No but seriously… Rats! So we’ve had mice in our apartment ever since I got here which has become totally normal. But lately things have gotten way worse. First of all the mice aren’t afraid anymore to run out when we’re home and every single morning we wake up to mouse poop on the kitchen table, desk and if any food is left out (which includes double bagged bread) the mice have gotten into it. The other morning I started cooking “toad in a whole” for breakfast and I had already given Sister Simbol hers before I realized I had been cooking with mouse poop in the pan! But even all this has been bearable and I’ve still been fine. But Saturday night was crazy. So when we got home, the Sisters told us there was a mouse or rat or something under the sink. So I got on two chairs to walk around with, and using an umbrella I opened the cabinet and sure enough there was this huge RAT! So of course it ran out and hid behind our table (yes… I was screaming the whole time.) Well then the two Americans, Sister Horst and I braved the rat while the other Filipino sisters laughed and took pictures. Still walking on chairs, we propped open the door with a mop, moved the table and our gas stove thing, poked around trying to find it cuz it was missing and then when it started running around again I think our yelling got it to find the door and go outside. Haha it was so scary and so hilarious at the same. I think I might tell Sister Reeder and see what she says. It does say in the handbook that we can’t be living in any dangerous living conditions so… we’ll see ;).

Anyways back to missionary work. Well first of all Sister Simbol is better! She was in the hospital until Wednesday. So Tuesday and Wednesday Sister Horst and I worked both areas. The two Americans are out! It was so fun and we totally were able to do it (I think our companions were a little worried but we did it!). We actually met this guy from England and we had a whole conversation with him in English, weird and hard to do now haha. But he’s been living in the Philippines for 10 years because he owns a couple of businesses here. He said it took him 4 years to learn Tagalog! I reeeeally wanted to start talking to him in Tagalog to see how it really was though because even the way he said “Tagalog” sounded super accenty haha. But he was pretty nice, shocked that we actually like it here, but said we could go back and visit him! Unfortunately he isn’t in my area so not sure if I’ll ever talk to him again.

Sister Horst had me try chicken intestines! Funny cuz the first pretty crazy food I had was with an American but it actually wasn’t that bad! I want to slowly work my way up with the barbecued chicken parts until I can eat a chicken head. That’ll be sweet.

Oh and Wednesday when the doctor’s said Sister Simbol could go, I texted Sister Reeder and she hopped in the car as fast as she could and drove over. She just got her license for here in the Philippines and with no stop signs, stop lights, yield signs or anything, it is so fun to be in the car with her driving. But anyways she took us to Macdol (McDonald’s) for lunch as a celebration. And we taught her to say “salamat” which was fun. Love the Reeder’s so much!

Thursday Sister Viola and I worked together which was good. It actually turned out to be great practice for me because I had to lead when we were in my area because the other sisters didn’t know where to go and didn’t know the people and their situations like I do.

Friday Sister Simbol was able to work! We didn’t teach too much because she still was feeling weak. Saturday we went to a baptism for the other sisters which was amazing. Their investigator has been investigating for a year but she is so converted now. She texted the sisters a couple weeks ago one morning saying that she now knew the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. She really was converted through the Spirit and she was so extremely happy to be baptized. I was the backup pianist which has become a normal thing now, but it was hard because I was around the corner from everyone so I couldn’t see anyone and could hardly hear so I was playing “blind” haha. Then around 8:30 we got a text for…. transfer announcements!!! Sister Horst is getting transferred and Sister Simbol is getting transferred! Sister Viola is training which means I won’t be the newest missionary in the apartment! But there’s a good chance it will be a Filipina. And for me…. I most likely will have a follow up trainer but I have no idea who. The assistants to the president told me that she has the letter “A” in her name. That helped a lot 😉 and they were probably kidding. So tomorrow Sister Viola and I will go to the office to meet our new companions. I’m nervous but pretty excited. It seems that when I have to lead the area I have so much more confidence and my teaching improves so hopefully that stays true with getting a new companion. And now my companionship study will be only one hour instead of two! I didn’t mind the two hour study but I’m just excited to have more proselyting time. Lots to do since we lost a lot of time working with Sister Simbol being sick.

Yesterday we taught Brother Francis again who is still doing awesome. He even enrolled in Institute this week! And a total miracle happened yesterday. I don’t think I’ve mentioned our investigator Sister Donna before, but we’ve taught her around 4 times, well now 5. It’s funny because her husband isn’t a member, but his whole family (I think he has 9 siblings and his mother) are all converts except for him. So Sister Donna was taught by missionaries in the past but after she moved, the new missionaries didn’t continue or something but she stopped taking the lessons. So our lessons with her have been going well and she has told us she wants to get baptized, but she hasn’t been reading the Book of Mormon or going to church, and she has been super worried about her husband being against it because he has been against it in the past. Well yesterday she came with her husband and two kids to church!! It was crazy! He had never been before even though all of his family are all members (oh but not all are active so we’ve gotta work on that too.) Well anyways they stayed the whole time and I asked them if we could teach them later that night. Brother Allan told us yes around 6 which shocked one of his sisters who we told later. So anyways, we had planned to teach baptism and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost to Donna because that’s where we were with the lessons but we weren’t sure because Allan was there. Well since Donna finally read! We decided to still stick to the lesson since her reading assignment was about baptism and things. It was pretty good and Brother Allan had lots of questions! He seemed really interested in the Priesthood and he thought it was pretty cool that “if” he got baptized, he would be able to receive the Priesthood. He also told us that before he hadn’t been interested because he didn’t want to give up certain things but now that he has a family, he’s a lot more serious and he actually wants to listen to us! Based on how his family has been reacting, it seems like this is a total miracle because he’s been so against it in the past. I’m soooo happy I’m not getting transferred yet because such great things are happening in my area!

Well I think that’s the longest email I’ve written but so much happened this week! Hopefully I’m not getting too boring and that my stories all make sense. Email me and write letters too cuz those are fun to get:) New companion tomorrow! Missionary work is the best!



Sister Taylor


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