I live off of peanut butter!

Totally random but I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned my peanut butter addiction yet! So you can buy this homemade peanut butter here that is AMAZING! It is so sweet and really runny and most american missionaries eat it like candy haha. So most of my diet is rice with whatever we can find to go with it, and peanut butter with what I can find to go with that: crackers, bread, bananas, chocolate cookies yep just anything with peanut butter. And many times just plain peanut butter. I keep telling myself it’s healthy because of the protein and healthy fats but I’m not sure if my proportions are very healthy since that is probably about half of my diet haha.

So anyways… this week! Wow, super up and down. Wednesday was AWESOME because we got to do exchanges. The leader coordinating sister (or whatever the term is), Sister Carrasca, came Tuesday morning with her companion Sister Gerrard and did exchanges with Sister Horst and Viola Tuesday and then with us on Wednesday. So that was my first time leading and I lead everything. The teaching, where we were going and what to do so it was sweet. But I felt so confident all day and I was able to really teach by the Spirit so it was great! Well then Thursday and Friday, I reeeeally struggled for some reason. I lost most confidence and I felt like I could hardly teach anything and I felt like my Tagalog was just gone. Well then on Saturday during my personal study, I read in D&C 42:14 which says, “And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach.” I definitely felt like I couldn’t teach which probably meant I was not teaching by the Spirit. So definitely a humbling experience because I realized that I really do need the Lord all the time and that I need to teach by the power of the Spirit or else I can’t speak first of all, and I can’t teach to the hearts of those we teach. Luckily our lesson we taught yesterday went lots better. We taught Brother Fxxx again and a quick update on him, he is doing awesome! I wish we could teach him more frequently but he’s so busy with school and things that we will probably only teach him once a week. But he actually read his reading assignment in the Book of Mormon (not super common for an investigator to do only after the first lesson) and he’s been praying! And not just praying a little, he set a goal for himself to pray every morning and every night. Wow! We’re really praying though that his parents’ hearts will be softened because right now it seems that they’re pretty against him getting baptized even though he’s 21. So he could still get baptized but it would be a lot better if they were okay with it. Especially for here in the Philippines, family is so important that most the time you don’t want to do something that would upset your parents.

So anyways Thursday wasn’t too terrible because Thursday morning we had district meeting, last interviews with President Bliesner and we said goodbye to President and Sister Bliesner! They flew out this morning. So sad! We’ll miss them a ton but we’re super excited for President and Sister Reeder. I saw President Reeder yesterday but wasn’t able to actually meet him so I’ll meet him this Thursday. But I talked to Sister Reeder a little bit and she is the cutest! So Utah and so sweet haha.

Oh Wednesday we had a brown out for almost the whole entire day! Luckily it rained in the afternoon but before that it was so stinkin hot with no fans on in the apartment. So Wednesday night was the first lesson I’ve taught by candle light and it wasn’t because they didn’t have electricity, it was because there was no power haha. But it came back on in the middle of the lesson so luckily we had power when we got home. There are less active members that don’t have power but we just don’t teach them at night because most the time they feel embarrassed to have to use candles.

Saturday was the best weather day ever. In the morning we got a text from the Zone Leaders saying that there was a tropical storm warning! I was excited but a little nervous cuz I wasn’t sure how strong it was supposed to be. They said that in the afternoon it was supposed to get really windy and that we were supposed to go home when it got windy. Well it rained for most of the day, got a little windy, but it totally wasn’t something we couldn’t handle, so Sister Simbol and I ended up still working till 9 haha. But it was so nice because with the rain and wind combined, I am proud to say that I didn’t sweat for the entire day. First time since I’ve been in the Philippines! And I think I almost got a little cold at night so I slept with my fan on 1 instead of 3 and with a sheet. So funny how hot the weather is here. But you know it’s hot when Filipinos start complaining and saying that the Philippines is too hot which happened Tuesday.

Yesterday was great of course because of teaching Brother Francis, but also because we got to teach primary with the Elders AND we were finally able to watch the missionary broadcast! That was seriously so neat. I am so ready to go and work harder this week. We really need to work harder on coordinating the work with the ward so hopefully that got the ward members excited about missionary work too. A few things I really liked: Neil L. Andersen said, “Our work begins on our knees.” Relating back to the scripture I quoted earlier, we can receive the Spirit through a prayer of faith. I really have been trying to strengthen my prayers and to pray with more faith. Russell M. Nelson said, “The most effective missionaries work by love.” And lots of them talked about being motivated by love for Christ and for others. I loved all the neat videos and seeing so many missionaries fill the BYU Marriott center! Oh and sweet cuz I know one of the elders that was in the Oklahoma video. His name is Cameron Byrd and he was FHE dad with me, first semester at BYU haha.

Well anyways family and friends, remember for every sad there is a glad! (Thanks mom haha). This church is true!


Sister Taylor


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