Power Week! Power Miracles

Yay!!! Seriously a power week. We taught 28 LESSONS! I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you guys back at home but that is a ton for us and for this area! We seriously just changed how we set daily goals a little bit, focused on teaching shorter but powerful lessons, prayed to reach our goals and BAM! The most lessons ever taught in this area was with Sister Richmond a few weeks ago and I think it was 21. And guess what! The Standards of Excellence in our mission is 25 lessons so we beat it! And we reached a lot of other numbers of Standards of Excellence this week too. So exciting! So of course it’s not all about numbers so just know behind those numbers were a lot of miracles. Heavenly Father really blessed us this week because we were so focused on working hard and doing our best teaching. But our planning, studying, finding and everything just seemed to be so much better this week.

One of the biggest miracles was that we were hardly tired! Thursday, we walked to our farthest area up the volcano (like a 40 minute walk), back and still got so many lessons and we didn’t feel tired that night! We were so shocked but I know it was just a blessing we were able to receive for trying to work so hard. I love working hard! 

Other miracles this week was just having so many opportunities to teach. People that we’ve tried to visit so many times in the past, were home and ready to listen this week! Plus the Spirit was so much stronger in our lessons. Sister Richmond and I so many times have walked away from appointments saying that that was another miracle.

Another miracle this week was getting my PACKAGE! Mom you’re the best! Sister Richmond and I enjoyed the pizza so much and we both think you’re so creative to figure out a way to send pizza all the way across the world. And thanks everyone in the family for the wonderful letters and pictures. Best family ever!

So Sister Jeanavie should be getting baptized this next Saturday! Yay! Yes, my first baptism in Tigaon after about 5 1/2 months. There are quite a few more baptismal qualifications here in the Philippines to help make sure they stay active to it’s kind of difficult to get an investigator to that point but Jeanavie is totally ready and she loves this Gospel and the Book of Mormon. I hope many more baptisms follow once I leave:)

Everyone listen up! Read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY! I love that book of scripture sooooo much. I love reading the scriptures but I just can’t even describe how much I love it. When I started reading it again this last time, I decided to write something I learn from every chapter and so I do that everyday. It is amazing how much I’ve been able to learn so far. It is just packed full of things for my life, for the lives of our investigators and for your lives! So read it everyday:)

Alright well this was really such a great week but I can’t think of anymore stories to include so that’s all for this week! Everyone be happy this week and always try to smile. Love you all! Know Him. Remember Him. Serve Him.

Sister Taylor



Armor of God FHE! (Jaycee drew the picture and then everyone had one to color.)



New dresses…lots better than the “grandma” ones from a few weeks ago.


Tigaon! Jaycee loves this little town!


We sent a priority mail package on December 31st and she just got it on Friday! Glad it at least showed up! But in it, I sent her all of the makings for pizza. Pepperoni doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, and the other things were canned. And for the cheese…string cheese because it is sealed! She was very excited about having cheese! Something they have missed!


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