Life in the hospital!

Alright so don’t freak out because of the title because I am totally fine and perfectly healthy (I have gotten a couple colds but that I was a while ago). Haha but yes the hospital adventures have definitely been the biggest thing for this week… my companion, Sister Simbol, is sick! She has Dengue Fever. So Wednesday afternoon her body started getting really achy and then she got a fever. Thursday she was definitely too sick to work so she just slept while I studied, cleaned and tried to stay busy downstairs. Friday morning she woke up feeling a little bit better so we decided to still go to the big multi-zone meeting to meet the new mission president! President and Sister Reeder are AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness I love them sooooo much already. They’re from Perry, Utah, have 3 daughters and 1 son and I think 3 or 4 grandkids with 1 or 2 on the way. They both have such strong testimonies of the gospel and are incredible people but so humble. Well anyways so after the meeting, Sister Simbol had gotten the worst she’s ever been and so President & Sister Reeder took us to the hospital. So since the Reeder’s are so new and I don’t have too much experience being the ER, we kind of had no idea what to do and we ended up spending 4 hours at the hospital. Luckily this happened at the end of my training though cuz now I know enough Tagalog to get by and I could actually communicate enough with the doctors and nurses. So they ended up telling us that she needed to rest, drink lots of water and they told us to continue have her taking this fever medicine. They gave us the choice to have her hospitalized or to just go home. We figured we’d be fine giving her water and letting her rest at home so we decided to just go back to the apartment. Our apartment was the first missionary apartment that President and Sister Reeder saw. Sister Reeder was so cute and told President that she wishes she could just gather up all the sisters and have them live in the mission home. I think the mice kind of scared her haha. So much to adjust to when you get here.

Well anyways so Friday night Sister Simbol threw up and then she kept throwing up in the morning so after a while we decided to have her hospitalized. It sounds like it would have been easy to decide all this but it is hard when you know nothing about Dengue and can’t totally communicate with the doctors who obviously want her hospitalized even if they’re just giving her fluids. Well luckily there is this American doctor, a member, who lives in Manila and I guess he helps answer lots of medical questions for mission president wives here in the Philippines. So I would text Sister Reeder, she’d text him, then he’d text her back and then she would text me back. So after lots of texting back and forth, we decided that since she couldn’t keep fluids down, she really should stay at the hospital. So luckily the sisters (Sister Horst and Viola) have been great in helping Sister Simbol and me out. And actually President told us that right now we can kind of work like a four-some companionship haha. So since Sister Simbol and I hadn’t been able to teach since Wednesday, Sister Viola and I went out Saturday night and taught two lessons which went good! Then for Sunday, the sisters went to church in the morning and then Sister Horst and I went to my ward in the afternoon while Sister Viola stayed with Sister Simbol. Then we taught Brother Fxxx after church which was sweet! Sister Horst is just one transfer ahead of me so we’re both pretty new but we were totally able to teach and it was a great lesson. Pretty fun being two Americans out in the world. Brother Fxxx though is doing amazing and even though he’s going through lots, he already has such a strong testimony of the scriptures, prayer and of the gospel.

Then I spent another night in the hospital and for district activity, the elders all came to the hospital to visit Sister Simbol! So that was nice. As of right now, Sister Simbol is still in the hospital with no fever and recovering but she probably won’t be released for another couple of days or so because they need to keep an eye on her blood platelet count or something like that. So… obviously we haven’t been able to work as much but the main focus for the past couple of days has been to just get Sister Simbol better.

But I’ve been lucky cuz I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with the Reeder’s which has been so fun! And then extra lucky to have such great sisters in our same apartment that are willing to help out so much. And if you’re worried about me getting sick, don’t! Cuz you can only get it through mosquitoes and since I’ve been here, I still have never gotten a mosquito bite (I’m still sour!). I guess I probably could still get sick but hopefully the chances aren’t too high.

So that has been most of my week but some other random things, Sister Simbol said that two different nights she heard me talking in my sleep in Tagalog!!! Sweet! One time I was actually teaching a lesson and then another time I was just asking someone what their name was… Tagalog is so easy, I can even do it in my sleep! Haha. But still not fluent obviously ;).

So I think a while ago I told you about a missionary from China that was coming to my mission. Well he’s been here for 6 days and he’s actually in my district! My district leader Elder Paz is training him. He knows some English and not very much Tagalog but he so happy to be here and is working hard!

So before Sister Simbol got sick, on Tuesday we had a great day and we were able to teach 7 lessons in one day which is the most we’ve ever done! I guess that helped make up for the lack of lessons later on in the week haha. So yes kind of a different week but it still has been good! Obviously not too great for Sister Simbol so please keep her in your prayers. I gave the guy who sweeps our floor at the hospital a Restoration pamphlet so I’m still trying my best to be a missionary! It’s been weird though having to do weekly planning and daily planning by myself and kind of not knowing if I’m going to be able to go out and work. We’re kind of just taking it one day at a time but I think the other sisters will keep switching out so I can get out every once in a while and teach some of our investigators too. But it’s all good and I’m still extremely happy to be serving!

I love you guys and remember our Heavenly Father loves us. He has given us so much and yet he still is willing to continue to bless us and help us. Remember to always ask for His help. And remember, through our faith, miracles are brought to pass. Moroni 7 is one of my favorite chapters on faith so read that for those that are struggling!

Sister Taylor




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