Yep! Training Again!

So the big news this week is that I’m training again! Whew.. guess that means I didn’t totally fail my first time 😉 In fact… My anak (Sister Prakash) turned out so good that she is training too! What’s even more crazy is that we both aren’t getting transferred. How does that work? Well… of course, they’re opening another area! So many missionaries coming and so few going home. So there’s a good chance it’ll be me, opening an area and training again and I know for sure it’ll be a sister who doesn’t speak Tagalog… again. Haha well at least this is all round two for me so hopefully I’ll do an even better job. But yeah my new anak is coming for the Provo MTC and so she’s either American or Polynesian but either way, she won’t know Tagalog. Excited!!! Good thing I can speak Tagalog and can understand Bicol. Well not quite Bicol yet but I’m getting there! Hopefully I’ll do a good job though at helping my new greenie focus on Tagalog instead of confusing her with Bicol. But yeah it’ll be a party in our apartment with all of 4 of us. I’ll be the ‘oldest’ and ‘wisest’ of them all! Well not really haha but the oldest in the mission in our apartment. Sister Prakash will make a great nanay though. Excited for her.

So besides that… we had a great last week together! In fact we had almost our hardest working week ever. We’ve been lots better about having members in our lessons which has been helping and we were just able to teach a good amount of lessons.

We have a new investigator who is amazing! Mary Jane we taught for the first time last Sunday and we’ve already taught her 5 times I think? She doesn’t have a baptism date yet cuz she’s worried about her catholic mother but things are going great. Her husband and his family are all less active so it’s really good cuz we’re trying to reactive them and get Mary Jane and the youngest of the family, Aileen baptized. She had a lot of doubts the first lesson but she just really wanted to know which church is true. She always thought some things were weird in the Catholic church but she once we taught her about Joseph Smith, things have been going great! She reads more that what we assign her in the Book of Mormon and she is just totally grasping onto what we teach her about the gospel. I feel that she and her husband and their 2 year-old boy could go to the temple someday. Ahhh! I might be moved to the other area though so bummer if I can’t teach her anymore.

I taught in English for the first time! Mahirap! (Hard!) I mean I can still mostly speak in English just fine, but anything gospel related I feel like I just have to speak in Tagalog. Well I guess once I finally got my brain to switched fully to English, I think the lesson went pretty well and wow it was pretty nice to say everything exactly how I want to say it. So last Sunday we were looking for a 16 year-old less active guy and we randomly ran into his mom and her new Australian husband at centro.

So she mostly understands English and Phillip doesn’t understand hardly any Tagalog at all, so we taught in English. Sometimes I wish I was called English speaking but… I think I’m finally getting this language down and I guess it’s pretty cool. At least I can say “Tagalog” right in stead of “Tag-a-log” ;).

So this week we’ve heard LOTS about Tacloban. I guess there was a little destruction down by the beach here but I have still been saying prayers of gratitude for being safe during the typhoon. Wow those people down there lost everything and those missionaries are incredible. Please continue to pray for them!

Well I’m most likely going to be in Tigaon for 6 months or more so it’s good! Can’t wait to find out if I really am opening an area again and who my companion will be:) President is always full of surprises for me. But it’s great! Best time to be a sister missionary. I love this Gospel and I love God and Jesus Christ. If any of you ever have any doubts about this Gospel, read the Book of Mormon. And don’t just read it half heartily or just to read, but read it looking for real answers and help for you personally. I just finished the Book of Mormon again this morning and it is amazing how meaningful it has become in my life. If you want to gain a stronger testimony of this Gospel, find comfort, receive answers, strengthen your relationships with others and really come to know who our Savior is, and what He did for us, read the Book of Mormon by the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I know that it is the Word of God and I have no doubt of it’s truthfulness.

Have a great week everyone! Keep praying for me and for those poor people down in Tacloban. So thankful Lindsey is safe. 🙂

Sister Taylor… Lola! (Grandma)



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