They’re Getting Hitched

Alright well hopefully they will be! Well first of all we found out that Jessielou and Ronal aren’t married! Ha so we found that out on Tuesday and Jessielou just kept telling us how much she didn’t want to get married. Not even sure why but she is just super funny and just kept saying ayaw ko (which means I don’t want). Well… we taught her again with her husband on Saturday, and she for some reason just changed her mind and said that they wanted to. Also Ronal has said he wants to be baptized too! So hopefully!!! Sister Richmond and I will be planning a wedding soon! And soon after that, a baptism 🙂 Ronal has a few word of wisdom issues but hopefully that won’t be too much of a problem.

So for those of you that now read my blog and Sister Richmond’s blog, sorry if there are repeat stories! Her stories might sound funnier so maybe read her blog if you don’t laugh at my stories when I tell them. So one story from this week, we were riding a padyak (like we do almost everyday) and the driver we had, just thought it was the coolest thing to be driving us around. So like the whole way to the church, he kept yelling at everyone, “beautiful girls in my sidecar! I have beautiful girls in my sidecar!” Haha just a little bit more obvious than the almost daily, “oh wow, so beautiful” or all the comments we get as being two Americans.

Alright so definitely the best day this week was again Sunday. Phillip and Miles didn’t go again, but Jessielou and Jenavie and all of their kids went again! And it was so perfect because we randomly had the area president come visit our ward! He did such a good job and talked all about missionary work! He even had all six of us missionaries in the ward stand up and he kept emphasizing how we needed the ward’s help. Perfect! Well they announced at the beginning of sacrament meeting that in Goa, they were going to be playing the recording from the Christmas Devotional last week, later that night. Jessielou and Jenavie both wanted to go! So we walked to their house to ‘pick them up’ and Jessielou told us her husband wanted to go too. Psh! Yes please come! So we waited by the side of the road for Bishop to come pick us up and we went to Goa. (Sister Richmond has pictures that I don’t have so check her skydrive again!) Well we ended up being an hour early which we were kind of worried at first, but it actually was a really great time for our investigators to talk to some of the other missionaries and members. In fact, Jessielou must have felt super happy or something, because she seriously went on for like 10 minutes about how grateful she was for me and Sister Richmond and about how she wants to get married and baptized before we leave. She also talked about the church and just went on and on about how happy and grateful she was! It was almost funny how much she kept talking about it. We haven’t even taught her that much and we still have a good amount left to learn! Well Jenavie then started telling me how grateful she was too and that she was so happy we were here and how if we weren’t here, she wouldn’t have found the church and she wouldn’t be here or know us or anything. Yep, I’m supposed to be here!

Well during the devotional, Jessielou was seriously on the edge of her seat and they loved listening to the music and the speakers (even though they couldn’t understand too much) and they especially loved seeing the prophet. Well afterwards, I guess all the bishops and stake president had a meeting so we had to wait for bishop to drive us back in his jeepney. We (our investigators and all the Tigaon members that went) ended up waiting for 2 1/2 hours! We were late for curfew haha but president knew and the zone leaders were there. So again, could have been bad for the investigators but luckily the members talked to them lots and we played some games and it ended up not being too terrible. But that was the first time I’ve ever done planning outside, sitting on cement outside the church!

Totally have been blessed with some goldens! So please pray for them that any obstacles or whatever will be resolved so that they all will be able to be baptized! Loving Tigaon and our investigators and the missionary work! I know this Church is true and that it really can bless lives. Try extra hard to remember our Savior this week because this is the time that is all about Christ. He is the reason! Love everyone and send some letters when you get time!

Sister Taylor

P.S. sorry I’m not as cool as Sister Richmond and have a top 10 list haha. Probably too far into my mission to start that up 😉 Have a great week!




A family had Jaycee and her companion over for FHE and dinner. They made such a nice dinner and they didn’t even know it was Jaycee’s birthday!


Sister Taylor and Sister Richmond bought ice cream and brought to the dinner. They said that they usually only have ice cream once a year, so it was a real treat for everyone.



This is Jaycee and her birthday cake for her 21st birthday. Okay, well Zingers that I mailed her from home. 


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