Merry Christmas!

Yay! Almost Christmas and it’s hot enough to sweat outside. That’s a first for me. It has gotten a little bit cold actually this week but definitely not enough for a winter coat! Yeah you can be jealous right now. But don’t forget I’ll be sweating buckets by March ;).

So! This week was so fun and so great but unfortunately not a whole ton of teaching because we went to Naga for two days! So Wednesday we rode the bus down pretty early to do some shopping and then go to the New Missionary Workshop (the third one I’ve been to now). That was pretty normal but it was fun being there with Sister Prakash and her companion cuz we were both just there two transfers ago. After that we went to SM (if you forgot since I haven’t been in Naga in a while, it’ the huge mall that was so luckily in my first area) to get Sister Richmond a bag and a few other things. Then we went out and worked with some sisters close to Naga. I worked with Sister Simbol! And… it was her very super last day of teaching as a missionary. So that was pretty neat to be able to go teach with my Nanay in the mission. We stayed that night at her apartment and then Thursday was the Christmas Mission Conference! That was the first and probably the last time for me where it’ll be the whole mission together. We actually watched a movie! Jonny Lingo which isn’t really a church movie but I think it was made by the church or something but it was still pretty fun. Then we had a talent show (I sang with all the other sisters in our zone), President and Sister Reeder talked to us and then pictures and then home. So fun! Oh but Sister Christensen, Sister Viola and Sister Simbol are now home! Ahhh going to miss them.

Friday and Saturday we were just busy trying to see as many people as we could because we didn’t have as many work days and then yesterday… was alright. Jenavie came again with her kids but Jessilou and Ronal weren’t able to make it. They’ve been facing so many trials lately so please pray for them because I love them so much and they are so amazing! This morning at 5:30, all of the missionaries in Tigaon practiced our performance for the Ward Christmas Party. Sister Richmond and I kind of put ourselves in charge and it should be sweet! We’ll make sure to get some videos so you can see it.

Well I wish I had some more stories to tell but we just didn’t have too much proselyting time. BUT Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy every moment. Be extra loving, giving, thankful and remember the reason for Christmas. It’s so neat being in a different country being able to celebrate Christmas but the message is still the same here. Christ lived a perfect life, suffered perfectly for our sins and He lives now as a perfect example for all of us. He is the Christ, our Redeemer and our Savior.

So excited to talk to you guys on Christmas!!! (Well your Christmas day.)

Sister Taylor

P.S. Send me letters and emails! I’m now at the point in my mission where people start forgetting about ya 😉 Just kidding mom you and the family are great but everyone else… send some letters!



Batchmates! All together again…



Alexa’s birthday!



2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. You wouldn’t believe what an influence your emails have had on those that read them. You’re blessing many with your spirit and devotion, here as well as there. God bless and Merry Christmas! 

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