April 2, 2013

Well, Jaycee will hit her halfway mark tomorrow, for her time in the MTC. It used to be that missionaries learning Tagalog were there for 9 weeks, but since there has been such a large increase of missionaries, everyone now has a shorter stay. Hers was cut down to six weeks. Here are some exerts from her most recent email.

 Easter was the best! I knew it would be, I mean Easter, fast Sunday and the MTC! So instead of having a huge Relief Society meeting in the morning like we usually do, we had an Easter Devotional and the Presiding Bishop Causse was there with his wife. We got to take the sacrament with 3000 missionaries which was really neat and there was a really strong spirit. I think I mentioned last week that I was planning on singing for it and I did! Sister Farnes has been sick (almost better) so Sister Lang and I went together. Getting into the choir is crazy though. The practices are Tuesdays and Sundays and last Tuesday we went an hour and 15 minutes early and there were probably like 30 people ahead of us. We went early both Tuesday and Sunday so we would be in for sure. Well thanks to Ryan, Sister Lang and I got a day of fame at the MTC haha. So he was working Sunday morning and was running the camera. He was just in charge of taking the shot and I guess there is another guy that is in charge of the length of the shots. Well Ryan put a shot on of one sister, Sister Lang and me (only 3 of us!) and for some reason, the other guy didn’t change the shot for FOREVER! I thought it was me while the shot was up there but I couldn’t look up to check. But for the rest of the day, people would walk by and say “those are the girls” or they would say how they saw us on screen. One of the counselors in my branch even came up to Sister Lang and I and asked whose boyfriend was running the camera because the length was just so long and awkward haha. I asked Ryan about it and he said it wasn’t really that long. But according to Sister Farnes and a few other sisters, it was at least a whole verse out of three verses;). That was kind of funny.

Anyways the rest of Easter was great! Temple walk, testimony meeting with my branch, Easter dinner (well idk about the cafeteria food but fasting was good) and then we had our Sunday devotional and we watched a recorded previous devotional. For the real one, Sheri Dew spoke! She is an incredible speaker. She talked about how our Savior isn’t just our last chance, but that He is our only chance in life. She told a story about her car breaking down in Last Chance, Colorado on Christmas Eve during a bad blizzard. Her dad had to drive like 4 hours to come help her and her brother get home and she related that to our Savior. She said a ton of other stuff too but it was way good. Then the recorded devo was Elder Bednar and he talked about recognizing the spirit. And it wasn’t like listening to the still small voice kind of thing, his message pretty much was that if you are doing the right things, being a good boy or a good girl, then any thought you have, you should act on. He said to stop worrying about whether it is the Spirit or not because at the time, you may not even realize it was a spiritual prompting at all. He told 3 incredible stories that happened to him, but one I really liked was when he was serving as stake president (thought of you dad!). He was stake president over this geographically huge huge stake and so they would do meetings all in one Saturday of the month. Well he was supposed to lead some important stake meeting but he was missing his son’s baseball game. He looked down at the congregation and he saw an elder’s quorum president who also had a son playing in the game. Well he had the thought to leave and go to the game with this dad. So he did! His counselor took over for the meeting and they both drove 2 hours to see their sons play. Well after, he was feeling kind of guilty because he felt like he justified leaving the meeting. Then about a month later or so, the elder’s quorum president’s son was killed in a car accident. When the EQ president told Bednar what had happened, he said that he was so glad that he went to that baseball game because that was the only time he got to see him play. So good! So at the time, even Elder Bednar didn’t realize that it had been a spiritual prompting but later he realized that it had been. So especially as a missionary, I hope I can first of all be living so that I can have the spirit with me at all times, and then act on any thought I have.

 Random story: so Elder Lee Lo is from Tonga and so of course eating is always fun cuz he usually gets huge amounts of food. Well last week sometime for lunch, he came and sat down with 8 huge hot dogs (no buns or anything with them) and 4 sausage links! Haha and he just started downing them! Plus he had more food. We made fun of him so he started waving hot dogs around saying, “You want sausage? You skinny, eat sausage!” Love my district. We’re all getting pretty close so it’s fun.

Well I’ve gotta hurry and try to send some pictures but I love you all! Mahal kita! Kita Kits! Ingat po! (I love you, see you, & please be careful.)



One thought on “April 2, 2013

  1. Mahal kita to our amazing Sister Taylor. Through your great MTC reports we are so enriched. I’m so grateful you passed on Elder Bednar’s story of the EQ’s son and the baseball game they skipped meetings to attend. If we are immersed in the work of the Lord, and totally worthy, its amazing. Why yesterday we were pretty much doing nothing when I realized I had family names to do the Initories for. So I went to the Temple and seriously did seven names which this morning I’m feling so close to. The reason I know they accepted the work is during the work I realized who out of the seven were Grandmother, mother and daughter. And they are in the direct line of my dad! So that makes me and Sister Taylor of their same wonderful line.

    I do hope Sister Taylor is receiving these posts on her blog. We love you Sister Taylor. Keep up with your detailed reports of this most wondeful time of your life. Look for a Dear Elder surprise.

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