Be Humble & Forgive

I apologize that this post is so late. This is Jaycee’s email from last week, but I was in Utah and didn’t have passwords with me to be able to login to her blog and update it. So here we are with some news, and then you’ll get another update in a day or two.

Teresha (Jaycee’s mom)

From Jaycee:

So of course serving a mission you learn lots of lessons. But one thing that I’ve been able to really learn over these past couple weeks has been the importance of forgiveness. Especially in my “young” and inexperienced companionship, we’ve felt a lot of judgement from others. Sometimes it is from mistakes we’ve made just because of being so inexperienced, but other times it has been more of just judging without really understanding or knowing. Some things happened with Sister Cxxx yesterday and I was afraid she wasn’t even going to be baptized at all. Just a testimony of how hard Satan works when something good is about to happen. Well anyways in this case, instead of feeling offended or hurt because of being wrongly judged, I’ve still been able to feel love for her and I’ve been able to put it all behind me. I want her to be baptized so bad! And she hopefully should be on Saturday. Before my mission if some of these things happened to me before, I know I would have taken offense and it would have been harder to get over. To be able to do this, I’ve mostly just tried to think about how the Savior would handle such situations. I’ve tried to just put anything that could be offensive behind me, press forward, try to learn from past situations and still try to show my love for those we serve. Trying to be more Christlike makes forgiveness so much more easier and things really aren’t that hard! The key is just being humble and trusting that the Lord will help in any situation.

So Sister Gerrard and I taught over Skype! We taught Sister Joy’s boyfriend, Phillip. He works in Saudi Arabia and because of Joy, he is willing to listen. Not sure how interested he really is but of course at least listening is good. But we totally did it! It was kind of hard because we have to share a set of headphones but I think it went fine. Oh except for my bad language mistake!! In stead of saying, “we need to ask…” I said, “we need to pee…” haha luckily I don’t think he heard me or understood me but Sister Joy did and she just started cracking up.

Well anyways, Sister Joy’s mom, Sister Vxxx, is doing great! Oh my goodness. So we taught the Plan of Salvation first which you don’t usually do. But since that was her main interest, we did an overview, left a pamphlet and Book of Mormon with her and then did more details in the following lesson. Well when we followed up in that next lesson, she had read her reading assignment in Alma 40, the whole Plan of Salvation Pamphlet, started reading the Book of Mormon introduction and more, AND answered all these study questions in the back of the pamphlet which includes looking up additional scriptures and studying those. I have never seen someone so hungry to know everything about the gospel. So in just one week, we have taught almost all of the first three lessons which is pretty much unheard of because it usually takes a lot longer to teach so much. Our lessons are pretty long with her so we can make sure we cover everything but she just soaks up everything we teach her so we just keep moving on! I love her so much already. And since Sister Joy hasn’t referred enough people to the missionaries lately, she brought a friend to church yesterday who seems really interested! Unfortunately it’s not our area so we have to refer to different missionaries.

Saturday we had our ward 1 Day Mission where single adults came, we did a short training and then they went out to find less actives in the ward while trying to find people on the way. Good success cuz now we have even more people we have to teach! Lately our problem has not been not having people to visit, it has been not having time to visit all the people we need to visit! Hopefully we can get even better with our time though so we can have more lessons.

Yesterday we had the fireside after church all about preparing referrals for us! The missionaries! President Reeder was there and was the concluding speaker. Sister Gerrard and I and then the Elders did simple reenactments of how to invite people to church activities or to invite to listen to the missionaries. Then all of us spoke too. I hardly get nervous anymore speaking and it’s even in a different language. Sweet! But it went good and the ward really seems to be excited about the work.

Gxxx came to church with three of his kids yesterday so that was neat! We found out this last week though that someone always has to be home because they have a piggery? I’m not sure why the pigs have to be watched 24/7 but we’ll still work on getting Sister Jxxx to church too. With Sxxx and Misses… our lesson this last week was terrible. I’m not even close to a perfect missionary and sometimes you just have bad lessons. Well they didn’t go to church so we’ll have to follow up with them.

I just found out a couple days ago that there are 10 sisters coming next transfer and none of them are Filipina! Which means ALL will be learning Tagalog. Only 2 are American and the rest are from Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Pakistan and a few other places I think. So if I really do train next transfer, it will be crazy but fun!

We got sticky traps this week and so we finally started catching mice! We caught 6 mice in 24 hours but then one got away. And… we haven’t caught any since and we still have seen some which means they got smarter! We’re not sure how to get the rest of them but it kind of has been scaring me to find out how many mice have actually been in our apartment. Maraming!

Alright well not too much else to report on but it’s been another great week. Learning lots, growing lots and loving lots! Miss you all!

Sister Taylor



Black and white day 🙂

ImageJaycee attempting to kill a cockroach….yucky!

ImageEating at a restaurant…she seems pretty happy huh! 

ImageHere are 2 of the 6 mice caught in 24 hours. Those sneaky mice to still be running around. Scary to think that they caught so many and yet they were still so many left…how many do you think were in her apartment?

ImageJoy and Sister Taylor. Aren’t they adorable! 





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