Wait for Me Dragon!

Alright so I have so many super random stories this week and I don’t have too much time so I’m just gonna go as fast as I can typing it all. Alright so first with the title; since we have 3 Americans in our apartment which isn’t super common, we’ve had fun. But lately this last week, we started teaching Sister Viola American phrases. There are so many that we just say without realizing it’s not even funny (example right there). But anyways we taught her to say, “See you later crocodile,” and then, “in a while alligator.” So she had been practicing all night and then the next day, she was with Sister Willard and she was getting off the jeepney after her and she said, “wait for me dragon!” I’m sure all the Filipinos on the jeepney and Sister Willard were super confused haha. Oh and we did have Sister Viola convinced for a while that “pick up the pigs” was an American saying. Now we say it all the time so it could be some day haha. And when we finally told her we were kidding we said, “we’re just pulling your leg” which of course she didn’t get either so we had to explain what that meant.

So superstitions are huge here in the Philippines. There is this one that if you greet someone when you’re hungry, it’s bad luck. So to get rid of it, you have to lick their arm. Well we greeted this lady and she was saying something but I wasn’t really getting what she was trying to get me to do and she just kept saying how she was hungry. Finally I got it and I had to lick my finger and then wipe it on her arm since she was hungry haha. Another one I’ve heard is that it is bad to sweep at night cuz you’ll sweep all the good luck out. Some Filipinos really believe so just never joke around with ghosts with them.

Sister Gerrard and I were walking the other day and this like 24 year old passed us riding a bike and said, “hi ladies.” We just kind of laughed and started talking about how elders don’t have to deal with men yelling stuff at them. Well he turned around and came back and started talking to us in English (I replied in Tagalog and this is how our conversation went.) He asked if we had a night life and if being a missionary was strict haha. If you call planning at 9 and lights out at 10:30 a night life, then sure! Well anyways I made it very clear that we didn’t and that we were missionaries all the time and that if he was interested, we could visit him and his family. He then told us he was single and then asked for our numbers. Of course we told him no and luckily he left us alone after that but it was funny.

Sister Vxxx gave us pedicures! She has been like insisting for a week. She does it for work sometimes but she wanted to do our toes for free:) So sweet! She still is progressing like crazy. She told us this week she’s read the Book of Mormon everyday since we gave it to her. She also will ask us questions about people and things that really show that she is understanding and paying attention to what she reads. Love her!

I ate a chicken leg and a chicken head this week! Not too bad except for the eye ball… it popped in my mouth! But yeah that’s cool.

I gained weight. I seriously gasped when I stepped on the scale. I weigh 112 now which is the most I have ever weighed. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me too much though since Sister Gerrard and I buy ice cream at least every other day. I think one time though, we had some sort of ice cream treat three times in one day! That’s what you get with two Americans in the Philippines.

So every Saturday or Sunday morning, we always send out a text to less actives and investigators to remind them about church. Well Sunday I sent, “Dalahin po ang mga payo ninyo sa simbahan!” I thought I was saying, “bring your umbrellas to church!” since it had been raining that morning. Well I guess umbrella is payong and payo means ‘head’ in Bicol haha. So I told everyone to bring their ‘heads’ to church. I guess that’s important too. Oh and speaking of Bicol, I totally want to learn it! I’m gonna try and get a Book of Mormon in Bicol and start studying. It really is so different than Tagalog, but gift of discernment is real and last night some one was talking in pure Bicol and I understood almost everything (it was gospel conversation which is way easier, but still!)

We won a zone activity! So at the end of every transfer, you have either a district or zone activity. One zone wins every transfer and it is based off of cleaning checks. So… we won! We went to some sort of resort place with President and Sister Reeder. We took pictures, played games, talked, had snacks and President gave a short message. It was fun!

So two different wards that go to a different chapel had an open house on Saturday! The work is really starting to be more coordinated with the leaders. Our ward is talking about maybe doing one in September. But it was a huge success for the other two wards and I think they had over 100 new referrals. Crazy!

Saturday Sister Reeder worked with Sister Gerrard and me! That was the first time she’s worked with missionaries. She was nervous but she did totally fine riding the tricey, riding the jeepney, riding the padjak, walking, helping sing songs during our ‘Family Home Morning’ with the Rxxx family and just being great. And then after she took us to Mexicali for lunch.

Sister Cxxx should be baptized this Wednesday! Finally. Oh side note about Brother Fxxx, he takes notes during our lessons. Haha he’s so cool. We should hopefully have 3 or maybe even 4 investigators baptized August 31, the Saturday after transfers! Ahhh I totally might be transferred but we’ll just have to see.

The actual work this week was good. Not too many ups or downs, just working hard. But this week I did study obedience. I really like what it says in Deut. 30:20, “That thou mayest love the Lord they God and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is the thy life, and the length of thy days; that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto they fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.” Obviously obedience is great because of all the promised blessing from our Heavenly Father. But we should also follow God’s commandments because we love him as our Father in Heaven. I want to get to the point where my motivation to be obedient is based off of my love for God and Jesus Christ. I strive to be exactly obedient but I have so many things I can do better! There is a huge difference though when you really try to do all you can. As missionaries, we have a few more rules and things we have to follow. But when we follow them, Heavenly Father’s hand in this work becomes so much more apparent. I know that as I trust in Him and do the things I’m supposed to, the work will go according to His plan and I will be guided to those ready to hear the gospel. I am learning and growing so much and am so happy! Can’t believe I’ve been out for more than 5 months. Have a good week everyone. Say extra thanks in your prayers tonight for all you’ve been given and blessed with. There’s so much to be thankful for.


Sister Taylor

ImageEnjoying some ice cream! That sounds like a nice treat since it is so hot there.

ImageA package from home. I guess she is lunging for joy!

ImageJaycee has to walk through this tall grass stuff. It is taller than she is!

ImagePresident & Sister Reeder at the Zone Conference reward activity. 

ImageAt the resort zone conference activity. Looks like having the cleanest apartments for the transfer really paid off. This place seems like it was a lot of fun for them. 


ImageBeautiful flowers!









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