Mice and Rats…What’s New?

Yep… Dealing with mice again! So still not NEAR as bad as Naga, but we’ve got some! Monday night, Sister Richmond and I were walking home after teaching two lessons and she stepped on a rat! We were just walking when all of a sudden Sister Richmond screams and started kicking off her shoes while running away haha. Sorry Sister Richmond but it was SO funny. I guess it got stuck in her shoe and she felt it and everything. Everything happens to her it seems like though… A lizard fell a couple weeks ago and almost landed on her, she accidentally touched poison ivy stuff and ripped her pants last week and yeah… always happens to her haha. She’s doing so great with adjusting to everything though. She’s the BEST! Oh so then that night, we had just turned off the lights and we were laying there trying to go to sleep, when we totally heard a ‘squeak, squeak!’ So all of us said after another, “What was that?” What was that?” What was that?!?” We all knew it was a mouse that sounded like it was under Sister Richmond’s bed. So she screamed and jumped to Sister Prakash’s bed and hid under her blanket. I wanted to see but when my feet touched the floor I kind of freaked out and ended up running into the bed trying to get on Sister Richmond’s bed… anyways hard to explain but it was all super funny. I ended up setting two traps in the other room after it ran out of our bedroom and only after like 10 minutes of laying there trying to go to sleep again, we heard a snap and caught our first mouse! We’ve now caught two more. Still haven’t beaten the Naga record of 8 mice and 2 rats so it’s not too much of a problem. Tuesday we had exchanges so I worked in Goa (taught EIGHT lessons! No big deal.) Wednesday we had Zone Conference and I learned a TON! Wow I have so much I need to work on as a missionary. I felt pretty overwhelmed after it because I just felt like I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I’m working towards my goal and as I get closer to the missionary that I want to be, my personal expectations move up higher and higher so I’m not sure if I’ll ever reach them. But that’s fine because that means I’m always growing and learning. The main thing that stood out to me though is the importance of trying to teach fathers. We need good dads in the Philippines! Hard to do but I feel like the way I find and teach is going to be a lot more different. Work this week was beautiful!!!! Ahh! Soo happy! The BEST! Because it isn’t hot! I am soooo enjoying the weather right now. I have even felt cold a few times! (Not sure if it’s even gotten below 70 but it’s felt cold to me!) But I would so take this weather than the blazing hot and humid. I feel like I’m such a happier missionary. Maybe it’ll stay like this for the rest of my mission! Well things are great with the work! Our really super progressing investigator right now is Jenavie and she should be baptized on February 1 or somewhere around then. Love her so much! Mary Jane will be baptized but we’re not sure when right now so please pray for her! Then hopefully more will follow them, we have more scheduled but… transfers are February 12 and since I’m finishing up training and have been here for almost 6 months, it’s almost for sure I’ll get transferred. NOO!!! So hard to work an area for so long but that’s alright. I’m gonna work super hard and enjoy these last few weeks of this transfer. Love Tigaon so much though. Oh we did two service projects this week! One this morning actually where we just planted a few seeds of some vegetable that we don’t have in America (lots of those). And then on Thursday, Sister Richmond and I organized the cleaning out the gutters at the market! FUN! Kay no it actually was fun even though it was so gross. Luckily the elders were great and took the hit for the sisters by actually getting inside and cleaning it out, but GROSS! So many people stood around though just watching and staring us clean. There was an Area broadcast on Saturday night all about the Philippines 2014 goals. Lots obviously focused about missionary work which is great! The title is, “The Work of Salvation.” There weren’t too many members from our ward there but hopefully when we get our posters for it and have some meetings about it, all of the members will really feel the importance of this work right now. Not just missionary work, but also strengthening families, strengthening the youth, strengthening less actives and really focusing on the temple. Lots of work needs to be done! Well I really LOVE being a missionary. I’m so luckily I get to serve at such an exciting time where we can all really see that the Lord is hastening His work. Everyone try to talk to ONE person this week about the Gospel that needs to hear your testimony. Then tell me about it! Sharing the gospel should be so easy because we all know it is such a blessing and it makes us so happy! I know that Christ is our Savior and that He and our Heavenly Father love each and everyone of us. Work hard this week! Love you all! Sister Taylor Image Two more broken umbrellas! Can’t seem to find one that won’t break! Image Third umbrella since my nice one broke. (Mom and Dad sent her a new one but it takes forever to get packages to her.) Image

Service Project! Cleaned out those gutter things at the palengke (market place). Boy did it smell bad!



The group!


This is the nanay that said last week, “My body ust can’t handle this cold!” Haha I love it!


New Ward Mission Leader, in the green, 21 years old. Hopefully he will go on his mission soon. These are all of his classmates.


Just another dead mouse…and yes that is blood next to it. Gross!



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