Just Two Americans Again Braving the Philippines

Yeah!!! So new aki/companion is… Sister Richmond!!! She is awesome! Oh my goodness we’re gonna have a total blast together. She’s from San Diego, California, she went to BYU!! for her freshman year before her mission and we totally just feel like friends already. She told me her biggest fears are spiders, big storms (including lightening) and gross food haha. So she was surprised to see Philippines on her call instead of Salt Lake City or something. But! I’ve really been trying to help her adjust and get used to everything. She seems to be doing okay expect for food but she’s doing better cuz she tried tuna the other night. I think our goal is for her to eat Balut by the end of these two transfers/end of her training.

But training is pretty different this time just because Provo missionaries and Manila missionaries learn a little bit differently in the MTC. I teach almost everything but that is totally fine because she’s already ahead I think than I was when I first got here (yeah starting to realize how much Sister Simbol had to do when I first got here.) But I think (well at least hope!) I’m helping her adjust alright because I’ve been through it and know exactly what it’s like. I’ve been trying to spend any extra time we have, teaching her Tagalog or just about missionary work in general. We’re pretty much always talking about something though because we have a lot more similar backgrounds than my other companions.

I can speak Tagalog!!!!! I know people say they had like their ‘mark’ in their mission where they felt like they could speak and honestly I could communicate at least decently with people during my transfer with Sister Gerrard after training. But just recently, I have really felt like I can actually speak this language. I still and probably will never be able to understand everything mostly just because there’s Bicol and even different dialects of Bicol that make things kind of difficult, but I think I can speak Tagalog. I’ve been translating a lot for Sister Richmond and it’s so weird to think that I used to not be able to understand things! She’ll learn it so fast though and my goal is to get her better in Tagalog and just become a better teacher than I was at the end of my training.

So before I picked up my new companion, I got to work in my old area with my old companion, Sister Gerrard and her companion!! It was so fun! We didn’t get to see everyone obviously because we had to see the people they had scheduled, but those we did see were pretty happy to see me and even one family that just met me once remembered me before they even saw my tag! So that was super rewarding. I have to come back to the Philippines after my mission.

Our district is HUGE! We have I think 7 companionships? Which is a lot bigger than usual but it’s fun. Sister Prakash and her aki (Sister Roquillo, a Filipina) are in our same ward and district and we’re all still in the same house. So we’re just a big happy family. Pretty fun!

Well… I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a Filipina companion again! Haha but it’s fun to be two American’s out teaching the wonderful people here in Tigaon. Oh! I am NOT opening the area! Sister Prakash and her companion are taking over the elder’s old area (still considered an open area because they both new to it), the elders are in a completely new area and part of my old area has been taken away, but I’m still in the same area! I’m pretty happy because that means I can keep working it hard and hopefully get to see some of the results! I love being a missionary so much and I almost want time to slow down because it’s going by so fast! Mary Jane is our most progressing investigator and she’s set to really be baptized on her birthday, January 30. I know our Savior lives, I think this is His restored Church on the earth today. I know our Heavenly Father loves us so never forget that!

Sister Taylor


Sister Taylor and Sister Richmond



Sister Taylor holding an investigator’s pet mouse. She said it pooped on her while she was holding it. Gross!



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