Transferring and Training! What!

Alright so lots of big stuff happened this week that made it hard to title this email but I figured this was probably the biggest news. I am being transferred and training! This means I will be opening a new area, with a brand new missionary, and I’m not sure if you remember from my previous email, but there are no Filipina sisters coming which means I’ll be with a brand new missionary that can’t speak Tagalog (well MTC level which isn’t a whole lot haha) and might not be able to speak English. Haha WOW! Yes… I’m a little nervous but for some reason I am like way super excited to take on this challenge. It’s gonna be so fun!!! I’m gonna be a nanay and I’m gonna have an anak! (Mom and a child… mission terms for when you’re training). But everyone please keep praying for me cuz I’m gonna need it! Sister Gerrard isn’t training and she’s staying in the area but she will almost for sure be a follow up trainer. Our mission is soooooo young (not many going home and lots coming) so lots of missionaries will be in training. I’m gonna miss my area soooooo much though.

Alright so back up though to the beginning of the week… Tuesday we got fed three times! It really depends on the day and week but sometimes we get fed a lot and sometimes not for weeks. Sister Joy, our ward mission leader and the Bishop fed us. Sad though because we were supposed to teach Sister Kristine at the Bishop’s and then we’d eat dinner but apparently she had a family problem come up which made her quit and move back home with her parents. I wasn’t able to say goodbye and Bishop isn’t sure if she’s going to be baptized :/. So sad because I really love and care about her.

Wednesday Sister Casilda was finally baptized! Yay! It started an hour late but things still went good. Another little girl was baptized too who just turned 8. For every baptism I’ve had, I’ve been able to buy a journal thing and have some people (of course including me) write testimonies in it. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep doing that in my new area.

Then Wednesday night… I ate BALUT!!! Yes finally did it. Sister Willard actually thought about doing it so they bought the Balut and Sister Gerrard and I bought Jolly Bee for after (a super popular fast food chain. Those and McDonald’s and 7 Elevens are everywhere). I have pictures but I’m sure you could find some gross pictures on Google. It actually didn’t taste too bad but the texture was terrible and I guess just the thought was just bad too. Ours were pretty developed and it has some feathers and I think I ate some bones. Yes I have a stomach of steel and can eat everything. You can be proud of me Mama!

The rest of the week was just a blur. I had my last district meeting in the Panganiban District. Sister Willard has been sick almost all transfer and so she went and stayed at the mission home this weekend. Sister Viola came out and worked with us a couple times so she could still work her area a bit.

We caught another rat! It was even bigger and grosser. But now I think we have gotten rid of almost all of the rats and mice. In just one transfer we caught 2 rats and 8 mice… Pretty good huh!

Yesterday was my last Sunday in Naga 2nd ward so it was sad but it was also fun. After church everyone would run up and say “Picture tayo! Picture tayo!” So I guess they’re gonna miss me too 🙂  I bore my testimony and talked about the importance of Charity and love. Oh also like 5 primary girls wrote me notes…so cute! I took a picture of my favorite note.

So yes I will miss the baptism of Sister Mxxx, Sxxx and Sxxx on Saturday (Sxxx is 8 so not considered an investigator but we taught him with Sxxx.) Then in September I’ll miss Fxxx and Vxxx and hopefully lots more to follow that have baptism dates. Of course I’m sad but I’m also so thankful I had the opportunity to teach and get to know such amazing wonderful people. I love everyone so much. But I know I’ll meet more amazing people in my next area so my love will just keep growing for everyone I meet!

The reason I talked about Charity and Love to the ward is just because it is so extremely important in missionary work. I really try to love the people, pray for them and teach to their specific needs. I love Moroni 7:48 which talks about praying with all the energy of your heart. I’m going to work on that even more this week as I start meeting people in my new area. Remember to love those around you and always remember the love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you.

Get excited for next weeks pictures of me and my anak and my new area!

Sister TaylorImage

Naga City Jay cee’s ha ha. “Naga City is mine!”


Here she is trying the delicacy, Balut. They are chicken eggs that have started to develop. That’s why in her letter she said hers had feathers and bones. 



Here she is with Sister Joy, and her mom who is scheduled for baptism in September.


Lunch at the mission home! Happy to be in aircon!


Jaycee straightened her hair since she was in aircon, but then as soon as she stepped outside, I guess it went frizzy, ha ha.


Saying goodbye to Naga 2nd ward!



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