Fully Converted

Alright so not a whole lot happened this week! Just normal missionary things mostly. Tuesday we had the new missionary workshop for all the trainers and trainees (feels like I was just there for me with my trainer, Sister Simbol!). That was pretty fun. Sister Prakash and I practice taught one of the AP’s and he told her that ‘rumors were true,’ that she was good at Tagalog! So yeah she’s doing great in the language and she’s still working hard.

Wednesday we had exchanges so I worked in Goa and Sister Pal and I were able to teach 8 lessons! That’s a good teaching day. Wish we could get that in our area! But we’re working towards it.

We had some good lessons this week and we really felt like we were gonna have a church attendance turn out but unfortunately, none of our investigators made it to church. Random excuses and things came up but that’s always a little hard. We were blessed though to have some less actives go that haven’t gone to church at least since we’ve been here. And since the ward was officially split, two of our less actives were given callings in the bishopric and as the Elders Quorum President so that’s exciting since it should push them to be active!

Goa won the zone activity! We actually tied with another zone so sadly we didn’t get President and Sister Reeder which is always fun, but it was still good. My batteries died though so I think I only got like one picture! But Sister Prakash took some and Sister Simbol so I’ll get them to you. Anyways we went to the beach, played games and ate food so fun! Philippines is the best! I still have only been up to my ankle in ocean water though so after my mission I’m going swimming in the ocean!

Well… the week went by super fast but the progression in our area feels a little slow. Hopefully as we keep working hard, being patient and exercising faith we’ll see some great things happen in our area. The 17 kids are still excited to listen but haven’t been keeping commitments as well as we wish they would be but we’ll keep working on them!

I did learn a lot this week though about becoming fully converted in the gospel. It is so important as missionaries to be converted and as we understand the process of conversion, we can more fully help others undergo that. I really like what it says in D&C 112:13 about after temptations and tribulation and if we don’t turn away from the Lord, we become fully converted. Trials and temptations are key for all of us to be converted in the gospel and for all of us to become ready to face our Heavenly Father after this life. I am just a little bit more thankful for the trials and hard things in my life which have helped strengthened and solidify my foundation in the gospel. I hope that I can help those we teach realize that hardships are key to our life on earth. It doesn’t really matter what things we have to deal with but how we deal with them. I love teaching this Gospel to the people here in the Philippines and even though I’m not perfect, I know Heavenly Father through me will help touch those we teach. Everyone keep praying, reading your Book of Mormon and going to church!!! And if you have time, write me a letter cuz those are the best.


Sister Taylor



This is a bridge they have to cross in Goa.



Sister Taylor holding a dove. Aah, she’s so cute!



This is a family Jaycee is working with to try to get them to the temple! Cute family!



One thought on “Fully Converted

  1. It’s former Sister Kula here 🙂 Sister Taylor you look awesome & I love hearing the updates about you & your mission A lot has happened & a lot has changed The Lord definitely has you in the right place… I have a daughter and pray that she follows the foot steps that you all as missionaries around the world are serving to BUILD ZION IN THE MIDST OF BABYLON ☺️ Just know that I am soooo proud of you, your no longer a teen (even though your ages says so) you are a grown woman of The Lord. Keep working hard Lady because before you know it you’ll be back home 😪 may you continue to feel His ❤️Love❤️As you come across children of The Lord you will feel the ❤️Love❤️ Heavenly Father has for them that some day they will return to His presence 😘❤️😘 I miss you sister I pray you have all the blessings I can give xox

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