One Year Since My Life Was Changed FOREVER

So yesterday for me (October 6) was the one year mark since President Thomas S. Monson announced that boys could serve missions at 18 instead of 19, and girls at 19 instead of 21. Those short few minutes seemed exciting but I don’t think I realized the impact that was going to have on ME. I had no idea that a year from then, I’d be in the Philippines, doing things and experiencing things there’s no way I would have done otherwise. I’m not even half way done, but this week I really tried to evaluate how I was doing and if I was on the road to becoming the missionary I want to someday be, and the missionary God wants me to be. I am not even close to being perfect but I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to grow and learn. I make lots of mistakes, I get tired and I sometimes want to just take a break and see my family. But I’m not here for me, even though I end up being the one that receives many blessings. I am here for the people I meet every day. I hope to influence as many people as I can during my short time to come closer to our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ.

So we have three girls (Kriscel 12, Clarissa 11 and Jamie 10) that haven’t really been progressing until this week. Even though they’re young, they’ve been trying to read and understand the Book of Mormon and pray. I love these girls so much!

And then all of the kids! So we decided that about 3 are progressing right now but there are about 7 or 8 that usually listen consistently. There’s a difference in some of the kids and I do feel that even if it’s hard to get them all to focus on the lesson and hard to keep track of so many of them, that some great things can happen with the Lord’s help!

Christmas has officially started! I saw my first Christmas lights at the beginning of August but this week it really started. Christmas songs (even in church), lights and everything is all starting here so I’ll get lots of Christmas celebrating in this year.

So since Sister Prakash is from Fiji, I decided to learn some of her culture so during walking one day, I learned the Haka! (The Polynesian dance.) It probably looks silly cuz I’m this little white girl but whatevs… it’s cool.

We had zone training again this week. I just can’t believe how fast the months are going.

Other things I’ve been experiencing this week but I’ll share those when I get home:) Love everyone and hope you enjoyed conference! I’ll listen to it next weekend so I’m super excited for that. (Sister Prakash thinks I’m too excited but you can never be too excited for the Prophet!) Keep praying for me!


Sister Taylor


Here are some of the kids that Jaycee is teaching. So sweet!



Here are some visual aids Jaycee made to help teach the kids.



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