So Joyful!

Wasn’t sure what to title this but since I’m just so happy serving I thought that worked. The mission is awesome! Yes it takes some getting used to, but now that I feel totally adjusted to life in the Philippines, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now. I can already tell that I am going to miss things terribly when I go home.

So I set the goal to work hard on my Tagalog this week and… well I did and I’m fluent!!! No just kidding. Not quite yet but wow it is coming. I can teach so much more that I want to and being able to somewhat understand what is being said before and after lessons, during church and just random conversations is such a blessing. I can understand almost everything Sister Simbol says unless she says a word I don’t know (which I try to ask her and then I try to write it down in my language book) and understanding others… I’m getting better ha. I’m around Sister Simbol so much (well, all the time) so understanding her is a lot easier. But it is nice to not have to use so much brain power during lessons to try to understand what people are saying back to me. I’ve found myself lots, thinking in Tagalog and trying to speak straight English is actually kind of hard now. There are these little girls in a different ward that have learned only English (it’s more like Filipino English because their parents are native Tagalog speakers) and so I really have to think before I start speaking to them. Some of the best practice I get in though, is when all of us sisters get home at night and we share stories and things that happened that day after planning. Sister Horst has really been trying to speak Tagalog more too so we usually try to speak to each other in Tagalog. So anyways, not fluent or still not really close but I’ve seen lots of improvement lately! And the members and those we teach have noticed and have been commenting on my Tagalog so that’s pretty cool too. 🙂 BUT, I know that it isn’t because of my own skills. I have seriously had so much divine help in learning Tagalog.

Okay… so that saddest thing that happened this week (wish I didn’t have any bad news) was Sister Mxxx postponed her baptism. We’re not sure what’s been going on, but she told us she’s been having problems and it was just too much. She also said in her text that she didn’t want us to teach her for now. That really freaked Sister Simbol and I out, but we prayed about it and the day after, we still stopped by to just check up on her. She seemed okay and then she actually came to church yesterday, so things should be good. We just have to help her realize that especially right before baptism, Satan will work his hardest because it is the right thing for her to do. Please pray that she will be able to commit to a new date this week.

Sister Sxxx is right on track! We asked the Estrada family to sing for the baptism as a surprise for Sxxx so the girls and a few others from the ward are going to sing, “I Feel my Savior’s Love.” I’m making the program because… well I can’t stand to have an ugly program at the baptism haha. Oh and Sister Simbol and I are planning on buying some sort of journal thing for her today that we can have people write their testimonies in it and then we’ll give it to Sxxx. Hopefully that works out! So as you can tell, SUPER excited for Saturday. My first baptism and it’s been really neat because I’ve been able to teach her from the very beginning. She really was prepared to hear the gospel and has had no problem making the necessary changes in her life to be able to be baptized.

I had dried squid this week. Not a whole lot of flavor but I’ve gotta make sure I report on any weird stuff I eat.

Umm… Okay this was neat! So the other night when Sister Simbol and I were riding the jeepney home, I felt like I should talk to this guy. And usually most people don’t talk on jeepneys but I did. Well he was sitting across from me and next to Sister Simbol so she kind of took over and started explaining more about the church and wrote down his information and things like that. Well while she was doing that, a new guy came and sat by me. He asked what Sister Simbol was holding and so I figured that that meant I had to start explaining who we were and things. So I got out a pamphlet and started talking to him all by myself! I wasn’t able to understand everything but I was able to hold on a conversation, give him a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation, and then I was able get his phone number and name so we can contact him. We still need to text them and I’m not sure if they’re in our area, but they both had friends that were LDS and they actually seemed pretty interested! I’m not sure what will happen but it was neat to see how my mouth was filled when I opened it!

We had Zone Training again this week which was good. They talked about needing to be a proactive missionary. I’m going to try to be more diligent this week! It was nice though because.. I’m not the newest anymore! I was able to talk to this foreign sister who just got here at the beginning of the transfer and I am just so happy that my first few weeks are over. I can’t wait to train actually! Hopefully not for a while but I think that would be fun (of course hard but fun too.)

We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday! Not all of ours with baptismal dates have been coming though so we’ve got to work on that, but still good! Oh and 15 less active/recent converts came to church too:).

Oh I got a package from the Masons!!!! It was sooooo nice and so fun to open so I’m super grateful for that.

Anyways, it’s been another great week and this next week should be even better! D&C 18 really is so true though that our happiness is so great when we bring souls back to the Kingdom of God. I love this gospel, I love our Heavenly Father and I love all the people we teach. Remember to pray always. Prayer can be so powerful if you do it faithfully and sincerely.



Mahal Kita!

Sister Taylor


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