Best Birthday Present Ever…Miracles!!!

Yay! I’m officially 21. Wow so old. So even though I can’t really just take the day off (although it is P-day which is pretty nice!), Sister Richmond and I were seriously blessed with so many miracles yesterday and this whole week. Best birthday present I could ever get.

So sorry to bore you with some things that happened before yesterday but my actually past week was pretty good! Sister Richmond and I have been getting creative with the food. I’ve made homemade salsa, fajitas, chicken tacos and Sister Prakash showed us how to make home tortillas (but they call it roti in Fiji).

A huge bug almost killed Sister Richmond. Haha well not really but it was so funny because she had gone to bed early and I was just writing in my journal when this nasty gross bug flew in on the floor. Well I went in the kitchen to grab the spray and came back and it was gone! So the thought came to me, ‘if it goes on Sister Richmond, she will die!’ So I checked her, looked around and didn’t see it anywhere. So I sat back down to start writing in my journal again and had the thought to check her one more time and looked over and it was crawling on her shoulder going right towards her face!! So I started screaming at her to get up which was probably the worst way to wake up haha but I saved her and we got it killed.

Had exchanges and interviews with President this week! Seriously so fun to go out with Sister Horst. The first time we worked together, I was just finishing up training and she was finishing up her follow up. So it was so neat to go out and see how much we’ve learning and progressing in the language and just as missionaries. I think we both learned lots from each other. And at interviews I got my birthday Snickers bar! Yay chocolate!

Alright so about yesterday… Pretty much miracle Sunday. So we went early to the church for our meeting we never ended up having. So while we were waiting for church to start, I started practicing piano for the Primary Program later that day. Well in walked Miles and Phillip and her little daughter! They came to church!! So we took Miles to Relief Society and right then Bishop asked me to teach again. So another miracle, I can now teach pretty decently in another language with no minute warning! I’ve done it before lots but yesterday I just felt like it went really well and that the Spirit was there. Well while I was teaching, I saw Jessielou with her 2 kids coming to church! (From the Relief Society room you can see all the people walking up to the entrance doors of the church.) So Sister Richmond went to go greet her and welcome her. Well so I just kept teaching and then I saw our new investigator from this week, Jenavie and her 4 kids walking to the doors! Ahhhh!!!!! Plus we had like so many less actives come that haven’t come in a while. Anyways, we ended up having SEVEN investigators come to church! 3 of them are kids of members that were never baptized when they were 8, but still. Sister Richmond and I were just totally shocked. Phillip, Miles, Jessielou and Jenavie all came to church. Oh and a less active that hasn’t come since I’ve been here came and brought his friend to church.

Kay but it doesn’t stop there. So then the Primary Program was of course during sacrament meeting and I didn’t totally mess up! I still made mistakes but I think I ended up playing pretty decently. It was super cute cuz all the girls had pink headband things and the boys wore them as ties. And it was such a great Sunday to have investigators there with kids to see how the Gospel really does bless and help families.

I found out after church that Jenavie (we have only taught her one lesson which wasn’t too much) but she wants to be baptized but her husband is against it. So we’ll be working with her lots and I’m going to pray for a miracle so that he will at least be okay with her getting baptized. Well she wanted to go to church so bad that she walked with all four of her kids (including a baby).

Jessielou is amazing. Miracle with her really fast, during our lesson with her Saturday, she told us that after our visit with her on Tuesday, she prayed a lot that her son would get better because he had been sick for a day with a fever. She said that if they bought medicine for him, they wouldn’t have food. She also said that usually when her kids get a fever they are usually sick for a couple weeks. Well anyways after praying, he got better the next day! She said herself that it was a miracle and she said that she knows God won’t give her a trial that she can’t face. Even though I’m pretty sure she’s gone through more than I probably will in my whole life. Amazing. Well her husband has been reading the Book of Mormon with her but he had to ride his padyak on Sunday so he wasn’t able to go to church. We’ll work with getting him to go too though because they would be such an amazing family in the church!

Alright more miracles… So after church we had an appointment to teach one of our referrals. Well we ended up teaching her and another mother that wanted to listen to us. Again, so many trials in their lives but I think they really understood the benefit and importance of the Gospel. Right after that we taught an OYM that lived close and she didn’t commit to baptism but she said that she would be baptized if she was ready!

So I know numbers aren’t the most important thing but for me, all the numbers we reported last night showed a week of miracles and the progress of people that I love and care for. So we found 6 new investigators this week (standard of excellence is 3 and President wants us to find 5 a week), we taught 21 lessons (last week we taught 23 but still!), we had 7 investigators at church and 18 returning less actives at church and we have 9 progressing investigators! So even though we have been working HARD, this also means that we have to work even harder this week because we have to keep all of them progressing and we have to still contact lots of potential investigators. I’m pretty sure this has been one of the best weeks of my mission. Love missionary work so much and I’m actually getting better at doing it!

So yep I’m considering that my birthday present. Couldn’t be happier. I heard this a lot in the MTC that my mission would be some of the saddest and hardest times, but also the happiest times. I really felt that this week. It wasn’t perfect because we still had our trials and tests of faith, but Sister Richmond and I are working hard to exercise our faith, be diligent, patient through the hard times and obedient and in return Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much. There is no greater joy than this work and so I want everyone to make an extra effort to have a missionary moment this week. Share your testimony with just one person that needs to hear it. Even if that person is already a member. Those who are lost and those who still need to be found can benefit from your testimony. My testimony is centered on Jesus Christ, my Savior. I love Him and our Heavenly Father more than anything and I will continue to strive to be a dedicated missionary to please them.

Sorry my emails are so long but I hope you find some inspiration from the things I share and I hope you can find some of the joy I’ve found in missionary work. We are all missionaries! I love you and thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Sister Taylor





Here are the investigators at church!


Another investigator. And Jaycee and her companion bought these “grandma” dresses for about $3! They couldn’t pass up the bargain!


What a beautiful country she is living in. 


About to open her birthday gifts!


Jaycee in her cute new outfit. Isn’t it nice to have a change since she has the same clothes day after day. And it looks like she is wearing her new earrings too!




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