Yung Email Ko!

That just means this is my email haha. But yeah… not too much happened this week. Probably one of the coolest things was the lesson we were able to teach Monday night. I hope all missionaries realize how important ALL proselyting hours are. I know sometimes it’s hard to get lessons taught on Monday because it’s P-day but I’ve had some of the best lessons on Monday and it’s always a good way to start the week when you use all your proselyting hours as a missionary. Don’t waste that time! So anyways it was Ruth’s 21st Birthday (her and her family are all converts but lately they’ve been less active, lots of incredibly hard trials they’ve had to deal with.) Anyways we decided to go by and I decided to bring a glow stick for Ruth and talk about 3 Nephi 12 and letting your ‘light so shine.’ They don’t have glow sticks here! So she though it was the neatest thing and she started to cry. Being able to help people feel Heavenly Father’s love for them is such a rewarding thing as a missionary.

I ate this dish that is pork blood and intestine. Actually not too bad! Lots of flavor. One of our zone leaders told me to eat it thinking I wouldn’t, but of course I did.

So anytime someone dies here in the Philippines, for some reason it means party! So someone passed away just two houses away from us and so for this entire week, there have been people drinking and partying right by our house. Pretty normal to see that but the worst was the last night when they got a karaoke machine and seriously sang the ENTIRE night! I woke up a couple times and they were still singing and then when I woke up they were still singing until about 7 am. Haha they love karaoke so much.

I learned the Haka from Sister Prakash! It is the Polynesian dance that almost all islanders know. It’s probably weird having some skinny white girl do it though. đŸ˜‰

Okay that really was about all that happened this week so I think this might be almost a normal length email. Facing some struggles but still trying to work hard and I’m growing more than ever. I know that this Gospel is true and that even with sacrifices, it is more than worth sharing. There is nothing that can bring more comfort and peace into our lives as we completely embrace the Gospel and rely on our Savior Jesus Christ. Have a good week!


Sister Taylor



The kids love the stickers!


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