No Greater Joy than Missionary Work

So this week of course was great because I had my first baptism! Sobra mesaya! (Super happy!) So Sister Simbol and I tried really hard to make sure everything would go smoothly because the two baptisms the elders have had (the zone leaders/elders that share our ward) started an hour late! So we made the programs, set up the musical number and got the baptismal clothes figured out earlier in the week (which is actually not supposed to be done by missionaries but we wanted to make sure it got done.) Then we got there an hour early to still make sure everything was good. Well when we got there, our ward mission leader told us that no one had drained the baptismal font so he had just been waiting for the water to drain. He didn’t start filling the font till 5:30 and it usually takes 2 hours minimum for it fill! So anyways he and the elders ended up carrying buckets of water to get it filled faster haha. It ended up only taking an hour thank goodness so it only started 30 minutes late so not too bad. But once it started everything was great! Sister Exxx spoke and then a YSA from the ward who’s preparing to go on a mission, Sister Mxxx spoke. And then when she was actually baptized, the Spirit was so incredibly strong. When Brother Kxxx was saying the baptismal prayer, he started crying and could hardly say the whole thing. It was so cute. Sister Simbol and I got a journal for everyone to write their testimonies in so hopefully she liked that. And then for the musical number, Sister Simbol, the girls in the Exxx family and a few other sisters from the ward sang, “I Feel my Savior’s Love.” So very neat experience and I was so happy the whole time! (I think I said a lot of that in my last email so sorry for the repeat!)

Last Monday we had a fun FHE with the Ixxx family (less active). I drew this Armor of God dude a couple weeks ago so we used that and read from D&C 27. Then we played, “Huwag Kain Si Pedro!” … Or “Don’t Eat Pete!” Haha. The kids loved it and it was funny cuz the dad’s name is Pedro so they kept joking around about not eating Tatay (dad).

A few days ago we were teaching this less active member, Sister Cxxx and I almost started laughing during the lesson, woops. But it was so funny because she started quoting scripture saying, “Unless a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” And then she said… “John 3:16.” Haha it was just so funny to hear her say it so seriously but to be quoting the wrong verse. Anyways bless her heart. She’s gone to church two Sundays in a row now so hopefully she’ll keep it up!

Sister Mxxx still doesn’t have a new baptismal date but we’ll keep working on her. Sister Kxxx finally came to church yesterday so that was super good. Sister Kxxx is slowly progressing but she’s in a hard situation with her parents and with the father of the little boy she watches so we’ll see what happens. Oh we have a new investigator, Brother Fxxx! He went to church two Sundays ago to a different ward because he was curious so he went with a friend. Sister Simbol and I tried to see him earlier this week but he wasn’t home so we just dropped off our number. Well he actually did text us so we set up an appointment to teach him. The morning of the apt. though, he called and canceled but while he was talking to Sister Simbol on the phone, he asked if he could be baptized even though he had only gone to church once… haha sweet! She explained that he could be baptized after we had taught him and after he had made the necessary changes in his life. So we set up the another appointment for after the baptism and invited him to come. So he came early to the baptism, waited for it to start, and then we taught him after with Sister Qxxx at the church. He told us he had already started reading the Book of Mormon and that he already feels like the church has answered a lot of his questions. He is committed for baptism August 17 so we’ll see how teaching goes!

Hopefully my emails aren’t getting too boring now that I don’t have any weird cultural things to talk about because everything just seems normal to me now. But the work is good and the time is going so fast!

So in D&C 75:2-5 it talks about if we “labor with your might, lifting up your voices as with the sounds of a trump, proclaiming the truth according to the revelations and commandments which I have given you” then “ye shall be laden with many sheaves and crowned with honor, and glory, and immortality, and eternal life.” I really like that obviously as a missionary because if we continue in diligence, then we are promised so many blessing. But hopefully all of you can apply this too as member missionaries.

I also read this week in Mosiah 17. Verses 9-10, 20 are so powerful because of the strong testimony of Abinadi before he was killed. “Having sealed the truth of his words by his death.” There are have been so many, including the prophet, Joseph Smith, that have sealed their testimonies with their lives. Luckily we don’t have to worry about that now in our day. We have the freedom to worship how we want and can even share the gospel with anyone who will listen! So I want to challenge all of you, to share just a short testimony with at least one nonmember this week. (Yes, I’m extending a commitment… I’m a true missionary 😉 ). I’ll try to do that too! (Haha obviously.) Remember, no one can argue with a sincere testimony that you know these things are true. I for sure know that the church is true and I can even say that in Tagalog.

Mahal Kita!


Sister Taylor


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