Araw Ng Mga Patay!

Guess what that means… Day of the dead! Haha so yes there’s no Halloween here so they celebrate the dead pretty much… in a respectful manner. It’s actually pretty neat because everyone goes to the cemetery and remembers all their loved ones. But we had an early curfew for two nights because there are usually so many people outside and it can get pretty crazy.

So some weeks I just have loads and loads to talk about, and others not as much. Kind of switches off and on so this week… not too much! But it was a good week. A couple rough days but missionaries have got to have those to grow and become better.

It didn’t feel like too great of a week but we reached or exceeded almost all of our goals (like number of lessons we teach and people that go to church… things like that.) So that was super great. Sometimes it feels like our area is barely progressing and other times it feels like it’s just rolling. We just gotta keep working hard!

I taught relief society yesterday cuz there wasn’t a teacher. Hard to do with no warning and not having even read the chapter in the manual but I pulled it together and hopefully it went okay.

We had a brown out Saturday night for a few hours so we had to cook and do studies by flash light haha. That was fun. But before we went home though we were out in the storm with Ruth and Rebecca (some young single adult girls) and that was super fun with the four of us in skirts and flats and walking in some pretty deep water and even muddy areas. Always new adventures.

We have a new, pretty interested investigator! A couple weeks ago we were asking for directions to a less active and so I started talking to this lady who owns a tindahan (just in case you forgot, it’s a small store). She said we could come visit her and so when we went back, she said that there was an older man that overheard us talking and that he said he wanted to listen to us. So we taught him on Sunday with Ruth and Rebecca and I think it went pretty good. He has lots of real intent to know and it seems like he’s researched a lot of other religions looking for the truth. He talks a lot so we can’t teach too much but I’m excited to start teaching him!

Maricar is doing alright. She said she is still reading but every time I ask her what she learned or anything specific about her reading she kind of changes the subject so I’m not sure if she really has been. She only went to church that first Sunday even though she’s promised to go the other Sundays. Ahh she needs to go to church! But she said she’s excited to get baptized and supposedly, she’s been following the word of wisdom and she was supposed to fast yesterday (although not sure if she did since she didn’t even go to church.) Anyways, gotta keep working with her.

Random but I get mosquito bites now!!! Ahhhh!!!! My whole life I have never gotten mosquito bites and even this whole time I’ve been here I haven’t gotten them. Well at least I’m pretty sure I do cuz they were little red dots that itched. Although they always go away by the time I’m home so at least they’re still not too bad. Still pretty lucky to be sour.

Well things are going great. I am so lucky and blessed to be a missionary. Because our Savior sacrificed for us, I’m sacrificing this short time for Him and for the people here in the Philippines. I know that Jesus Christ loves every one of us and I really do feel His love for me as I served and hopefully help others feel of His love.

Have a great week!


Sister Taylor


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