Life in Tigaon!

Alright yeah not too much happened this week. We had zone conference on Friday which was fun to see who’s in our zone. One of the days we went out with a member to an area called Mabka, pretty far away, but we met a lot of old investigators that were all planning on getting baptized. Either the missionaries didn’t follow up after transfers or something cuz they never got baptized and they all still seemed pretty interested. So that’ll be fun to work the area. They did talk a lot though about how the missionaries used to buy them things and pay for them to go to church or something which we’re not really supposed to do. So hopefully we can build their testimonies without buying them things!

Saturday there was this huge reception at the church. Like 10 years ago, an elder served in the Philippines Naga mission and well he came back and married a Filipina. So some of his family from Utah came out which was pretty fun cuz I got to talk to them all. His sisters are all married and have kids and things but it was funny to talk to them about how culture shocked they felt. I hope they can still enjoy the Philippines even though it is pretty shocking. I love it here!!!

Random but there is no laundry shop in Tigaon. So I have to do all my laundry by HAND! It will be a good experience. I washed a lot this last week and it isn’t too bad except for sometimes my knuckles would get kind of sore. But I’ll probably have to start doing a little laundry almost everyday so I don’t get behind. Everyone be thankful for you washing machines!

Alright so everyone speaks a TON more Bicol here than in Naga. And the Bicol here is just a little different than in Naga, so even more different words! So I’ve been trying to learn more Bicol which really helps my understanding. I’m getting to where I can understand a good amount of Bicol though which is good. Well…. depending on what they’re talking about. I still can’t even understand everything in Tagalog because if they use words I don’t know, they I can’t understand! Such a long process to learn a language. So just to give you an example of how Bicol is different, in the Philippines a common phrase people will ask is, “where are you going?” In America it might be weird to ask that but here it’s pretty normal for starting a conversation. So in Tagalog its, “Saan po kayo pupunta?” In Bicol its, “Sain po kamo maduman?” So yes Bicol is similar to Tagalog, but if you don’t know the words, they you pretty much won’t understand what people are saying. I try not to speak in too much Bicol though cuz people will answer back to me in Bicol, but if I know some of the words, I can understand lots more. Poor Sister Prakash cuz she’s just trying to learn Tagalog so hard to do with so much Bicol! They even do the sacrament prayer at church in Bicol. (In Naga it was just in English.)

Oh for P-day today, I had to get my fingerprints taken to renew my visa as a missionary. So we had to come down to Naga and so I feel like I’m back in my old area:) I even saw one of the families from my ward at SM so that was fun.

Well anyways yeah not too much happened this week. I’m starting to really love Tigaon and I bet soon I’ll love it just as much as I love Naga. I absolutely love being a missionary and am really so happy and blessed I have this time to serve. Everyone should serve missions! I am SOOO blessed to be serving in the Philippines. Oh and Courtney talked about her mission president and his wife being the best, but I’ve gotta say, mine have got to be about a tie. They’re amazing! President Reeder texted me the other day and asked how Sister Prakash and I were doing and then Sister Reeder texted me earlier to check up on us too. 🙂 You can really tell how much they really love all of us and they do so much for all the missionaries here. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Keep up the member missionary work! Sobra masaya ang missionary work!!


Sister Taylor

ImageImageThis is Jaycee’s new district. And her first mission field companion, Sister Simbol, is in her district. She was excited about that!



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