Just a Week Full of Miracles. The Norm!

It’s amazing how many miracles happen in the field as a missionary. Just amazingly obviously miracle things happen and it’s just totally normal for us missionaries! But I do try to be extremely thankful in my prayers when they do happen and I continue to constantly pray for them! So this week we had three fairly big miracles.

Miracle 1: Sister Richmond and I were just walking, walking, walking down the street (probably only my family will get that one 😉 ). Well then we heard this lady yelling in English if we were missionaries and we turned around and saw this lady seriously running towards us down the street. Side note: just a few minutes before we had just walked right by her house and I saw her outside smoking. I had the slightest smallest feeling to stop but I ignored it and kept walking. I’m not a perfect missionary so I definitely need to be better about listening to even the smallest impressions and promptings that I get. Well anyways she talked to us in English and asked if we were missionaries and if we had a Facebook or something so she could contact us. She then told us (slightly out of breath from running and just seemed super anxious because I think she thought we weren’t going to stop and talk to her… umm of course we’ll talk to you!) that she had been looking for a church where she felt like she belonged and she just hadn’t found it yet. She said that she had been raised Catholic but never really liked it so she had gone to Iglesia ni Cristo, Born Again and I think a couple other churches that just didn’t really have what she was looking for. We got super excited of course so we walked back to her house where we could get her information and give her our contact information since I think she thought we were going to never come back or something haha. Well she ended up asking some very great questions about the Bible and things so we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read before we came back the next day. She said she would start reading that very night! So the next day we taught her at a members house just right across the street. Well before we could really say anything, she started asking us all these questions related to religion and things. (For those of you familiar with Preach My Gospel, she asked about half of the questions of the soul listed in Chapter 5 haha.) She just had too many questions though and we had too many answers so we just decided to start teaching the first part about lesson one; God loves us and the Gospel Blesses Families. She loved that and even just the knowledge that God has a body of flesh and bones and that Him and Jesus Christ are separate beings, shocked her but she loved being able to finally learn about the true nature of God and Jesus Christ. Well she read the introduction, all the testimonies in the Book of Mormon and just some other random parts because she just wanted to get a feel for what was in it. So anyways! Sister Marion is pretty much amazing and hopefully she will quickly come to see that this is what she’s been searching for. Oh but she can’t come to church because she only has classes on Saturday and Sunday so please everyone pray for her to be able to come!

Miracle 2: Rizza is married to a less active married and she lives with his family who are all members. We’ve been teaching her for… probably around two months and she has made little progression. Well we have always tried really hard to focus on the Book of Mormon. She used to be Iglesia ni Cristo, didn’t really know which church was true and hasn’t really had too much real intent to find out for herself. Soooo…. it’s been probably over a week since we last taught her. But when we taught her this week, she had totally changed! As in totally wants to learn more and actually believes that the Book of Mormon is true. Ahhh!!! So we have another wedding to plan unfortunately but she wants to be baptized now and it’s her own decision!

Miracle 3: Not sure if you remember Mary Jane, but she was our golden investigator who randomly left back in November to go see her mom in a town close to Naga, and then she went to Manila to spend Christmas with her husband. (Manila steals all of our investigators because there are job opportunities there. In Tigaon you could either drive a padyak probably making about 200 pesos a day which is like $4… nothing! Or maybe try to sell food at centro or idk.. just hardly anything. So people go work in Manila or a lot of times even go work in a different country to survive. And survive here means literally getting food and water, a kind of house and maybe electricity. Be thankful Americans!) Well anyways we have texted back and forth a little bit but we really had no idea when she was or if she was coming back to Tigaon. Well she came back this week! And actually she got home right when we were teaching her little 11 year-old sister-in-law, Aileen, who also will hopefully be baptized. Mary Jane still wants to be baptized which is great! But her mother isn’t super for it so she could use to prayers for that. She will be so great and her husband is already a member so they could go to the temple and be sealed to cute little 1 year-old AJ!

Well anyways, sorry if that’s too many details but I just thought all three of those stories were pretty neat. But we do need more miracles to happen for people to actually start getting baptized so keep praying for all of them! Jenavie is doing great and her husband told us this week she could get baptized. Unfortunately he still wants nothing to do with us but at least she can get baptized.

Oh so we actually got fed on New Years! The Bishop and his wife had all 6 Tigaon 1st ward missionaries over so that was fun. Sister Richmond and I didn’t stay up to midnight though…. lame huh! Ha well we didn’t really see the point as missionaries except for just getting more tired than we already were and maybe giving each other a high five. I did get woken up though by all of the million fireworks! Noise is the biggest objective at midnight on New Years in the Philippines. But it was still good. Happy 2014 everyone! I’ll see ya this YEAR!

Alright… I feel like I still had things I wanted to write about but I think that’s probably good for this week. Everyone remember how much Heavenly Father loves you and I think all of us can start out this year trying to be a little more Christlike and grateful for all the things that we have. I know that this Church is true and I sure love it!

Sister Taylor



Jenavie & her family! Just love her!



New Years Eve feast! This bishop’s wife did all of this. Wasn’t that so nice of her to do so much!



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