Phillipines Hits All Time Lows! (As in temperature, not spirits)

Alright I don’t know if this is fact because obviously we don’t watch the news or anything BUT it has been cold! Haha pshh no it really hasn’t cuz I know real cold but everyone here in the Philippines has been so cold. Sister Richmond and I have thought it is the funniest thing ever! We’ve heard so many people say “malamig!” (cold) this past week. So sorry if this makes you guys miss warm weather but it has been perfect here. So nice! Never thought I’d actually like the weather here. Saturday it hardly felt humid and we guessed it was probably around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But while we’ve been enjoying it, Filipinos have been bundling up and drinking Milo! Check out some of the pictures Sister Richmond took of all of our less actives and investigators bundled up for the cold!

Well this week was great! Not too many exciting things happened except for the perfect weather but all and all it was pretty great. We had the opportunity to do two service projects. Tuesday morning we swept! Doesn’t sound like too much a service project, but here you sweep the earth to get all the trash and leaves. Not sure why Filipinos don’t follow the don’t litter rule, but trash is everywhere so we had plenty to do. We cleaned up trash by a river where they wash clothes and bathe, and then swept behind a less actives house. Then Friday morning we helped Jenavie do laundry. Alright so yes I wash all my clothes by hand, but I have decided I’m not even going to ever complain about that again because I have to wash just MY clothes! Have you ever washed 2 weeks worth of clothes by hand for a family of 6?? Psh I don’t know how she would have done it without us. All three of us washed clothes for two hours! We really had to go and do weekly planning so we didn’t stay for the last rinse or help her hang the clothes to dry, but wow it was a job. We did think it was funny though that Jenavie wanted the clothes rinsed so much. Apparently the belief here is the more you rinse, the cleaner they get. So we thought they were clean for sure after the second rinse. Well she insisted on a third which we did but the fourth we were laughing haha. Jenavie is so sweet and works so hard to get her clothes for her family very clean!

Well Jenavie is really doing great in progressing in the Gospel. If we ask her about her Book of Mormon reading, she talks for like 15 minutes about all the things that she’s learned and how much she likes it. We’ve decided that we can’t always ask about her Book of Mormon reading cuz we don’t have time to hear her talk about it for that long haha. But I’m not complainin about that!

Jenavie, Mary Jane and Rizza all came to church yesterday! Super exciting because all three of them are progressing and now have really strong desires to be baptized. Keep praying for them because they are amazing and I love them so much!!! 

Alright, sorry for those of you who liked my miracle last week about the lady chasing us down to talk to us. Well she must have been almost too good because our next visit, she told us that she felt lots more confused and that she had decided that Buddhist was the best religion for her. Haha darn it. She tried to give us back the Book of Mormon but we finally convinced her to at least keep that and read it if she could. It happens! Just gotta keep finding and teaching!

Sister Taylor

Well I think that’s about it for this week! Hope you guys don’t freeze back home:) Work hard, share the Gospel, read your scriptures and pray EVERY DAY, say thank you, smile and be happy because we are so blessed! Love you all!



Here she is getting a pedicure on p-day.


It is so cold for the Filipino people (70 degrees) that they are all bundled up. If only they could experience real cold like the United States has had this year…then they would REALLY freeze! But, when you are used to high humidiy and high temperatures, I can see why they aren’t used to it. Sure feels nice to Jaycee though!


Here is Sister Taylor’s new picture for the mission directory.


Ok, just kidding. That first one was a goofy one she did as a joke. Here is her real mission directory picture.


Her “Totes Titanium” umbrella broke! It lasted for quite a few months especially for having used it almost every day, and for making it through Typhoon Haiyan (named Yolanda in the Philippines). The rain and winds the day after the typhoon hit were severe!


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