Call me Sister Wow

Jaycee originally titled this email “Another Week” but after reading this, I think you’ll see why I changed the title to Sister Wow.

Well hello America!

Things are great. The work is coming! So Sister Viola is Sister Horst’s new companion and she’s great! She doesn’t know a whole ton of English so Sister Horst is really trying to speak more Tagalog which is totally going to help her. And that’s made me want to speak more Tagalog all the time so Sister Simbol and I both are going to push ME! Fluent in 6 weeks! That was a “goal” for last transfer too so we’ll see how that goes ;). But to help my Tagalog, I have actually started trying to learn more Bicol. Just learning more Bicol words has really helped my understanding, especially in church, so I think I might try to start learning Bicol too. It’s amazing to feel my Tagalog just getting better and better. Definitely a slow process but the Gift of Tongues is so real. My Tagalog is best when I teach by the power of the Spirit.

And speaking of speaking in Tagalog, I had to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday! Of course with only a 5 minute warning. Actually I’ve been pretty lucky cuz I’ve heard of most missionaries having to do their first talk in the first few weeks. So I still am not really sure what my topic was, but I read from Mosiah 5 and Alma 5:12 and mostly just talked about after baptism, we still need to continue to follow Christ’s example. Sister Simbol of course said it was good haha. I think it was okay but it was mostly all in Tagalog! I love being able to understand and speak more. I’m going to really push myself this week with the language though.

Investigators!: Sister Kxxx has a baptismal date! We’ve been trying to commit her for so long and she finally accepted to prepare for July 27. The main thing that’s been holding her back is her family not being interested in the church. She really wants her family to get baptized too but we told her she can set the example. She’s already sharing the gospel with all her friends and family though so she’ll be a great member missionary!

Sister Sxxx we taught FIVE days in a row. I bought her pandecoco on the fourth day for a reward ;). But her and her boyfriend, Brother Kenneth, have been meeting us at the church and that’s where we’ve been doing the lessons. It has been incredible to see her testimony grow so much in such a short time! Most of her conversion has been happening when we’re not there, which is what’s supposed to happen! As she’s been reading the Book of Mormon, praying and talking with the Exxx family, she has really come to know for herself that these things are true. We’ve been working really hard so she can be baptized June 22 and it looks like things are going to work out!

Sister Kxxx we haven’t been able to teach too much this week cuz she’s been busy/sick but the one lesson we did have with her was good. So cute though cuz the little boy she nanny’s for is probably like 1, 1 1/2, he always calls me “Wow!”  They’ll try to get him to call other people wow and he won’t. And so they’ll say, “Who is wow?” And he always points at me ;).

Service definitely helps missionary work! So this week Sister Simbol and I washed dishes for Sister Gxxx to help soften her heart. She was really happy when we did but then when we went back she told us some more lies sooo we’ll keep working on her. The Ixxx family is this great inactive family. They haven’t been to church in over a year. We always commit them to church but they never go. So this week when we stopped by to teach, Sister Axxx was doing laundry. So Sister Simbol and I insisted on helping. While we were washing, we asked how her Book of Mormon reading assignment was and she said she hadn’t read. So she snuck back inside the house and read haha. Deal, we’ll wash while she reads. Afterwards we were able to teach her and her husband and commit them to church. Sister Axxx didn’t end up coming yesterday because she got caught on a phone call but Brother Pxxx came with his daughter! We’ll keep working on them to get the whole family to come.

School started this week! Well for most schools. Summer break here is from March to April. And for most schools, the kids have to wear uniforms so now we see kids in uniforms all over the place. Oh and in the Philippines, you graduate from high school when you’re 16. That means most people graduate from college when they’re 20! It actually was just changed to where they’ll be 18 when they graduate high school, but that’s how it’s always been.

I ate quail eggs this week. They deep fry them in this really orange colored batter but it was good! There are these barbecue stands all over the place, mostly at night, and they grill anything from pork blood, chicken intestines and chicken feet. So it smells pretty different than an american barbecue. Haven’t tried any of that stuff… yet. Pretty sure I will sometime.

I think I’ve mentioned Filipino spaghetti before, but I don’t think I talked about what it actually tastes like. So Filipinos love having sweet food. Not like sweets, but like they’re dinner foods sweet. So to make Filipino style spaghetti, you literally put sugar in the sauce. So Sister Simbol and I bought what we thought was American style spaghetti and it was still sweet! Oh well.

It has started to cool down a tiny tiny bit, depending on if it rains or not, so that’s been nice! But I asked Sister Simbol when she was the coldest in her life. She said, “Well this one time it got cold enough that we turned off the fans.” Haha… alright it never will be cold here. Oh and it supposedly is supposed to be rainy season but so far it just rains like three times a week. Apparently global warming really messes with the seasons here? Not really sure how the seasons work here but I guess I’ll just always except it to be hot and rainy!

Anyways, I am so glad I have this wonderful opportunity to serve! Things are still really hard sometimes, but everything is so much better when I don’t think about myself. This year and a half is just a short amount of time I can dedicate to serving the Lord and inviting people to come unto Christ. Church is true!


Sister Taylor AKA Sister Wow 😉


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