Bagyo! Typhoon Yolando!

So apparently you guys have been hearing and seeing pretty bad stuff from the news but the good news is that the whole Naga Mission is safe! In fact, we were barely hit from the storm. Friday we weren’t allowed to go out and work but it was just a bad rain and wind storm. Almost no damage here and life has already resumed back to normal. We’re saying prayers of gratitude though because we know it could have easily turned and come up more North. But where it did hit, it sounds like it was pretty bad so everyone please keep praying for Lindsey Estes (this was Jaycee’s friend and roommate her last semester at BYU…there is a picture I posted on Facebook of the two of them holding up their mission calls) and all of the missionaries and wonderful people down in the Tacloban area. (And just an update, we found out yesterday that Lindsey was accounted for and is safe.) 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty normal except we were told to make sure we had everything in our 72-hour kits. Sister Prakash and I went and bought a little extra food and then filled almost everything we could think of with water to be extra prepared. Friday we didn’t have power for most of the day but we just spent the day inside. Saturday we went out to work and there must have still been part of the storm because it was sooo windy and rainy! But luckily mom and dad, you guys bought me the best umbrella and it survived and kept me somewhat dry. But the area we happened to be when the worst hit, was super muddy so we got pretty dirty. It was fun though.

 Friday we were supposed to have Zone Training, Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be Stake Conference so that all got postponed. Sunday we pretty much just had a normal day at church.

 Oh but one of our zone leaders, Elder Parohinog, is from right where the typhoon hit. He luckily was able to contact his family, but his whole house and almost all of their possessions are gone. He hasn’t heard anything from his brother and his family so Elder Parohinog isn’t even sure if they’re okay or not. Besides all of that, he still was pretty much his normal self at district activity this morning. He said that no matter what happens, it’s always “ayos lang” or just great. So whenever we have trials and personal typhoons in our lives, we need to always remember that it will always be “ayos lang” as long as we continue to live the gospel and serve the Lord. Helaman 5:12 talks about building our rock on our Redeemer, Jesus Christ so that when the storm comes, it will have no power over us. In the Tagalog translation, the word for storm is actually “bagyo” which is typhoon in Tagalog. So literally when we have those typhoons and even sometimes super typhoons in our lives, we can always rely on our Rock, our Savior as our foundation. But before those typhoons hit though, it is so important that we prepare. So spiritual preparation is key for the trials and hardships we face in our life. Continue praying sincerely to our loving Heavenly Father, reading and applying the principles taught in the scriptures, and renewing our covenants as we attend church and remember the greatest sacrifice of our Savior. I know that He lives and I know that anything you are facing, or anything the people down in Tacloban are going through, can be overcome because of the power of the Atonement.

Have a good week everyone and say a prayer of gratitude for the many blessings you have!

Sister Taylor

P.S. Two members told us this week that we are “masipag!” Or hard working.. yay! We’re trying!

(And the computer wasn’t working so she didn’t send any pictures this week.)


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