I’m REALLY going to the Philippines!!!!!

So I have my travel plans (we got them Thursday night) and I am seriously, really, no joke going to the Philippines! It doesn’t really seem real yet and I’m sure it won’t until I’m there but I am absolutely STOKED!!! (Dad, that may have been an 80’s thing but it’s back haha). I’m way scared because I know when I get there I’m going to feel like I don’t know any Tagalog… or may even wonder if they’re speaking Tagalog at all haha but I really cannot wait. It is going to be such an exciting day!

So this last week, Guro Nordstrom talked a little bit more about actually being in the Philippines. His advice for us was: NEVER drink unfiltered water, don’t bug the bugs and they won’t bug you, carry toilet paper with you and always turn down marriage proposals. It isn’t a question as to whether or not we will all be offered someone’s son or daughter, but it’s a question of how many times haha so I’m sure you’ll hear lots of marriage proposal stories.

 More about my district and language stuff… Guro Nordstrom told us earlier last week sometime that our district is a bit behind on the language. SCARY! So this whole time, I thought the language has been going great, which for me it has been, but I’m actually probably pretty average. Elder West and I are the most advanced in the district, but we are probably just right where we are supposed to be. But… I think I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter where you are language wise at the MTC because just as long as you work your hardest, the language will come according to God’s time. I’m hoping I can just at least respond to the most common phrase: “Kumusta po kayo?” I talked to a native Filipino and I could hardly understand any Tagalog haha. Ahh! My problem is understanding so we’ll see how that goes. But it has been fun being able to communicate more this week. Yesterday Elder West and I had a “Salitang digmaan” or a word war haha. We’re always trying to see who knows the most words. Which is fun but it also helps us challenge ourselves to keep learning more. My language study has kind of turned into teaching a lot of the rest of the district, or trying to learn with Elder West.

More about Tagalog…. My favorite sentence in Tagalog is “Bababa ba?” And you can respond with, “Bababa.” Such a sweet language. Tagalog reminds me of doing math and I think that’s partly why I like it so much. Very simple language. 

Hosting on Wednesday was so fun!! Totally liked being on the other side of hosting, instead of being the new, scared out of your mind missionary. We’re so lucky cuz we’re actually doing it again this week! Oh and last Wednesday, my friend from BYU who is going to the Philippines, Amy Porter, came and I was her host! So that was fun for both of us. And since she’s Tagalog too, she’s on the same floor as me so I get to see her a lot.

 So for Relief Society Sunday we heard from Mary Edmunds (not sure if you know who that is.) But anyways I guess she was the first sister missionary in the Philippines! And she served missions all over the place in Asia and she just loves missionary work. She was first of all hilarious! And she was just way inspiring. She told this really neat story about teaching an old Filipino man who spoke little English and her and her kasama didn’t know Tagalog, but by the power of the spirit they were able to teach and baptize him. We went up and gave her a hug afterwards and she told us that Filipino weather is “Hot and hotter and wet and wetter,” haha. Oh, I also liked how she said that if we serve with all our hearts, we won’t regret anything on our missions. I don’t want regrets so I’m gonna serve with all my heart!

Scriptures that stood out to me this week, 1 Nephi 7, Moroni 7:48, Mosiah 24 and Mosiah 2:21-24. So read them if you have time!

 For Sunday night devotional we had this great speaker who talked about how the Lord is hastening his work. For a good amount of his talk, he talked about the “I’m a Mormon” campaign. I guess in the UK they just started a new one this last Monday so google it and see if you can find anything on it cuz it was sweet. I totally would love to do advertising for the church! He also told us that the MTC is now 44% sister missionaries. Ayos!!!

So today we went to the temple for the LAST TIME! That will the longest break from the temple I’ve ever had since I started going when I was 12! But it was really good. We left the MTC at 5:30 a.m. so we could do initiatories before the 6:30 session so I’m tired but it was definitely worth it. 


Sister Taylor 

P.S. MOM!!! I almost forgot about your package haha. That made me SOOOOO happy! I took a picture so I’ll send that but seriously it was the cutest, funniest thing ever. I was so excited, I showed and told everyone haha. Everything in it was so thoughtful, so USEFUL which is so nice for a mission and just so sweet. You picked the best snacks and all the other stuff is going to be perfect for my mission. I already wore my Colorado shirt today for P-day. J

Here is the picture of the package I sent her that she just talked about. I had so much fun finding fun stuff to mail, and then making the tags!



And here is a picture of the beautiful sisters in the district. 🙂 They all look so pretty and full of the spirit!



And the whole district. Aren’t they a handsome group! (My other daughters sure think some of those elders are fun to look at, ha ha.)



Jaycee’s comment about this picture was so funny. “We are not Elders and we won’t be riding bikes, but we are missionaries!”



I think she is a little excited about holding her travel plans. What do you think? 



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