were at BYU haha.



I love how tropical it looks in this picture!


Matching shirts! Sister Richmond worked at Mitch’s Surf Shop in high school and before her mission.


Our reward for a clean apartment…beach activity!


Sister Taylor serving in the Philippines!


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