So happy cuz I just finished talking with the family! Thanks everyone for the great phone call and sorry I was crying through half of it haha. You all look so good and my kasama agrees.

So I’m not sure what to tells you guys cuz I already told you some of it in the phone call! But things went really well this week. We worked really hard and it just flew by. My teaching has really improved! The things we study in Preach My Gospel and of course as my Tagalog gets better, really helps. I love being able to understand more cuz now I usually have somewhat of an idea as to what is going on in the lesson and then it makes it easier for me to teach. My kasama also used to do a lot of translating for me which can sometimes really distract from the lesson, but luckily she hasn’t had to do as much of that lately.

We had zone training this Thursday which was pretty fun. Oh! It’s really sad because there is this Sister who came out with my batch who has had such a hard time adjusting that she got reassigned to serve in the Provo, Utah mission. She is a convert and has such a great conversion story, but the humidity, food and culture was just too much for her. She is from Texas too which I thought was supposed to be humid but I guess it just doesn’t compare to the Filipino heat ;). I’m pretty tough huh! So that’s kind of sad, but she’s excited to back to America. Anyways the zone training was great and mission president was able to go which made it better. It really helped me want to improve my teaching. Teaching simply, powerfully and doctrine based is so key.

It is frustrating at times because I feel like there are all these things I’m supposed to implement into my teaching that would be so easy if I could do it in English! But everyone is suppose to have the chance to hear the gospel in their own language so I just have to be patient with myself and continue learning as much as I can. The language will come! Some things in Tagalog just make me laugh though. Example: some verbs you conjugate by just adding “mag” to the front and then the root verb. So some common Taglish verbs are “magtext,” “magjeep” (to ride the jeepney), “magshare” (there really is a Tagalog verb for this but magshare is pretty common) and “magpray” (which also has two other Tagalog verbs but I think magpray is used more commonly by members than magdasal and manalangin which are the real Tagalog verbs for pray.) Crazy English-influenced language haha.

I know I already told my family family about this, but yesterday we sent around a “Referral Sign-up Sheet” in Relief Society and we got 5 referrals! One isn’t in our area but still. We have soooooo much work to do, which is a great thing! But I just wish I wasn’t training so we had that additional companionship study hour for working cuz we just have so many people we really should visit and teach. But the hour is good cuz I still have LOTS to learn as a missionary. Still a fairly green greenie.

So yes we have 4 investigators with baptismal dates so hopefully we’ll get them prepared in time! Missionary work is so exciting and has already been such a blessing. I am so extremely grateful for this time I have to serve. It is such a short time and I know it will go by fast so I’m going to work as hard as I can! Hopefully I’ll have more to talk about next week. Love everyone and enjoy this week!

Sister Jaycee Taylor


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