Happy Thanksgiving

Yay! So Thanksgiving was this week. Well… there really is no Thanksgiving here but being two Americans, we decided to make a delicious chicken dinner. Alright, it definitely was not as good as any dinner you all got, but we ate chicken cooked almost American style and mashed potatoes with gravy! I’m not sure how it would compare to Mom’s gravy, but I was pretty proud of myself for being able to make gravy here that was decent. Sister Richmond and I loved it! The other sisters… thought it was alright and still ate rice haha. But that was the extent of our celebrating. 

But we did have a really great week! We taught more lessons that Sister Prakash and I ever taught together and we even lost part of our area this transfer. I’m not even sure how we did that because it seems like we still have a small teaching pool, but I guess we were just blessed with lots of teaching opportunities because we’ve been working hard and trying to be exactly obedient! It’s a blast with Sister Richmond though. I know she’s gonna be a great missionary. 

So some of our blessings in teaching this week: we got 5 referrals in one day this week! Some weeks we don’t even get any! Seriously just a blessing. We’ve still have to contact 3 I think cuz we got them late in the week but we’ll see where that goes. Then our Australian investigator, Phillip and his Filipina wife, Miles, invited us over to their one-year-old’s birthday party on Friday. Well we figured we might stop by and trying to use it as a finding activity. Well it was crazy! So much food and super loud karaoke, and even a little alcohol. So we were trying to just leave really fast when our drunk investigator, Phillip, started talking to us. Well he apologized for the party because he knew that two sister missionaries shouldn’t be in a situation like that and then he told us to not give up on him! He said that he knows we don’t just go to people’e houses to visit and that we’re trying to ‘convert people to our Mormonism.’ But he said that he didn’t want us to give up on him and that he wanted us to keep coming back! So even though he didn’t remember that conversation the next time we talked to him, we are not giving up on Phillip! Him and Miles could really use the Gospel in their lives. Well we also had the blessing of finding/teaching Jessielou! She has a sister who is a member and a couple weeks ago we talked to her but I forgot to write down her name and things. Well after getting punted a bunch, we decided to go try her and she was great! Missionaries had tried to teach her before but she never wanted to listen. So we went back the next day and she had read in the Book of Mormon, said that she felt really good when she read it and she committed to baptism! We’re supposed to start teaching her husband who is interested too next Saturday so I’m super excited about that family! Their kids are all little but that would be great if both of them got baptized.

Sister Richmond and I started running! Ahhh it is so good. We get up at 6 almost everyday to either run or do laundry. Hopefully I’ll be in somewhat good shape by the end of our transfer together. I’m playing piano for the Primary Program next Sunday. We had practice yesterday which was a little rough because I had to sight read a bunch of songs but hopefully I’ll get to practice a bit before next Sunday.

Anyways, I feel like I say a lot of the same things every week like, ‘I love being a missionary!’ or ‘another great week!’ and things like that… but it’s true! I have hard days and it definitely is not easy to be a missionary, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now and I am so glad that I have this opportunity to share what I know about our Savior and about this Gospel and God’s plan for all of us. I hope all of you really do have a great week and that you try even harder to know our Savior better this week because he suffered for you and for me and for all of us individually. Love you all!


Sister Taylor



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